Poor Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Waits For Passengers’ Help (Full ver.) | Animal in Crisis EP100

Local : No sound during the daytime,but she cries a lot at 2am. And here… A man looking for that sound Even he opens a manhole cover and seems to call someone… And from that space, we can see…Then we hear cat wailing from somewhere Here,Here! You see here. Here. And from that space, we can see… a cat struggling to get out of there PD : How long have you been feeding her? Informant : It’s been almost 2mths Compared to the 1st time I found her, she has been much bigger than before. During the time of 2mths, she has been watching the world outside through the tiny slit which is only 5cm Local : I’ve never thought about that no one would be fallen down into this narrow space… That’s even not that space someone could carefully watch… beneath the ppl and vehicles passing indifferently Only through this tiny slit listening to sound created by unfamiliar world she’s been continuing to live a lonely life Local : I’ve nvr thought abt that someone would exist there. I found her with her sound at first. Noisy outside in a sudden..? She pretends to know making sound Hey! I’ll do! me! Yes! Okay! Na-bi(kitty)~ Children sound..? Kitty~meow~kitty! Come on! Here is your food! She may be glad to see kids who pretend to know her Laying on the floor even begin to act charming Local : Here is a main stage for gathering local children. All kids gather around here and hang out w/ the cat… The knee part of their jeans were totally worn out by crawling to watch her… When their school done, gather around here don’t give her too much food. then she may hav a stomachache. sometimes they feed her quite proficiently giving water The kids have been caring for her PD : How do you feel about the cat stuck in here? Children : Poor. Too poor and… She might be too hungry, so we feed her It must be hard if same situation happened to us. Cause she can’t go out of the narrow place… Attention that had begun from the kids’ small curiosity Could be quite comforted for her.. in order to rescue with experts we try to check structures surrounded by the drain she’s being stuck The only connected place is this small manhole through the hole inside of it putting an endoscopy camera two eyes shining a far from there it was connected by expected then using this manhole passage may be able to rescue her At first, the Vet tries to make sure that whether she is healthy or not Vet : If she’s been stuck in here almost 3mths so far, it’s even suprised for her to be alive She’d have been in a worse condition caused by respiratory or skin diseases due to an unaired environment how has she been living there.. Even I wouldn’t have survived.. How has she been stuck in this narrow place? Vet : Because kittens are likely to get into any space as long as their heads can get through She could’ve fallen inside when the cover was open in a moment A little kitty hovering roads at the instant moment might be fallen down to this place, we guess in order to rescue in earnest Experts gathered The top priority is Rescue worker : Since we block the passages in order for her not to cross over this way anymore, we’ll let her move toward the middle side by approaching again to the side where she is after narrowing the area of her activity as possible Mission rescuing through the hole connected to the manhole among many of people watching Open the manhole cover first After installing the rescue net We decided that a person directly gets in and leaves food at the entrance and watch the next By busy movements from outside She seems to be a bit frightened As we first planned for her rescue as soon as we block the passage on both sides Seems to be embarrassed in order to let her move toward the manhole side as a slight sound is made from above Upon hearing the sound, she gradually moves to the inside However, she’s much more cautious than expected… Rescue worker : It’s okay~ Don’t worry! Full of anxious Rescue worker : She looked up her head for a sec, and that’s it Finally the informant who has been looking for her for a long time takes an action As soon as the man call her She seems to react as if she’s answering Informant : She looks like being a little bit nervous due to many strange people now, I’ll get in and try to take her out In the end, on his own he steps out to her Informant : Meow~ Take my hand. Come here! Totally different reaction from the previous one One step at a time Getting closer PD : Was she captured? Informant : Yes. she was. At the end of the long hardship Finally she came out of the world outside The moment everyone waited for Local people delighted altogether Still looks nervous and is strained The kitten just faced with the wider world what a tiny, lovely kitten Really small and lovely Naturally impresses people with an exclamation At least this moment not even jealous of BTS! 🙂 Softly touched by the Vet Vet : Her heart rate was pretty fast, but now she’s a bit relaxed after I touched her Informant : (Now the feeling is) Indescribable. Really glad Just wanna take her home and care well At the wider world now With attention & love from all she could begin her new life Bang-ul~ From now, with the name of Bang-ul She became someone’s family member The small voice shouted out with hope has not skipped away and met with small and pretty hearts and now became this beautiful miracle

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  1. I crying … Because bang-ul life with love and care from a man .. God bless you for all to save the cat ❤️❤️❤️ saranghae

  2. الراحمون يرحمهم الله برحمته الواسعة الرحمة بالحيوان عمل إنساني يرضي الله يعطيك العافيه تحية احترام كبيرة لك من لبنان ??????

  3. Si pode-se adotaria o gatinho mas do sou do Brasil não dá Coreia mas si pode-se mesmo teria todos as espécies de animais

  4. Eu adoro esse canal sou inscrita e dou links em todos os vídeos parabéns kritter klub continue assim . bjj

  5. You can imagined the poor cat trapped in there for God knows how long. I'm pleading please please please??? rescue the helpless feline. I couldn't bear to see the poor feline suffer & alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you, animal rescuers, for all you've done, out of love, compassion, determination, devotion, & sympathy saving this furry feline. I ask God bless these really awesome people.

  6. Una historia triste pero con un final feliz Gracias a todas las personas y niños que hicieron lo posible para que el Gatico siguiera con vida hasta que fuese rescatado y adoptado por ésta hermosa familia. Gracias y saludos

  7. Oh my gosh poor little fur baby ? I'm so happy that wonderful man was feeding and caring for her, and thank you for helping her everyone! ??♥️
    Now this adorable little fur baby has a good caring home??♥️

  8. Eso está todo planeado por esa gente para ganar visitas encierran a un gatito le hacen la maldad para grabar su puto vídeo que raro que haya una cámara grabando al gatito dentro donde está atrapado. Que hijos de puta.

  9. JANGAN prnh mengatakan miskin kpd KUCING krn ALLAH YG MENCIPTAKANYA MAHA KAYA,YG BENAR" menciptakan DUNIA INI dgn ISINYA !!!

  10. Amazing work and so heart warming. Everyone did such and amazing job, from the man and kids who fed the kitty with food and love, to the experts and Kritter Klub who helped to save her, thank you all so much, It warms the heart to see people coming together for an animal❤️

  11. Syukurlah anak kucing bisa diselamatkan. Saya terharu dengan adegan penyelamatan tersebut. Kalian adalah tim yang hebat. Dan saya salut pada anak-anak kecil yang begitu perduli dengan sesama mahluk ciptaan Tuhan yang butuh bantuan. Orang tua kalian pasti bangga. ☺

  12. How about Bang-ul now??? I was watching this video 3 times, I always touched my heart and I happy because young man take care and adoption that cat, kriter club take video all animal after save them like Bang-ul, please….!!! I love Kriter Club from Indonesia

  13. Dear all! There is a small town in Siberia, in Ulan Ude dog shelter would be annihilated in a few days. All 400 alive dogs would be cruelly cremated. Please help to stop this crime! Please repost

  14. My God the poor little kitty three month in that filthy narrow passage and no one done nothing all that time Not animals rescue in Korea than the vet and His team Great work you guys, you are the best.  I hope the owner of the kitty looked after him with love and plenty care  God bless little darling cat he is so cute

  15. Спасибо Вам за доброту, заботу и любовь к братьям нашим меньшим. У Вас большие и сильное сердца. Береги Вас Бог. Аминь.

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