38 thoughts on “poodle puppies

  1. awwwwwwwww soooo cute!!!! i have 2 poodles in my yard one is 6 weeks olld and the other is a month old its sooooo ADORABLE!

  2. I am trying to sell 2 pure bred poodles and a cute poodle chihuahua mix, the poodles are siblings one female one male the female is 1 year 2 month, the male is 1year 8months, the mix is 11months,the poodles together are 600 dollars, the mix is 100 dollars, I am in charlotte north carolina if you are interested contact me at [email protected]

  3. @balletenpointe1 Self-celebratory post! therefore, how can you be nice? p.s. capital letter are warp speed for retards.

  4. @SelenaGomezfan9090 I'm going to be training an 7 week old black toy poodle puppy named BuFord (its a boy) I start next week and he'll be 8 weeks old! Wish me luck?

  5. did you say Tinker Bell! oh that's sooo cute! I have a spring (and hopefully summer) job training a 7 week old black poddle puppy named Buford! I start next Monday so he'll be 8 weeks old! epp wish me luck!!

  6. my mom has a red toy poodle and got him when i was 5. shes had him for 10 years now and hes so old! i got my own dog in july and hes a black and white teddy bear. they are both so cute but my dog will look like a puppy for the rest of its life.

  7. aww poodles r my favorite dog cuz there cute smart and warmhearted actually they say that poodles are more likley to know when ur sick internally than other dogs 🙂

  8. that is just too cute their little face!! awhh i'm melting! when i got my mini poodle puppy at 8 weeks they already shaved his face:( i was sad but now its grown and hes amazing 😛 yours are fantastic

  9. So like you tie rubber bands around their tails so they fall off? I odnt want puppy tails lying around my house :/

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