Postoperative Care for a Female Cat Spayed at Pets In Stitches

Hi, I'm Dr. Rastetter from Pets In Stitches. This video will review general postoperative guidelines for a female cat spayed at Pets In Stitches. If you cat was spayed elsewhere, please refer to that facility's instructions since they may be different than ours. When you get your female cat home, please take a good look at her surgical incision. Today is normal. A little bit of redness and swelling will set in and that's fine but if it changes dramatically in any way, please let us know. Check her surgical site twice a day for the next several days. Her sutures are dissolvable so she she does not need to return for a suture removal and she should not have any drainage from her surgical incision. I do recommend, if your cat will let you, that you wrap some ice in a handtowel and hold it on her incision for about ten minutes out of every hour her first day home. This will help with pain and swelling just like it does with us. If you have concerns about how her incision is looking, you can always check our online gallery of normal and abnormal healing incisions. This may be a good spot for you to go to assess how well she is healing. She will groom herself like normal. If, however, if she seems to be spending a lot time around her surgical incision, that may be a sign of a problem and please contact us. When you get her home, one of the most important things is restricting her activity for the next seven days. Usually a large dog cage or a small room like a bathroom will confine her well. We're trying to minimize her running, her jumping, her playing because she's probably going to feel pretty much back to normal within a day or two but she still needs to take it easy. When you get her home, you can feed her like normal that night but she may or may not want to eat. However she should be eating by the next morning. When she get home, she's also still going to be feeling the effects of the anesthesia so she may be tired. She may overreact to normal sounds and lights and, again, that's normal. However, since she can be a little unpredictable in how she's going to behave, I do recommend keeping her away from other animals or any children. Again, if she's being confined, that shouldn't be an issue. She does have a little green tattoo on her abdomen next to her incision to identify her as spayed. It's smeared right now. It's messy. But when it heals, it will be a small green line. When her hair grows back, you shouldn't even see it anymore. Hopefully you purchased go-home pain medication from Pets In Stitches. Please do not give any over-the- counter pain medication to your cat. Most all of them are toxic to cats and can cause serious problems. Most every time spaying goes well. However there is always a small risk of complications. If any of the following occur, please let us know. Pale gums. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Discharge or bleeding from the incision. Labored breathing. Difficulty urinating or if she's lethargic for more than 24 hours. Pets In Stitches will recheck your cat at no charge for any complications related directly from surgery. There may be an additional charge for any medications or additional supplies that are needed. You can reach us during our office hours at 937-630-3320. Our staff also carries an on-call cell phone until 10pm Monday through Saturday and that phone number is on the back of your postoperative form. Additionally, you can also email me at [email protected] This is valuable especially if you want to send a picture of your cat's surgical incision if you have some concerns about how it's healing. Please be aware that, legally, we can only provide postoperative support for our own patients. If you have a situation occurring with your female cat after surgery that you think is critical and you can't wait for us to contact you back, please contact one of the two local emergency clinics. One is the Dayton Care Center which is 937-428-0911. The other option is MedVet which is 937-293-2714. Thank you.

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