Poko and Leanna on Hallmark Channel with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

I love it I can't wait for that but first let's head back to Larissa who's gonna go with those acuteness for us right now yes I do my goodness we are gonna meet a rescue in a second that really lives up to its name they're called angels among us Pet Rescue and they are in northern Georgia and they recently rescued or I should say they recently helped with a rescue that took 630 animals that we're living in horrible conditions in just a puppy mill / breeding situation and take a look at these poor babies they needed so much help and the two that we are gonna meet in just a second we're part of that wonderful rescue their names are poco and Leanna and they looked not so great that's Leanna and now look at how beautiful she is on the right and that's poco a cocker spaniel and let's meet them now with Tiffany and Caitlin again they are located in northern Georgia hi you guys thank you so much for everything you do hi thank you so much for having us we're so excited to let you see these two little babies oh and they really are precious tell us all about them obviously they didn't have the best beginning of life but they can have the best forever absolutely they're gonna be Cinderella stories definitely and we're looking at actually Leanna right now playing and she is about eight she's a little diva she loves affection in every single way and just likes to burrow down in your arms and poco is about six and he is energetic he's playful his hair goes back after being shaved he had so many so many mats that we had to pretty much shave them down because he was in such horrific condition but once his hair grows back it's gonna be like hashtag hair goals for him that's the most gorgeous cocker spaniel beautiful calendar dog hopper I'm trying to get my hair to match like he's beautiful that what a beautiful rich chocolate color that he is and you know I just want to make a quick mention to people that dogs that come from that kind of situation they haven't had a lot of love but they have so much love to give and I know that you said on the earlier that some of the animals that you rescued from this horrible situation actually we're sleeping upright in their crate for the first couple days because that's all they knew and they're slowly learning to be dogs and enjoy comfortable couches and hugs and lots of pets so thank you so much for that hopefully somebody out there will fall in love and go to your website to find out more about those two and all the others that you saved and there are so many around the country that needs you so head to your local rescuer shelter find one that speaks to you and needs you and you need them and give them an adoption ever after Thank You Larissa a couple little cuties they're going to them since forever homes for sure and

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