30 thoughts on “Potats gettin very ticc / Shiba Inu puppies (with captions)

  1. Oh the pokemon refference 😀
    Suki used invisible cicc!
    Very effectib!  😀 HAHHAHAHHAHAHA
    But seriously, though….. I WANT MLERMS, TOO! THEY ARE SO CUTE! <3 <3 <3

  2. Hiro and Kai luk liek Mika amd Koji ❤️ many fluff and so ticc u can barely see their little nub ears ??????

  3. Do you sell the puppies? Because in videos of the past they had more puppies. And now they have this puppies.

  4. I find it fascinating how with this breed of dogs the puppers are so much more chonky and fluffy than the adults.

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