Plush Adventure Time: The Missing Pets!

ah Jake
can we stop watching Spongebob because I am getting bored of this show everyday
Jake dude I like spongebob because he is funny dude I know but I really want to
watch the news today instead of this show please can we watch the news please fine then we will watch the news welcome everybody to the land of ooo news
today I have a news report to tell you today is about the seven pets from the
secret life of pets dimension went missing in the land of ooo Finn and Jake
if you two are watching this right now we need your help to go find them and
take them home to the secret life of pets dimension within 48 hours or it’s
too late and this is the news we have for now and we will be back after the
break and this is peppermint Butler from the land
of ooo news oh no Jake the seven pets from the secret life of pets dimension
went missing here in the Land of Ooo and we need to go see Princess Bubblegum for
any further instructions on how to get the pets back home so come on Jake
we don’t have a lot of time come on okay dude I am coming hi Princess Bubblegum oh thank goodness you two came and did
you to hear about the news yes we did Princess Bubblegum and we need further
instructions on how to get the pets back home sure not a problem but you need to
find the portal to get them to get them back home and I have a special necklace
to give you – but I only have one but you two need to share okay princess but
how do we find the portal okay Finn I have a portal locator so I can look that
up for you if that’s fine oh that’s fine
princess okay Finn I will check where the portal
is and I will get the special necklace hey princess what does the necklace, do I
will tell you what it does when I get back okay Finn okay princess hi Finn and Jake
I’m back with the necklace I told you about and I am going to tell you what it
does now the necklace allows you to talk to any animal including the missing pets
from the secret life of pets dimension and the necklace has to be on your neck
for you to talk to them or any animal and one more thing I forgot to tell you
too is the portal is located at Billy’s old cave where he used to live before he
died okay Princess Bubblegum and we will just go and to take this necklace with
us and thanks for finding out of where the portal is of course Finn you’re
welcome so come on Finn we don’t have that much time okay Jake I am coming hey Jake
we need a plan of where to look for the pets first and I think we should look
around the candy kingdom first to see if the pets are here if not we have to
check all over ooo okay Jake that sounds like a plan to me Finn okay
Jake I will go this way and you will go that way okay then nope nope nope nope Finn I cannot find the seven missing
pets anywhere around the Candy Kingdom yes same with me Jake I cannot find them
around the Candy Kingdom as well and our option is now to find them all over ooh
so come on Jake we don’t have a lot of time come on ah Jake we have been finding the missing
pets all day now did I know they are not around here and Jake are those the
missing pets yes Finn those are the missing pets and
did you remember to bring the special necklace Princess Bubblegum gave us yes
Jake I remember and I have it I am going to
put it on right now okay Jake I have the necklace on and let me talk to the pets
okay okay then hi pets my name is Finn and this is Jake and we are here to get
all of you home to the secret life of pets dimension and what is all of your
names my name is snowball my name is Duke my name is buddy
my name is Gidget my name is Mel my name is Chloe it’s nice to to meet you all
but there is one missing I know Finn my boyfriend max is missing
we need to find him now before we go home don’t worry
Gidget we will find him and come on everybody we don’t have a lot of time we
have to go and find max come on ah fan we have been looking for max for
about one hour now Jake I know and digit what does max look like well finn max is
brown and white and he is short hair okay Gidget and is that max over there max I’m coming max max
oh hi Gidget I can’t believe I found you max along with my friends I miss you so
much yeah Gidget I missed you too I love you
max I love you too Gidget no time for love gidget and max we have
to take you to and your friend’s home right now
okay fan we are coming come on max we have to go home okay Gidget now we are here at Billy’s old cave
where he used to live before he died and oh the portal is here okay and before we
say goodbye to you all Jake never got a chance to meet all of
you yet and Jake do you want to meet them
oh sure Finn okay Jake hey dude I forgot to ask you something
and what’s all the pets names all the pets names are max Gidget Duke buddy
Chloe and snowball and Mel okay Finn hi max Gidget, Duke, Buddy,
Snowball, Chloe and Mel my name is Jake and it’s so nice to meet you all
it’s nice to meet you Jake and now it’s time for us to go okay and me and a fan
hope can see all of you against some time and hey buddy before you go what is
it Jake I actually remember you from a couple of
months ago when BMO brought you to my house do you remember yes I do Jake and
can you say hi to BMO for me sure definitely
I will buddy and me and Finn we’ll see you again we hope for sure and goodbye
to you all goodbye Finn and Jake sends the pets went home so Jake what do you
want to do now Finn we should go home to relax and eat dinner
good idea Jake

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