Police Dog: Training your best friend

it's all love its end the day I go home loving this dog and he's a big goof but he's awesome I'm third-generation my father was NYPD my grandfather was NYPD and my other grandfather was NASA County so I've kind of been born and raised into a police family my best friend you know and she's gonna have the same thing with Mack they just they are amazing amazing dogs except when they want the German shepherds wine a lot you have a partner that can save your life you can indicate on an explosive you can save many other lives and the trust that I have to have in him it's like nothing else I wanted to tell you a little bit about this facility it's probably the largest in the country that's dedicated to transportation and transport only investing in these dogs and the canines is probably the best barrier we can put between the bad guy and us they for the investment we put in these dogs and what they give back to us is 20 fold these dogs have so much utility to us and do so much good if the average person was aware of it they'd be amazed there's a whole testing process that takes a couple of weeks so they're with us for a couple of weeks before we assign them to police officers and then once we do assign them we try to match personality to dog officer Schmidt is a relatively new officer she is about four years experience she's had some exposure to k-9 and her home life as she's very familiar with one of our X k9 handlers so she knows what to expect we looked into her career and a career in the past four years has been very active she's not afraid to take on problems or people and we look for people that are responsible and she's showing us that she's responsible he's got a lot of puppy energy and I I grew up playing sports and my activity level is pretty hot so I think we're compatible in that area he's not a pet and he's not a full tool he's a very social usable resource and you know when he lives at home with the family he has to be social and be with people just like he has to be social here at work but these dogs are very high drive they love to work they're looking for a toy all the time that their whole reason in doing any of this work is that they want to play so the thing that makes them happy as they get to have a toy and play with it you know it's it's all positive reinforcement on the dogs it's a lot of work I never expected it to be this much work but it's it's great time great experience I need more work than the dog does dog picked it up within a month and you know here I'm working on myself oh yeah way to go okay he thinks I threw a ball but it was really a snowball he's not gonna find it in snow at the time I was in keen on working with blood and Alison was working patrol in Penn Station and she was in the the police booth right outside of a waiting room and I walked up I haven't catch a glance at her and I'd walked right into the booth hopped on her lap she saw him she saw me that's it the rest is history what's kind of ironic is that I've been allergic to dogs my whole life so we know they always wanted to have a dog in our family but we were on him so yeah so we've never had it we've never owned a dog we've never had a dog as a pet we've never had a cat as a pet so she didn't really grow up in an environment animals in the house Anthony worked with bud for seven years yeah I saw the relationship they had together knowing him and meeting him and seeing his bond that he had with bud it was kind of one of the things one of the reasons I wanted to get into this unit excuse me go for a walk why'd you ever come on bud stay stay first she was a little jealous so anywhere I go he'd follow with his eyes but over the last couple years special e since he retired that's gone for her too he focuses a lot on her and I we were worried when Mac came in that it was gonna be oh that's my mommy no that's my mommy but so far it's been smooth Sam let's hope it stays that way drink he's my father moved to Malvern when he was young with my grandparents and the McDonald family's from Malvern as well they got to know each other throughout town pride in McDonald's Mayor of Melbourne I mean I've known Allison since she was a child I've known the Schmidt family before Allison was born I had the good fortune to know Stephen a little bit and I really truly was a great man so we were all sorry last year when when he died and uh I just know I know his son Connor as well and they brought up a really remarkable young – oil paddy and Stephen both should be really proud of how they raised him so well I actually got to choose the name for Mac we named all our dogs after fallen heroes police officers soldiers that have lost their life in the line of duty so she called and she had asked Connor and I would you mind would you mind if I named the dog after Stephen and Connor and I were blown away I knew it'd be an awesome tribute and he unfortunately passed away in January so the timing of it and knowing the McDonald family knowing his inspiration for police departments and it was very nice to hear Patti be very grateful about deeming him Mac I was not the dog person Stephen grew up with the dog and when we moved here to Malvern Stephen wanted a dog and I was like no way because I did not grow up with the dog now we have Murphy who was named after Michael Murphy the Navy SEAL who was killed and so we tell his story we'll have people ask us you know how did you get Murphy and so like Mack Murphy is you know the dog we named after someone very special Michael Murphy I feel very blessed that Allison chose Mac for Steven his story has been a huge inspiration for I think every police officer especially in New York City and everyone knows the story and he's been a great inspiration for all of us it's a max first time at Penn Station today we're getting abusive environment people sounds noises sirens the train car that vibration everything's due to him he's getting used to it okay he's never been on escalator his whole life so we're gonna work on that see how it feels it's a lot for them sit sit he's just excited cuz he hears all those other dogs break sit stay leave it leave it sit sit leave it I'm getting there I'm not a hundred percent but I'm learning with him he's learning a lot quicker than me but I feed off of him and this is all new for me as well yes this is the best part to him he loves this we just hit our halfway point in training so we're about six seven weeks in I'm very happy with his progress he's healing a lot better we've been practicing on that practicing on the sit and stay off leash which he's working on but it's still it's gonna take a lot of time at home as well the bond we developed right now is it's inseparable and I take him home not many people realize that this dog is with me 24/7 when people at home they have a pet when you go to work you leave that dog home I have the privilege of eating with me what I got it chicken come check it Basco boy it's not the toy that gets changed out we roll we have millions of towels at our facility because each scent is a different towel so at first like the black powder we actually take a plastic bag and roll the black powder within the towel so that's when they're playing with it they are breathing in that scent so when they're breathing in that sense they think okay this is fun this is exciting for me let's go find that scent so now when they search the train car and they smell that feel like all my toys here he'll come on week he'll today a certification day it's a very exciting day and work very hard to be here it's gonna be nerve-racking because now it's now it's not training now it's real life and we'll be in Grand Central Penn Station but we're excited to be out there and decide certify really we gotta get past that first you don't go to work see check check sit yes I'm here yes you have two hearts okay okay sit good work seek we are certified officially officially certified now I know he's excited to go to work and you did such a good job 12-week course a lot of hard work dedication but it's all paid off thank you you write the word thank you [Applause] and I never won well now Matt gets the word shield to work every day and he's earned it he's worked very hard to be here and we're very grateful for them to have this experience kay nine six seven essential security inspection on Khan kuma station I work 19 bio 7 which is 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. 12 hour tours and each night could be a different location were you going to do a security inspection we do about five or six a night depending on where we're located we do different locations if there's a busier train station we try and stay there for a long period of time we check the station check the waiting rooms see if there's any suspicious vehicles I'm aware of the danger I've always said that I was had the good fortune working some nice precincts in Manhattan there were relatively low crime but you know I was always aware and always stated to other people that you know anything can happen at any place at any time I don't worry on a daily basis about it you know I think that the train that she's undergone has made her well equipped to do the job that she's got to do my first bag I ever searched outside of training was probably the scariest just because like what happened to be in the gates it's now it's it's not training anymore it's my first real bag and the three months worth of training really they helped us get to that point and I trust Mac 100% and thankfully I do because I wouldn't be able to do this job if I did not trust him the one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world the one that never deserts him the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog and that's so true I mean as Mac is to to Allison Murphy is to me the first week it was kind of little crazy it was untrained dogs but now oh shoot what happened don't get this on film

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  1. My GSD is almost 12 weeks! She knows sit, stay(not 100%), come, and down!! Gonna train her to find me stuff using the towel method. Great tips.

  2. Thank you very much for taking care of are country and getting the bad people off the streets and protecting us

  3. Your puppy is your best friend I have a German shepherd and she's my best friend love you guys be safe out there

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  5. New a Shepard once wen I was young25anyway I watched the 18 month old daughter of the house crawl on top of Ned that was his name big male Shepard, serious dog, and start pulling at Neds ears which were being treated for mites at the time.The dog started cryin really loudly while not dislodging the baby, i mean this went on for half a minute until the situation cud be resolved. I was really impressed with shepards from that day forward

  6. Awesome Train ! but i see this online training course it's really perfect ! to increase your dog skill !

  7. Being a service dog handler it makes me so proud and very interested to see other types of working dogs

  8. The cops train their dogs very poorly.
    I have seen other german shepherd dogs who will not bark or lunge at you unless given the command.
    Not cop dogs. Smh

  9. Aww I love German Shepherds. By far the best dog I ever had. I miss him soooooo much. He wasn’t full blood. He was mixed with Chow. But man he was the smartest dog ever. He was so awesome!

  10. Malinois and German Shepherds are on my top lists for Police/Military K-9’s! Both dogs are beautiful and loyal as heck.

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