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Did you eat it? You finished eating it didn’t you? Ugh, why you gotta be like that? What did she eat? I don’t that’s the problem. Oopt C ya! How does she make that jump? Cos’ cats are weird like that You know what you should do. Put a cucumber near her and see what she does. I don’t want to spook her she’s still fairly new MEORR. When did it rain? Guys, when did it rain? Um like (MEORR) last night. Stop. It’s raining right now. Oh yeah yeah. It’s starting to rain now. MEORR They eat both. Sorry they don’t eat it. Look who it is. Yes. This is good (chuckles) Love it. I feel like we should do it first because we haven’t done it And i’m like ‘I haven’t’ But now I did. I feel like I should make like, you how. Ooooh those like flashcards. Yeah about umm… Like Neighbourhood Watch. But, I don’t know how you can make flashcards about them You could probably just do the scenes and key moments, characters in them true true Okay. There’s a difference between your piles and my pile I did this last night. As in fix everything up I guess Play Breakdown We need to actually We have to go through the play
Emily, we’ve literally been sitting here for like 40 minutes Can you tell I have my life together? Ok, so we’re just waiting for the brownies to bake. Camryn’s… Yeet. Okay. Ok. Let’s get some food. Ok what do you want? I don’t know. Got some cheese. Got some Salada light Crackers An popcorn…an popcorn. Cos’ we be healthy. Yeah You can hear the crunchin What should I call it? This dish. With popcorn. Pop Cracker. Okay I just started filming so … He like licked his lip. Sure, it slipped. Sit down. Ready, go. That was terrible. ok. One more. Look who I ran into. Heyy. This is Esha everyone. Is this going up on your Youtube? Yep. Course it is.

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