Popsicle Stick Furniture (with working doors!) ☆HAMSTER DIY☆

Muebles de Hamster Vas a necesitar: Palitos de paleta Herramientas de corte (cutter/podadera) Lima metalica/papel lija PVA/Elmer´s/pegamento escolar
(Los dos primeros se refieren a un tipo de pegamento especifico) Lápiz Regla, set de escuadras Primero, vamos a hacer una cama con una cabecera de hámster Luego, una mesa redonda. Usamos una plantilla para un círculo perfecto. Ahora para el estante Marcar 3 puntos uniformemente espaciados.
Aquí es donde irán las bisagras Agujeree los agujeros con un destornillador o cuchillo Picar 3 palitos para que puedan encajar en los agujeros Utilizar los palitos para el equilibrio mientras se pegan las bisagras Llenar algunas mini botellas de vidrio con alimento seguro para hámster Finalmente vamos a hacer la despensa en forma de hámster

100 thoughts on “Popsicle Stick Furniture (with working doors!) ☆HAMSTER DIY☆

  1. There is a question that I have that is not in desc.
    Is it okay if theses can be used as chews for a dwarf hamster

  2. There is a question that I have that is not in desc.
    Is it okay if theses can be used as chews for a dwarf hamster

  3. You should make more hamster stuff and you should sell them! beacause i really like your stuff but i dont have time to make it. i would deff buy a lot!

  4. I love hamsters are the most beautiful thing in life I do not understand why and people who mistreat them

  5. The table is way more easy for me (I am nine) I didnt use this stuff that can cut to a shape

  6. Thank you!!! <3 you are a life saver!!!! Anything i would buy for my hamster wasnt comfortable for her to sleep in!!!! That popsicle stick bed saved by life!!!!!! Nuca is happily sleeping in her new bed all day!!!! But a problem tho, everytime i try to take her out. she either grabs onto the bed or goes right back in. ????

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  9. I'm just going to quickly assume this is a very old video cuz now vanilla is dead…??? and you now have butterscotch.

  10. you didn't answer my question it's We're in the world do you get these much popitcals??!?!*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I need to get some popsicle sticks to do things like this. I got a hamster about a week ago and this would be cute.

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