Polar Bear Purrs When Cuddling with Her Human Dad

aggi is a polar bear and mark has been her guardian provider and playmate since she was eight weeks old mark is the only person in the world who has this kind of bond with a fully grown polar bear and apparently with anyone other than Mark or his wife Dawn Agee can get a bit cranky when someone starts talking to me takes my attention away from her she gets upset about it dawn can take my attention as much as she wants because Agee doesn't mind done she's used to me talking all the time so she's super protective of you to think is that what this behaviors about your watch I think she's just possessive I need to see this with my own eyes getting close to a jealous and potentially dangerous polar bear is a little disconcerting but don't tells me I'll be fine as long as I let Agee have all of Mark's attention by the time to get through it's already very curious isn't she hi honey can you hear it what's that her new nose she's if you could if you quiet you can hear it hear that low Rumble yes what is that that's her it's almost like a purring noise for a cat but it's her she makes because she's super content and she's sucking on her tongue right now I thought it was an engine somewhere or something that is actually coming from the polar bears coming from her she's clearly really close to mark how do you think Agee sees him Agee sees him as her mother and father together really and companion so this is all about ID thinking of him as kin right since eight weeks away would be as long as she can remember Marc trains animals for the movie industry and 18 years ago he was asked to find a polar bear for a film he'd heard about a cub that was being hand reared by staff at a zoo as her mother was getting too old he was the 11th baby born with this mother so this mother couldn't properly care for her so mark took her on and trained her for the film but he didn't expect their relationship to develop in the way it did it's my job and it's what I had to do and then as I'm doing it we I became very very attached to her so tell me what you feel about your relationship with Agee it's just a really special bond I love her a lot I can't say she loves me she really is bonded to me she loves him there you go so we have a really wonderful relationship and I would never change that for anything whatever you think of this situation mark has an incredibly close bond with Aggie and even though she is a fully grown polar bear with the strength to kill with one blow he's never felt in danger around her and it seems this has all been made possible because he hand-reared her from a very young age

30 thoughts on “Polar Bear Purrs When Cuddling with Her Human Dad

  1. beautiful relationship… but even bears raised from birth have shown a tendency to forgot about their own strength with humans, but I'm sure the guy is aware of the risk after 18 years

  2. I never knew that watching a giant ball of white flooff get into the pool would warm my heart so much and make me this happy.

  3. Of course Agee loves Mark: it's patently obvious…! And, i think it's marvellous; truly, lovely!! ~*Animal Planet* <3 <3 <3

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