Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Intro and Gym Leader Brock!

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– Pika! Pika Pikachu. Pika. – [Zack] (chuckles) He came out of the TV. – Pika.
(gasps) (squealing) (Zack laughing) Pika, Pika. Pika! – [Zack] I guess we’re going
into the TV with him, OK. Well, I better wake up. How are you? (magical whirring)
Nice. It’s his job. Okay, well I’m, hi, my name’s, oh this is, Oh, what do I look like, okay. (chuckles) Uh, these are just the
options that we have. You can be male or female. And I’m just going to go with the default, the one selected first. That’s me, I’m Zack. How about a name, Zack, of course. My name is Zack, oh, my name, (chuckles), my name, (laughing). Is Z-Dawg, of course my name is Z-Dawg. (laughing) Yes.
(laughing) That’s me, Z-Dawg in the house. All right. (laughs) All right. I don’t know, I think
I would remember that. I don’t know. This is a false memory. This is implanted in my head. Uh, I have to name this guy? Come on, don’t make me name him. Looks like a Kevin to me. This guys name is Kevin. Here we go. Kevin. Yes.
(laughs) I’m Z-Dawg and my rival’s name is Kevin. All right, good for him. That’s right, Pokemon, let’s go. (magical twinkling) It’s so bright. Close your eyes, everybody. All right, oh, it’s blurry. That was a crazy dream I had. (upbeat playful music) Whoa, I’m real. All right, what are we gonna do? We’re gonna move around, Okay. Anything to search here? Anything we need to do? Can I get on my computer and surf the web for a little bit? Oh great! Can I have this? All right, so by the way. I wasn’t able to use my pro controller unless I overlooked something. Who is? Do I have to name you, too? Oh, it’s Kevin, okay. (chuckles) No, you do, Kevin. I did. And if I hadn’t, I would just say I did. All right, I guess I, too, will book it as they say. (laughing) As Kevin says. All right, this TV, can I read the TV? That’s Stand By Me. They’re watching Stand By Me. Okay, watch out for the ghost train. Hey, Mom. I think it’s my Mom. Yes, it’s Mom, M-O-M. Yeah, I guess so. I wasn’t ready for one. All right, I don’t have
to check everything do I? Beautiful updated graphics. It’s Pokemon, but for the Switch. We are already in a big, big town. Okay, here we go. Maybe not that big. Uh, can I check the mail? Oh yeah, oh yeah. Name it after me, not
my mom or my parents. Sup, girl? Good for you. Where is Professor Oaks? (laughs) Is he like right
next door or something? What’s up with you, dude? Yeah, that is actually really true. And I think that is one reason this game was designed. He lives like right next door to me, dude. All right. Here we are. This place looks small on the outside but it’s huge on the inside. Good for you. I do, too, by the way.` Okay, Kevin, what are you
doing over here, dude? I’m using like just the red side, like one of the individual
controllers here. I wish it would let me use
the pro controller, but no. I have no idea. I don’t know, I don’t think
we should mess with them. Here’s like six over here. Let’s grab these instead. Eww, spooky. Can I read Professor Oaks email? What do these signs say? Just scribbles. Got it. All right. Yeah it does, okay, great. Should I leave? I’m gonna leave. Maybe Professor Oak will show up. If I start bailing
that’s when he’ll show up He’ll be like, ah, sorry I’m late. Probably, I don’t know. Maybe not. Okay. Well what the heck. Uh, okay, hold on. I don’t know where Professor Oak is. Hey, what’s up? No, I got him. Can I read Kevin’s email? Whoa, is this a picture of little Kev Kev? All right. You only got one story to your house. We got a two story house, we’re rich. All right, where are we going? It looks like you have a two story house. How do you get up there? Okay, oh there’s Professor Oak. He’s talking to the birds. I don’t know if I want to mess with him. All right, thank you Pidgey. Hi, Professor. – [Pikachu] Pika. (laughing) – [Zack] It’s a Pikachu. It’s a Pikachu. – [Pikachu] Pika? – [Zack] Indeed. Don’t look at me, he looked at me. What do I do? (upbeat exciting music) – [Pikachu] Pika Pika! (laughs) Okay, press A to pick up the pokeball. Get ready. Okay, yeah. Oh, what, I missed. What do I do? Got him, nice. I think I did it right. Is he in there? Oh, he’s in there. He’s locked in. Good for me, right? Absolutely, okay. I’m happy. So, uh.
(chuckles) Okay. Yeah, I got it, whoa. Whoa. Where did he go? I’ve not had this happen before. Wait, there are three there now, What happened? Did it arrive here? (laughing) He’s Santa now. All right, I’ll do my best. It was the middle one, right? (laughs) It’s a shell game. I got it, oh. Wow, okay. I’m petting him and he
broke out of his, uh… I’m shocked. Kevin’s shocked. Oak is shocked. Did I forget to wash my hands? – Pika, Pika, Pika. – [Zack] All right. – Pika Pika. – Pika. Great. (laughs) Yeah, why not?
– Pika Pika. Uh, yes, yes indeed. This is clearly… P-Dawg. (laughing) All right. P-Dawg. Excellent. All right. All right. See you guys. I’m, and I’ll take this third one. No, I won’t. Okay, fine. Yeah, Kevin. Take that, Kevin. All right, peace, I’m out. (laughing) Okay. What are you getting? What are you doing? All right. Thank you. Which, by the way, I won’t do.
(chuckles) See, he hasn’t even done it. So he can’t expect me to do it. Nope, Kevin’s going to have to do the heavy lifting there. Don’t taunt me, Kevin. All right, we are…
(laughs) Here we go. I wonder if, oh hey, hey, ma’am. Oh, it’s Mom. Yeah, you should’ve seen it. Kevin couldn’t even do it.
– Pika, Pika. – [Zack] Pikachu! All right. I can attempt to be good to P-Dawg. So long as P-Dawg is good to me. There he is right there. Uh, so now where to? How do I chop down the bush? No.
(chuckles) hey, guess what? I got a Pokemon. Yeah, I know, I know. But I don’t do that. Yeah, guess what? I have my own Pokemon as well. So do we go up here? I think so. Oh geez. What the heck. Here we go. (battle music)` Oh no. Oh no. Get ready. Uh, what do you want me to do? Get ready. Got him. Now don’t run away from me. Locked and loaded, please. All right, caught another one. Great, I’ll add that to my party. I got it on my first throw. I like how that’s pixelated still. All right, great. Check motion, what does that mean? What? Oh, okay. (laughs) Okay, cool. Uh now, is this, is this the one that I want in my party? I don’t know, I don’t think so. Next. All right, great. All right, cool. Heck yes, it’s Route 1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Holy cow. Let’s go up here. What’s up, my dude? Yeah, super scary, dude. Now do I actually want
to capture anything else? I don’t know. Maybe, but also maybe I kinda want to just go forth. I don’t know what I want. That’s the thing. Let’s go, maybe I’ll go capture this dude. Hey. Hey, come here.
(laughs) (upbeat battle music) Do I ever, okay a wild Oddish. Uh, did he just attack me? What the heck? Nice. All right. I don’t know, I mean like, I’m used to kind of
assembling a party, you know, but I mean, I don’t know… I don’t know if this… I don’t know. Here we go. Leveled up P-Dawg. That’s nice, level six. All right, P-Dawg grew to level six and learned Quick Attack. That’s great, good job. And sure, here’s Oddish, sure. It’s a grass and poison type, okay. Excellent. Well, let’s uh, let’s keep going then. I don’t know, it might want me to capture a whole group of Pokemon, which is why it’s presented me here with all of these. Let’s go get a bird. (laughing) A bird, a flying type. All right, hello. A wild Pidgey. I’m ready. What? Oh, I got him. (laughs)
I thought he dodged. (laughs)
I can’t believe I got him. You can’t fly away from me, Pidgey. All right, Pidgey has been caught. Oh wow, and Rattata leveled up as well. All right. It’s a flying and what? I missed it. I’m sorry. I skipped too fast. All right, it’s okay. It’s okay. So, you know, I don’t want another one. Let me just try to get through. No, no, no, don’t touch me. Don’t touch me, no, help, help. Okay there’s a Rattata. Let me see, can I skip ’em all? Yes! So. All right, maybe. No, I didn’t mean to jump there. All right, it’s okay. Now we’ve got to get through a horde of birds and a rat. No, no, no, no, no. Now, so what…okay. Can I just fake these guys? Like it’s all just catching. Run away. Yeah, I’m done. I’m done. I got away safely, good. (chuckles)
All right. Don’t touch me. Oh, Viridian City. Excellent. Great. Hey. Okay, well that’s what I would do, too if I had to go there because it might be one of the only ways. She looks like she’s catching insects or something up there. Okay, a dead end. Hey, it’s an old Northern Lion. Would I? Am I really trying to get ’em all? Oh look up there. Look up there, exciting, right? Yeah. Technology, man. Well chop it down. Well chop it down then. How do I chop it down? Pokedex, hey, let’s save. They wanted us to save, right? All right, this is good, save in progress. Easy. All right. So, Pokedex, can I choose
some abilities here? What do I, not the Pokedex, I’ll probably look at my party, that’s right, sorry. Party. Does anyone have a chop ability? You don’t do you? How do you do this? Uh, I like how I can change the name. I only elevate…
– Pika, Pika. – [Zack] Oh here we go. Very finicky. All right, well, we’re good. You know, I don’t expect, anyway, we’ll figure it out soon. Later, sometime, I don’t know when. But we’ll get it, don’t worry. Let’s go in here, no, let’s talk to the people first. What’s up? No. Okay, thanks for the advice. And then what’s up here, huh? Oh wow. Hello, ma’am. Can I talk to this guy? Whoa, Chansey. Oh no, socialism has taken over. (chuckles)
I was just kidding. Okay. Okay. Cool. Okay, well then, let’s, I’m just gonna read ’em all right now. Oh, they just want me to read the ads. Yes. Yes, I do. Let’s learn ’em. Let’s read, I want to know. But who knows if I will know. I may never know, I’ll know. What’s up here? Whoa, what’s, do what? What? (laughing)
What? (laughing) Uh, yeah, I really don’t know. What is the two player
thing in the corner, lower right or whatever? I have no idea. I got the parcel from the Poke Mart clerk. Okay, great. All right. No. I’ll be there soon. What’s in here? I’m here to say, no thanks. (laughing)
I don’t want to buy anything right now. What are you buying? Want to help me shoplift something? All right, great. I’ll keep that in mind next time one of my Pokemon is paralyzed I’ll come exactly to this shop right here. What’s up? Man, word gets around here, huh? (chuckles)
He knew. All right, what’s this? Oh it’s school. Finally I can learn something. Oh, I didn’t mean to leave. (laughs) But what does the school say? Let’s read the sign out front. All right, time to get schooled, Zack. Z-Dawg. I’m going directly to the teacher. I’m going to be the teachers pet. Uh, no. (chuckles)
None of ’em. What bout here? Okay, got it.
(laughing) All right, PP. Great. Hey what about you? What say you? Gotta remember that. All right, now these two clowns up here, they’re, I see them waiting. I see them waiting. They’re blocking me but
let’s see what happens when I, oh, they’re not blocking, yeah, they are blocking. Mrowr says Meowth. I guess I’ve got to go
to Professor Oak then. I guess team Rocket doesn’t want anyone. All right, fine. Let’s just head back then, shall we? Got a package for uh… For Professor Oak. Okay, I’ve talked to you already. So, where do we go cause I don’t really encounter anymore Pokemon right now. Did I capture all of them on this route? How can I find that out? There’s an Oddish. There’s Rattata. There’s the birds. Help, help, help, what was that? Oh, okay, it’s Pikachu. Okay. All right, great. Profssor Oak, I hope that
he’s in his laboratory. Let’s go see. We’ve got a parcel for ya, buddy. What is up? (laughs) – Pika pika! – [Zack] All right. He’s climbing all over me.
– Pikachu. – [Zack] Please don’t shock me. He might shock me. I hope not, though. Kevin’s here, oh great. I got some Razz Berries.
(chuckles) (laughs)
They’re deadly to humans, no. Well I’m having fun making videos. So I’m having fun that
you guys are here, again. As a reminder, if you
want to keep watching this series, please subscribe. I think you’re gonna love it. And also be sure to like this video and help this channel grow. Okay, that is your job then, Kevin. I’m going to focus on an elite squad. All right, well you just focus on catching them all and uh… I’ll focus on uh, just being me. Kevin says… Oh great, Kevin You’re gonna mess everything up. It’s battle time, he says. All right, come on, Kevin. He sent out Eevee.
(Eevee battle cries) Wow, go P-Dawg. All right, here we go. Fight, let’s just fight. Eevee’s level six. Uh, let’s just go with thunder shock, here we go. Wa-bam, oh yeah. Ouch, all right. Well, I’ve got some other
tricks up my sleeve. I can use a, you can actually
click these for info. Growl, the user growls
in an endearing way, making opposing Pokemon less wary. This lowers their attack stat. Tail whip, the user wags its tail cutely, making opposing Pokemon
less wary and lowering their defense. And this, quick attack. The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. This move always goes first. It’s a power of 40
compared to thunder shock also 40, but you know, I don’t know. What do you think? Let’s do the quick attack. Here we go, I go first. But I was already going
first, I believe, nice. She’s using growl.
(Eevee battle cries) Oh great. Okay, okay, it’s okay. My attack fell, well. Let’s just go for it. Quick attack again. Boom. Growl again, man. Stop growling at me, I’m gonna keep attacking you. Okay, my attack fell again. Let’s try a thunder shock
again, how about that? Done. Okay, perfect. Well, well, well, I got
32 experience points. Your party Pokemon also
got experience points. And I got 120 for winning. Nice, you did lose, Kevin. All right, peace or did you want to say anything? Okay. I can definitely do that. There is no reason why I can’t. All right, now where to, huh? Well, I guess, do I just go north? What’s up with you? Oh hi. – Pika Pika – [Zack] Oh, it seems to like that. What’s going on? What’s going on? You want me to do it now? All right.
– Pika. – [Zack] Let’s dress you up. All right, partner what? Play with P-Dawg, okay, okay, yep. There you go. It’s so weird they call ’em partners. (laughs) Okay, play with P-Dawg, joy-con. ZR and pet, got it. Y button is center your hand. Okay, let’s give this a go. – Pika. – [Zack] All right, pet. Am I petting him? – Pika, Pika. (Zack laughs) Pika.
– There you go. He’s happy. – Pika, Pika, Pikachu. – [Zack] All right, there you go. Oh yeah, get those nips, too. – Pika, Pika. – [Zack] All right, how about a… Can he have one of these? Give your Pokemon a berry, okay. Take a berry with ZR or the A button and bring it over to P-Dawg’s mouth. Okay, if you drop it, okay, great. There you go, buddy. Eat this. There you go, it’s a big berry, right boy? – Pika, Pika. – [Zack] And then punch him, no, slap him. Okay, that’s good. You’ve had enough berries. – Pika, Pika.
– There you go. – Pika, Pika.
– You’re happy, come on. Now what? Don’t, don’t you hit me.
– Pika, Pika, Pikachu. – [Zack] Okay, do you want another berry? Is that the deal? All right, I’m done. (laughing) – Pika, Pika. – [Zack] I, okay. Which is never, let’s go. (laughs)
Route 1, where am I going now? I mean, maybe that route’s open up again. Do you want to talk to me? Do you have anything new to say? Okay, no, you don’t. Okay well let’s go, oh geez. I don’t really need anymore Pokemon. Were you here before? All right, I got a potion. Thank you. And the potion is in my medicine pocket. He’s barely hurt. He’s fine. Tough love, right? Uh, okay, yeah, he’s there. Squeeze me, oh. (battle music) Okay, I’ll use, P-Dawg. Which I guess is my favorite right now. Until I get a better one. Nah, he’s my partner. The Youngster Ronny. All right, Ronny, whatchu got, buddy? Rattata. – [Pikachu] Pika, Pikachu!
– P-Dawg. All right, rat, get ready. Thunder shock. Got him, whoa. Oh nice, is he paralyzed? Ha ha, it maybe unable
to move but you’re using a tail whip so, don’t show me your butt. He showed me his butt, how rude. My defense fell because I was so insulted. Here we go again. Let’s do a quick attack. He’s not paralyzed if he’s doing that kind of stuff. Got him, excellent. Fainted, goodbye to you. Nice, level seven. All right. Everything’s great. That’s cool. And I beat Youngster Ronny. And I got 60 for winning. Where do I get those? Are those from him? Were we betting on this? And three Poke Balls. I mean, he wagered a lot. (laughing) Oh, get that bird away from me. And who are you, is this Kevin? Eh, I’m okay. (laughing)
I think I’m okay. All right. No, we know your story. All right, let’s go up here. I was just seeing if there’s anyone new. Well, I could go in here. I think mine are healed, but I mean, I guess, they probably
want me to check this out. That’s why they mentioned it. You guys open yet? Yes, why not? It’s free, right? I don’t think they need to rest but, I’m just sayin’, maybe. I like how the eight bit, that’s so cool. The pixelated sprites look super cool in this game. And it’s a decent throw back, too. All right, well. Uh, where to, where to? Oh, they stopped blocking the path so I can actually continue
exploring this town. Good for me. Oh, there’s an Oddish over there. I was just looking… Was there something here? No, okay. All right, nothing over here. (gentle music) Well then, we’re going to go up here. Sup? (laughing) Okay, thanks. (laughing) I don’t want this filthy rat walking next to me. I’m going to your house. All right. What’s in your trash? I’m just going through
your family’s trash, it’s okay. All right. Understood. Uh, question. So what were they saying with the party and bringing it out and… What? Return to Poke Ball. Take out a Poke Ball. So I can… Okay so, he’s going to
travel alongside me. It’s only one so Pikachu
is gonna be riding with me and then Oddish, you
know, I don’t really need these guys to be
traveling alongside me so, I’m just going to put them all away. There we go. It’s distracting, man.
(laughing) All right, thankfully Pikachu’s resting on top of me. Hey, there’s a bird. Well good for you. And your daddy. Let’s see, I don’t even
know if my character has a daddy. I’ve seen his mom. What this? Excellent. Sup, dude? All right, you were right. Viridian City’s Pokemon Center is closed. I don’t know how to do this yet. I don’t have the ability, I don’t believe. And this says, what? Okay.
(laughs) What is this? Route 2, all the way to Pewter City. (upbeat playful music) So, I mean, how do I know if I’ve caught, I don’t have anything to do this. Oh, here’s a guy. Let’s catch him. Where you going? All right, get ready. Got him. Stay in there, you gotta stay in there. Nice. Good for me, right? And 11 experience points. I’m glad we get experience
points for this. All right. Gross, get out of my party. (Zack laughing) All right, no, he’s fine, he’s fine. Okay, so here’s a shed up here. What is this? Oh, hi. All right, that’s good to know. This is a tunnel, right? Okay, I’ll try to not get lost. Ooh, the Viridian Forest, okay. All right, I’ll let you know what I find. Oh, there’s a new one
right there, hold on. Oh, what’s up with you? What does that mean, is that a euphamism? Of course I do. All right. Rattata. I don’t know how to say that, I think that’s how you say it. I know how to say P-Dawg though, P-Dawg’s coming out. get ready to fight. You’re level four, I’m level seven. Thunder shock. And you may not be able
to move afterwards, we’ll see. Almost fainted. Tackle, he’s gonna tackle me. Ow. And I’m gonna do a quick attack, just to make sure this goes first. Boom. Don’t you just love it? I do too. 16 experience points. All right. And I beat Lass Joana. Yeah, what do you think
about that Pikachu, pretty big, right? All right, well, we’re
gonna continue onwards. Don’t talk, so many things,
get away from me, bird, I don’t want to talk to a bird. But there’s a thing over here, here we go, what are you? that’s a new one, right? I like how you can see them instead of a random encounter. But it kind of makes it
scary to try to dodge. This is a wild Weedle. If I have to, I will. Bag, you like berries? How about a razz berry? All right, use this item. Do I gotta throw it or is
it gonna, there you go. You’re gonna love this. Excellent. That was a good one. Caught him, especially with that berry, I mean, he’s gonna love that berry. Awesome. And people are leveling up like crazy. 47 experience points. Wow, look at all this. And look, everyone leveled up. Awesome. Great. Was that because I did
so well on that capture? All right, so I got a full party. I don’t know, let me
get off this trail here. What the heck. What’s going on up here? Oh. You just want to fight me and the Pokemon that’s with me. All right, Bug Catcher Brian is here. Sending out Weedle. – Pika Pikachu. – [Zack] All right. Well, my attack strategy
is gonna be about the same. I’m gonna fight with Thunder Shock, it’s a level three Weedle. (Zack laughing) Wipeout. Got him, excellent. All right, I only got
nine experience points because I’m so good. You did, you did, but
I got three poke balls. Well, that was pretty cool. Whoa, why is that like that? What are you doing like
that, what is that? – Pikachu. – [Zack] It’s tiny. You encountered a wild, why is it so tiny? I don’t understand. All right, bag, let’s
give you a razz berry. There you go. Why was it so, it’s not a shiny, is it? Or was it? What? – Pikachu. – [Zack] Okay. Got it. Now, it’s not a shiny, is it? Why was it, oh, it’s out, great. Well, what about another berry? You want another berry? How many berries is it gonna take? You want one more? Why is it yellow? Okay, let’s use another berry. It’s still yellow. Okay, well, get ready. I’m ready. What? This is so hard to do. I don’t understand. – Pikachu. – [Zack] All right. I’m wasting a lot of balls on this. Got it. Please, please stay in there. I gave you like three berries, come on. Yes! All right. So, it said it’s tiny, and it confused me because it… All right, everyone leveled up. So, what’s the deal with this? All right, keep leveling up, that’s good. But why was that… Electric, what’s the deal? It’s just small, is that all it was? Okay, next. All right, cool. I got a tiny one. Okay. Wah. Excuse me, what was over here? Is this a dead end or what? I don’t know about these tiny ones. There’s a red thing over there, right? Oh, it’s just a poke ball. Five poke balls, nice. I don’t know why you people
would, there’s a red one, what does the red one mean? What does the red one mean? It’s huge, okay. Get ready, I’m ready. It’s green so… Pffb, what, that was perfect. Got it, excellent again. So, the blue swirls are tiny, the red swirls are huge. That’s good to know, of course. Well, there we go. I mean, everyone’s leveling up like crazy. P-Dawg is level nine. He wants to learn the move, double kick. Uhh, let’s see, forget an old move. Double kick is a fighting style. Let’s get rid of… Let’s get rid of Tail Whip maybe, or should I get rid of Quick Attack? Let’s get rid of Tail Whip. Sure, forget that move. There you go, one, two, and ta-da, P-Dawg. Tail Whip, er, I mean Double Kick, he learned Double Kick. He forgot Tail Whip. All right, excellent. And, okay, Quick Attack. Man, everyone’s growing here. I can’t control them, they’re all growing too much. All right, so this one’s just a big one, an XL as you can see. He looks about the same. (Zack laughing) Okay, well, that’s cool. Please let me out of here. No, come on. Yeah, I’m gonna run. Run away. I want to give up catching that Pokemon. What the heck is that? What is this? Oh, I don’t have this one. I might as well catch it, right? A wild Metapod. All right, get ready. Got it. Stay in there. Nope, gosh, man, he hates this. All right, here we go. That probably wasn’t very good. Are you gonna stay in? All right, got him. That’s fine. All right. Another tiny one, right? I mean, everyone’s leveling up like crazy. Okay. He learned Acid, nice. Pidgey learned what? Oh, he didn’t learn anything, okay. And then this is… Awesome, good job, Weedle. Here we go. Oh, creepy looking. Looks like an alien now. All right, he evolved into Kakuna. All right. Nice. Okay, maybe it’ll turn
into a beautiful butterfly. It learned harden. Good for you. All right, and this is Metapod. Yuck. (Zack laughing) That would be gross. Get away from me, guys, come on. I think I got, I mean, I don’t know. I don’t have a huge desire
to catch all Pokemon. Another small, big, I don’t know. What’s this way, what’s this way? Excuse me. That’s a big version of what just evolved. I got a tiny mushroom, okay. Gosh, guys. No. (Zack laughing) All right. I’m just gonna go ahead and run away. All right. I hope I’m doing the right
thing by running away. I mean, I don’t really,
gosh, back to back. All right, get out of here. Run away. Okay, I think I’m okay. I don’t want to get too OP, you know? Gosh, it’s just like a wall of Pokemon. How do I get to the other side? I’m gonna try. I’m gonna weave. I did it.
(chuckles) And another set. Whoa, no, no, bird, bird. Ah, he got me. Pidgey. I’m running away, I’m
running away from you. Okay. Here’s a ball right there. Antidote. All right, awesome. What was that? Oh, it’s one of those, okay. Metapod. Just that sound scared me. Hey, what’s up? Wait, did I just go in a full circle? Oh good, okay.
(chuckles) I wonder if I can get by, nope. You saw me. All right, hey, you have Pokemon, right? Come on, let’s battle them. All right, but mine’s pretty powerful. I’ve been leveling mine up, I went in like a full circle and just
leveled mine up a bunch. Bug Catcher Rick from
the Walking Dead, no. All right, Caterpie. What level is that? P-Dawg is, like, super powerful. What level are you? Three, okay, got it. Let’s do my new move, Double Kick. And then here we go. One. Oh, that’s not very powerful against him. Not very effective. Okay, I guess the fighting type doesn’t go against what, was it a bug? I don’t know. I have a chart that I like to use when I use Pokemon games, so I will take a look at that. Quick Attack, that’s probably
going to faint him though. There you go. I don’t quite remember
all of the synergies and whatnot between all the types. All right. If you say so. I went in, like, a full
circle, not meaning to. Uh, sure. Oh, they’re razz berries. Hold on, can I get this? Hey. – Pikachu. – [Zack] No, no, I want this butterfly. Hey. Where is this butterfly? Hey, come here. Ha ha, what’s his name? A wild Butterfree. All right, here we go. I’m gonna have to give it
some berries or something. I don’t think he’s appreciative. Is it gonna make it slightly
easier to capture him? Oh, great, now he’s moving. That makes it so much easier. Another one, maybe? What do you think? How is that easier to catch him? I don’t know if giving him multiple, I haven’t seen any proof that giving him multiples fixes this. Uh, let’s give him one more. If this doesn’t work, then I’m just gonna try to throw the ball at him. Yeah, I don’t know about this. Here, get ready. Ha! Stay in there. Please. Pretty please, stay in there. No! All right, so close, you almost got it. Here we go. Well, I’m just gonna do it
again, don’t worry about it. That was good, right? I was hoping he would
get tired from fluttering back and forth. Come on, stay in there. All right, get ready. I’m gonna do it again. What are you doing? Stop it. Why are you doing that? That was like perfect, come on. Stay in there, please. No! Okay, I don’t get it. I’m gonna do it again. What? He moved, not my fault. Come on, that’s good, right? These things are actually hard to capture. What? What a shame. How, okay. Razz berry, come on. Use this item. Come on. There’s a berry for you. I really don’t understand. Razz berry, come on. I’ve given him like five berries now. I even think it matters how many berries. It’s so weird, I think it’s just one, just one will do good, maybe. That probably doesn’t keep him, right? That could have been better. Okay. Gosh. This is so crazy. I mean, that’s a good one, right? How long do I gotta, like, come on, what? Okay, hold on. Back. No. Oh, I didn’t help. So, give him another razz
berry, use this item. I think it’s one at a time. Okay, so yeah, now we get ready. He ran away? (Zack laughing) He took all my berries. Well, you know, I, man, I don’t know. I dont’ really need him. But still, I felt that should have been a little easier. What the heck. So, I think what I’ve figured out is that you give him one. Hey, what’s up, dude? So true. Let’s go over here. Like I said, my goal is
not to catch them all. I wish I would have caught him though. I don’t. I have no clue. How would I know. Lass Brittany. It’s Brittany, guys. WHoa, who is this? Yikes. P-Dawg, let’s do it. Fight with Thunder Shock. Get ready. Wa-bam. Almost fainted. Oh, he’s paralyzed, maybe. She. All right. Now I get to just kind
of do a quick attack and all will be good. Gotcha. Goodbye. All right, well that’s pretty awesome. Well, what do you have to say? What’s wrong? What’s up? I don’t know. How would I know? There’s the butterfly again. I’m coming for you. There is a Bulbasaur right there. All right. Hey, wild Butterfree. All right, so I think
you can just use one. Use this item. And then use it, and then look. Now, right below the CP
24, there is a berry, so. Oh, what was that? All right, get ready. That was right on the money, come on. What the heck was that? What? I don’t really understand
how some of these work. That was good, right? Come on, tell me it was good. Tell me you’re gonna stay in, no. I don’t understand how come
I’m not capturing these. Bag, razz berry, use the item, use it. All right, get ready. All right, I’m ready. That was so close. I don’t understand. Come on, dude. Excellent, stay in there, please. I did it perfect, just
stay in there, please. Just lock it in. Yes, yes. Butterfree has been captured. All right, man. Man, and everyone got
a ton of XP for that. P-Dawg is 10 now. Oh my goodness. Excellent. Wonderful, I mean, look at all this. Look at all this. I know, it’s crazy. All right, and then
what’s gonna happen with, oh, the other Caterpie’s evolving as well. Is there any way, I guess you could maybe cancel an evolve. Maybe. I think you could in different versions for the 3DS, but… All right, Metapod. Harden. So, I already caught a Metapod. Okay. All right. It’s a bug flying type. Awesome. Well, there’s a Bulbasaur
right next to him, so hello. the rumor was true. Hey, buddy. All right, a wild Bulbasaur. Let’s just, I’ll use
a razz berry, why not. There you go, use it. And now he has a, you know, that below his name. Excellent, come on, Bulbasaur. Stay in there, lock it in. What? It was excellent, come on. How come? All right, I’m not wasting
anymore berries on you. All right. Stop it. What? All right. Another excellent. Just stay in there, Bulbasaur. Yes. (Zack laughing) Locked and loaded. I wonder if the pokedex would tell me who all is on a route. All right, let’s move on. We got Bulbasaur. All right, tucked him away, excellent. I’ll probably include him
in my main party eventually. Let’s get out of here. What’s up? You want to fight me too? This is a big forest, isn’t it? I’m a real trainer, I just
don’t like pwning the kids. All right, Bug Catcher Doug. All right. Kakuna is out. Looks like an alien for real. All right, well, get ready. I don’t remember what’s gonna be good. Is lightning gonna be good against this, electricity good? I don’t remember. It’s, oh, really good actually. But, using harden. That’s fine. Its defense rose. It’s fine, we’re probably
gonna cut right through the defense with a quick attack. Awesome, gotcha. Super cool. I am happy with that. All right. Well, there’s plenty here to capture, so just capture them. That’s what I did, right? I am curious if there’s
anything over here, but I also don’t want to run into anything that I don’t want to do. Am I going in another, this place is so… Hey, what’s up? Do you want to fight? Well, yes. (Zack laughing) Yes I do. I feel like sometimes I don’t do it right and I don’t know why. But Jocelyn is here to
challenge me with a Pidgey. Here we go. – Pika pikachu. – [Zack] Let’s do this. Fight. Double kick. Does flying work? I don’t know, let’s try it. Boom. Oh, nice, a critical hit. So, what’s your advice? All right. All right, so do you have advice for me for throwing these things? Because I could use it. All right, that doesn’t
teach me anything new. I don’t want anything
to do with these guys. Where the heck am I? This is like a maze. Okay. I’m not in that much of a hurry, I guess. I’m just having fun making videos. Bug Catcher Sammy. All right, sent out Metapod. All right, P-Dawg is coming out right now. Fight him, right? Double Kick. Boom. Oh no, it’s weak against bugs, isn’t it? Okay, well, sorry. He’s using Tackle. Ouch. Barely hit me. Let’s go ahead, I,
let’s just Quick Attack. Got him. All right. All right. I am pretty good at this. All right, well, we, I’m going up here. What’s this? Finally. What is this? Pewter City ahead, okay. What’s gonna be in Pewter City? Hello. You remind me of Kevin. Yeah, well, that makes
sense, it’s all in the name. All right, well, we are now, we’re still not quite there, but we’re almost there, hopefully. How do I get over there? It’s Pewter City, guys. Kevin’s here. All right. – Pika pikachu. – [Zack] Five potions from Kevin. All right, thanks, Kevin. – Pika pika. – [Zack] All right, that sounds fun. What is this? Hey, lady. What’s in here? Is this your house? And what’s up with you? Well, I might be able to
pick up a gym badge today. Maybe, right? Well, what’s over here? Hey, dude. What is he like? What is Brock like? And hello, I’m gonna
rest my Pokemon probably. Would you like to rest them? Yes. Put them all in, they are exhausted. Well, maybe, maybe, P-Dawg is a little, maybe, I don’t know. All right, thank you so much. All right, well, what’s going on? What’s up with you? No. Oh, sure, why not. What does it do? I got a bag of pewter crunchies. What do they do? Oh, they’re medicine, okay, whatever. Your what? And then over here. Sup. All right, so rock and grass type moves. So, how do I rearrange my roster here? Party. Uh, let’s see, move Pokemon. I don’t really want Pidgey, I don’t want anyone here, really. But I need someone, hold on, let’s open up the Pokemon box. Let’s see. So, rock and water. Let’s see. Hold on, check summary. Bug, grass. Did he say grass and water? What did he say? I’ll listen to him again, hold on. I don’t have any water types. All right, let’s go back. What did you say to me? Let’s go back again. Back again, just get out of here. Rock type, weak to, oh,
grass and water, okay great. Easy, so all I do now is, I go in, I look at my bag, and then Pokemon box, and then, so, anyone who is a… Let’s see, how do I view these? Check summary. So, we’re talking about bringing in, sure, Offish, um, and… Oddish and Bulbasaur. So, we basically just want to
move Bulbasaur in here, right? And to get rid of,
maybe, this dude, Kakuna. I don’t know. So, go ahead and move him. Remove from party. Excellent. And Bulbasaur is coming into the party. there we go, nice. Awesome. Okay. And we have Oddish and Bulbasaur who can do some attacks. Well, there we go. So, what’s gonna happen here? Let’s go down. Excellent. Should I try to just do the gym today? Like, just all in one? I don’t know. What’s up? Uh, no. No, no, no. (Zack laughing) All right, that’s pretty funny. And then what say you? Okay, well, I can definitely do that. I’m here. I got the right stuff. I’m going in. All right, here we go. Everyone is ready for this, right? (Zack coughing) Excuse me. Got it. Oddish is good, he’s jumping high. All right, I will. Do these statues say anything? Ugh, Kevin. So, now, here’s a question. Party, can I move him to my number one. Let’s see, move, and then move Pokemon, and then we’re gonna
swap him out for Oddish. That makes sense to me. All right, then Oddish
is gonna be in the lead. I don’t know about that. I don’t know anything about that. All right, Geodude’s coming out. Oh, he looks mean. Come on, Oddish, you got this. Here we go. Oddish, what you gonna do? You are gonna fight and you are gonna use, wait, Absorb, is that an attack? It is, good. Excellent, that’s actually really good, because it actually makes
me absorb, okay, great. Take this, take this. Oh gosh. Super effective. You’re gone, dude. All right. Excellent. Oddish. Yeah, because Kevin’s been here, right? I’m way better than him. All right, and then you,
coming up behind you, boo. I don’t know about that. I have, I don’t think I am. But if you say so. Camper Liam. All right, Geodude’s coming out. Look at him flex. Go, Oddish, go. All right. Here we go, fight. I’m gonna do the same exact thing. Absorb. Come on now. I might hit level 10 before, nice. Geodude is just gone, super effective. Sorry, buddy. All right, 35 experience
points, that’s awesome. And he’s now level 10. Excellent. Speed went up a little bit. And there you go. True. Well, Brock, ol’ buddy. What’s up, I’m here, I’m here to face you. That’s my best Brock voice. (Zack laughing) All right, Gym Leader Brock. He has two Pokemon, I’ve got several. I’m gonna be fine. You got Geodude right now. Looks like a meatball with hands. A very, very old meatball. He’s level 11, I’m still gonna try Absorb. I’m level 10, let’s see if it hits him in one hit still. Oh, Geodude is gone. Take that, Brock. Brock likes rock. That’s his name is Brock. B-Rock is what I would name him, B-Rock. P-Dawg grew, that’s good. Bulbasaur, who might be B-Dawg, grew. Onix. I’m not, I’m gonna keep battling. Onix is coming out. Whoa. Uh, that’s big. Absorb, absorb. Rock throw, don’t kill me. I’m fine. Absorb, I’m gonna heal
though, that’s great. Oh, one hit, super effective. Man, that is a big Pokemon. Goodbye. Nice. Oddish is growing. Level 11, wonderful. Special defense is up. All right. Pidgey is level 10. Metapod is level eight. Bulbasaur is level five. Bulbasaur learned Vine Whip. Bulbasaur grew to level six. All right, Gym Leader Brock. All right, I got a ton
of money for winning, almost 2,000. All right. All right, thanks, Brock. high five, Pikachu. Boulder badge. I got a TM01 Headbutt from Brock. And that’s in my TM case. All right. Well, that was great. All right, that’s my plan. I am now out here, a champion. Do you think Kevin’s
waiting for me outside? I am, that’s amazing. Five great balls from Blue! Okay, see ya. (Zack laughing) Smell ya later, newbie. Well, we’ve had an
exciting adventure today. Come back next episode, we’ll continue exploring this town. And furthermore, we are going to probably explore outside of the town now that I beat one gym. I don’t know if we’re gonna get to another gym next episode or what,
but I had a great time. Thank you for watching,
thank you for subscribing, see you next time for more, goodbye. I’m Zack Scott, subscribe if you have not. If you like this video and want to help this channel grow, all you gotta do is click the like button below. Thank you so much for watching, check out these other awesome videos, follow me on twitter and Instragram, join my Discord, and
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