Prepare for a Puppy | Bringing a New Husky Puppy Home

44 thoughts on “Prepare for a Puppy | Bringing a New Husky Puppy Home

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  2. Kira #flop at 1:13 ? I assume you are going to get Kira spayed at around 6 months old. My Husky is 2 years old and just got our appointment at the vet's to get her spayed. I know I should have done it earlier but better late then never. So how are you dealing with the spaying process? I mean I'm so anxious and worried, even though we have a couple of weeks till the surgery. I love my husky so much, she's like my baby and I don't want anything bad to happen to her. Any tips or ideas how to deal with anxiety like this?
    My vet is amazing, so I know she will be in good hands!

  3. I’m getting a new puppy in a week, a video on how to introduce a new puppy to the dogs you already have would be helpful! 🙂

  4. You have so many of your own catch phrases that you need to make a shirt of like "guess what we are doing today" and "its carob not chocolate. C-a-r-o-b".

    They are adorable together.

  5. The most important thing to have when bringing home a puppy or a dog, in my opinion, is an open and loving heart. Especially if you just lost a dog. Also, these are really great tips. We rehomed a puppy in February and we were NOT READY! Thankfully, things are working out and she settled in just fine ( though she is having a tough time getting house trained).
    EDIT: Ah, yes, patience.

  6. Thank you for making a video like this, you don't find many that explain things like this. Happy puppy playtime too ^^

  7. Tri training I love to see Kara growing up oh and by the way I love you dog treats thank you and I've been watching them every single day so when I grow up I do have a dog of my own make some treats everything like you said and get that care of not chocolate Cara

  8. LOL the way how Memphis let baby Kira win was so adorable 5:21
    Memphis you’re such a nice big sister!

  9. 5:22
    Memphis : Ur not gonna bring me d– Ok u are… Im defeated…

    Kira : YES HAHA!

    Memphis : Ok but don't sit on my FACE!

  10. When I brought home my one (passed of old age in November) she jumped over baby gates until she was 13.

  11. We just bought my dog home with not many things but he is a small dog, has food and everything. He is also potty trained and we keep doors closed during summer for air conditioning anyways. My dog hate the kennel so never got one. China have fast delivery anyways. My dog is pretty well behaved anyways. Just sleep most of the time. There is no puppy training class in China, no one is paying for it. My mom won’t even take my dog for wellness exam until it is time for shots.

  12. Kira looks so much bigger than when you first took her home!! I bet she will be a big gorgeous girl like her sisters

  13. 0:26 Shelby's face. I couldn't take it. I spend at least 10 minutes recovering from the "poop really hit the fan"-look. If this not result in a meme explosion, I don't want to live on this planet anymore. ?
    Her facial expressions in the beginning of the video made my week.

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