Power Rangers Dino Charge – First Megazord Fights | Episodes 3-8 | Dinosaurs

Tyler, the three Zords will combine? That’s the plan! Dino Charge Megazord, Tri-Stego formation! (exciting music) [Voiceover] Stego Charger, engage! Tricera Charger, engage! T-Rex Charger, engage! Zords, combine! Stego Zord, combine! Tricera Zord, combine! Dino Charge Megazord, ready! Dino Charge Megazord, wow! Impressive, eh? Look at this! Awesome! We’re inside the Megazord! Feels powerful. (shouting) [All] Power Mode, engage! Let’s roar! I’ll smash you! (lasers zapping) [All] Time to take out the trash! You’ll never defeat me! (shouting) (grunting) Take this! (lasers zapping) [All] Jump! The results are in, Scrapper. You’re garbage! You ready? Always ready. Let’s do it! [All] T-Rex Zord, final strike! Unleash the power! I’m ready for the scrap heap! (screaming)
(explosion) [Tyler] Monster extinct. [All] Dino Charger, ready! Dino Charge Megazord, Tri-Stego formation! [Voiceover] Dino Charger, engage! Zords combine! Dino Charge Megazord ready! [All] Power Mode, engage! (shouting) Let go! Riley, it’s time to try out your Zord. Good call, I’ve been waiting for this! Dino Charger, ready! Summon Rapter Zord! [Voiceover] Raptor Charger, engage! (roaring) Jailbreak! [Riley] Guess again! Whoa! Ugh! Awesome! Dino Charge Megazord,
Stego-Raptor formation! [Voiceover] Zords combine! Dino Charge Megazord,
Stego-Raptor formation! Ready! Hey, Riley! Whoa, it’s so cool in here! Your Zord, very strong. Let’s see what we can do together. [All] Bladed Raptor Slash! [Shelby] Tricera, go find Chase! I sentence you to destruction! Agh! [Tyler] Look, Tricera Zord’s back! You found Chase! Good job. Chase free! Now let’s finish this. [All] Right. Raptor
Zord, Dino Flame Strike! Hiyah! Ah, no! I’m going away for good! (explosion) [Tyler] Monster extinct! I handle this. Wait, I’ve got a score
to settle with this crow. Dino Charger, ready. Summon Para Zord! (roaring) [Voiceover] Para Charger, engage! (roaring) (lasers zapping) Ugh, you asked for it! (roaring) Ah, I almost had him! Chase, we summoned our Zords too. How about we combine your Para Zord with the Dino Charge Megazord? Come on, we’ll have awesome new powers! Yes! Wait, I’m not sure about this. You really think we’re ready? You guys broke me out of that spell, now it’s time to return the favor. Yeah! [All] Dino Charge Megazord, Para-Raptor formation! [Voiceover] Zords, combine! Dino Charge Megazord,
Para-Raptor formation. Ready! This birdbrain’s in for a surprise. [All] Time to get charged up! Aero Feathers! (shouting) He’s fast! Yeah! Get him! Whoa! Here’s some more! Sitting duck! Take this! And this! (shouting) What’s this? [All] Bladed Raptor Slash! No! Now you’re under our command! [All] Let’s barbecue this chicken! Para Zord Fireball Finish! Hiyah! Wait! (explosion) [Tyler] Monster extinct! We need the Dino Charge Megazord. [All] Dino Charger, ready! [Voiceover] Dino Charger, engage! T-Rex Charger, engage! Zords combine! Dino Charge Megazord, ready! This’ll be a piece of cake! (roars) Rangers. [All] Power mode! Time for a major tooth extraction! (shouting) (zapping) Ugh! This creep’s teeth are
even more powerful now! Pathetic! Huh? That is one tough cavity! We need to get in there and help. I’ve got an idea. If we knock him back… We’ll have an opening
to get into the cockpit. Whoa! Tyler, how about using
the Dino Blaze Charger? Great idea. Deep fry that chef and we’ll come help! Let’s turn up the heat! Dino Charger, ready! (shouting) [Voiceover] Dino Blaze Charger, engage! [All] Dino Charge
Megazord, Flamethrower! (moaning) Let’s see how he handles all five of us. Yeah! (cheering) Stego! Ready for action. We do this, together. You said it! All five, ready! [All] Ready! [Voiceover] Dino Charge
Megazord, Stego Saber! You’re going down! [All] Stego Saber! (shouting) Don’t knock my fillings out! That’s the plan! Not again! I need those teeth! Ain’t that the tooth! [All] Stego Zord! Stego Slash! Agh! [All] Extraction complete!
(explosion) [Tyler] Monster extinct! (cheering) Nice going, hotshot. You too, bro. (laughter) Call in some Zords! [All] Dino Charger, ready! Come and get me! Bite him, Rexy! Argh! Let go, you big dumb dino! Watch out for his stingers! We need smash him. Good idea. Ankylo Zord can help. You think he’ll respond to you? Sure, he owes me a favor. Dino Charge Megazord,
Tri-Ankylo formation! [Voiceover] Zords combine! Dino Charge Megazord,
Tri-Ankylo formation. Ready! Awesome! Wow! This combo sounds powerful! That’s what you’re
going to fight me with? This’ll be easy! Wah! [All] Go! Tricera Zord, Power Drill! (shouts) [All] Ankylo Zord, Hammer Punch! (shouts) Ankylo Zord very strong. We’ve got this guy on the ropes. Let’s squash this insect! (groaning) [All] Ankylo Zord! Final… (shouting) Hammer Punch! That really stings! Woo-hoo, all right! Welcome to the family, Ankylo Zord. [Tyler] Monster extinct! (shouting) Nice entrance Rexy. Dino Charger, ready! T-Rex Zord! [Voiceover] Zords combine! Dino Charge Megazord, ready! Take that! (grunting) They’re attacking from both sides! (alert sounding) Go ahead Kendall. Activate Dino Charger Number 17. It will release the
toxic gases of the dinos. Did she just say what I think she said? Toxic gases? You mean, fart gas? You could call it that. Man, you think of everything! Hey, let’s try it. Dino Gas Charger, ready! (farting) (moaning) (farting) My eyes! It’s stinging my eyes! (laughs) That’s one nasty move. Aw, smell very bad! All right, let’s finish it! Ugh, please finish faster! We need the hammer of the Ankylo Zord to crush these fakes. Dino Charger, ready! Summon Ankylo Zord! (roars) [Voiceover] Ankylo Charger, engage! (roars) Ankylo Zord combine! Dino Charge Megazord,
Tri-Ankylo formation! Ready! [All] Ankylo Zord, Hammer Punch! [Shelby] Tricera Drill! [All] Ankylo Zord! Hyah, hyah! (groaning) Dino Fist Punch! I should have made a copy of me! (explosion) [Tyler] Monster extinct!

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  3. Power Rangers Dino Charge Sa YeY! Power Hour June 29 Saturdays and Sundays 2pm. YeY channel 4 TV Plus abs cbn.

  4. Vidio ini sangat bagus aku jadi buatlah tayang di tv jangansampailupa kalautik ada tayang nya cari kalau yidak ada yatidak apa apa

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