Prankster Elf on the Shelf Climbs JoJo Bow Ladder to Secret Door! Jinx Has Hidden Something!

we don't know where they are yeah I'm gonna go get it though for Fancy Nancy but they weren't there and I was gonna go brush my hair but let's collect stat about this come show me show me a sine wave so hey you have these things full of junk loss sign it says lose something push your mark yeah but yah we lost something our booze yeah yeah do you even know how many your exam um no no likes a lot where'd you lose I'm John Oates we're about the one outside there read it away I don't know let's go track okay let's go come on let's go let's go guys fireplace nah what nah oh my gosh the Chocobo is gone it's not on the twisty path where we left it okay let's go back to the bathroom really one guy is going this mess the other day we had a little picnic and we were sleeping there mm-hmm okay I'm messing night all right some girls where's the baby daddy I know in the pantry I know where there sure I saw him when you guys called me out here so that means there between here and my room what what go you leave you know where my room is yeah well yeah I guess he's all glad this is like the world's longest jojoba letter yeah that's crazy did you know you had that many bows all right gross do you see them on the top yeah that's a look for the giveaway so whoever wins a Duncan above but it'll take all the trim yeah guys this is crazy tree I think they didn't have enough both so they put the one with the hair on the bottom so they could grab onto the hair calendar and then let's find other routes take a minute all right guys let's get back to opening 12 and 13 all right number 12 okay shrink open hmm all right train that once a trend gets a blue it's a window on it a window marker right on the wink you're gonna write on the windows draw a cheerful little holiday greeting on your window oh man it does say to draw on your window that's a 1 into 3 oh right down here this is the big one Madison windows I didn't see you guys do that other one oh it teaches you look at that you got to make the different shapes I can make it rain here look you just make each shape and then you just hook them together let's go drown the wind down okay wait Donner Blitzen and the rest of Santa's teams are pooped sculpt a magic green there to pull the slate I'm going alright I'm curious to see what this marker does on the window alright Chan let's see how well it works during a prison a house yes nominees right ok so now we're gonna treat and I'm gonna have a Christmas tree outside oh wait she's drawn snowflake effects I can trace route riester okay what's that so what do you want to draw girl I'm not telling you all right all right hurry up girls we can go find your elves snowman that's right Katie oh yeah okay then he needs three buttons in the middle one to draw you a high needs a little help that stuff is like magic wait wait honey do you see it when they first put it on you can't really see it and then it goes yeah no watch it'll like great you can see it hey join the find your elves yeah nothing yeah yeah train I might know where your elves are what if jeans have them up there we're going up there I can't we're going up all right guys it's really well and get the ladder and let's go up there and see what jinx is hiding in that door hey yeah yeah okay girls coming up there are you gonna go up there okay maybe we'll just send Trinity up there we'll see she's done pretty good with hammers so we're gonna send her and we'll see what she films up there okay I'll head to the camera okay all right camera that's what I'm thinking all right Jen do you think Jojo has ever made it in Georgia low-margin bladder emphatic but I know she has like gym like 2,000 and 3,000 3,000 is it 3,000 rudra I think it's 3,000 okay let's go on up watch out for jinx what wait what do I see something tied up tied up okay wait there's jinx coming take a little ball wrapped us news room it was actually just the pump bogum dropped up here come on come on you guys up here where's Jesus doing dad what in the world okay so we got sparkles bubblegum okay are any of your other ones anywhere dad what I think I know who's been making all the noise who eise – is that the noises you guys have been hearing have you guys been making noise okay so I don't see anyone else here but I think that's okay because usually it's just your two elves that come so hopefully so hopefully it was just these two elves that Jenks had locked up here but we're gonna go ahead and get down and I think we're just gonna leave the door open so that way tonight when we all go to sleep the elves can get out safely look at this Jenks is just hanging out here watching everybody Madison we did find Bubblegum's and sparkles up here they're just sitting so we think we're just gonna leave the door open so that way tonight they can fly out and go back to the North Pole okay jinkx when they try and get to the North Pole don't see them yeah thanks please don't you've let him out of that door let him at least it wasn't a bath yeah is there anything that I can see from here I will show you on the video okay hmm are you gonna see it when all men see it too oh you can watch it with them yeah should we go make your reindeer so is this what you're gonna make is one of these guys yeah it's pretty cool me the same thing okay you make the reindeer alright guys that rig you should we let him dry and use him like a reindeer ornament alright guys Trinity's been going crazy so I got to see what she's been doing over here to the windows while we've been working on that reindeer all right so we got some nice squigglies here at the house the tree the clouds we got the Snowman we got whatever that is there and then she's upstairs drawing on for the window so let's go check on her Jin you draw more up there yeah dude all right come down from the window we gotta go and give away some more prizes all right guys so we've got tons of these prizes to give away for you so today we're gonna announce the winner for the twisty path which will also have the bow the bull of course is up on the ladder that jinx made up to the secret room so we will get that one down and we will ship that with the twisty pet for you all right guys so the winner fer the Jojo bow bow twisty pet and the bow that we will get you is going to be Cathy alright guys now is the time that you've been waiting for let's see what we're gonna open today the winner gets to present all right guess we have the Hatcher moles a hatch bright tropical party playset and we also have some hatch bright hatch Mille eggs for you guys so if you want to be the winner for this one make sure you subscribe to the channel and then either share this video or add this video to a playlist do either one of those things comment down below tell us what you did and you can have a chance to win these hats or moles collectibles guys guys if you're thinking this doesn't come with honey yes it does there's one right there and one right there so don't worry you'll only get just these and not have to come with this one you will get HMOs that come with this you

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