PLS 걱정끝!!! 신기하고 놀라운 그 약의 비밀?

KAF Agricultural TV Farmer: I was about to get rid of those red peppers because of there in a bad condition. Farmer: However, after I used that pesticide to my red peppers, the new peppers grew. Farmer: Look at that, they are totally brand new! Farmer: Usually, red pepper is not this tall. Farmer: But in this case, the red peppers in here are taller then human beings PD: Oh, after you used that pesticide, this is what happened to your crops. Farmer: Yeah, after I used that pesticide. PD: So, how did it changed? Farmer: I already harvested some red peppers and about to pluck the leftover plants.
Farmer: However, the new sprouts rose up again like a spring pepper. Farmer: Absolutely Green isn’t it?
Farmer: So, When the growth period stops, there’s basically nothing left. Farmer: But like I said, there is a new sprout, like a new red pepper sprout from April 20th. Farmer: An old red pepper bloomed new flowers and a started new life cycle. Farmer: I was going to pull it out because the red pepper farming season was over. Farmer: Instead, I went to the organic pesticide company and brought that amazing pesticide to do some experiment with my plants. PD: What about it? Farmer: Like a spring red peppers, a new sprout has sprouted up and started again. PD: Is that a new sprout? Farmer: After I used that, the plant is generating a new fruits here. PD: After you used that? Farmer: No doubt! PD: I can see there’s a new pepper Farmer: Yes Farmer: Pepper hangs like the way that cucumbers hang. It doesn’t happen usually. Farmer: This is how it generates new fruits. PD: How many are they? Farmer: i honestly don’t know. PD: Let’s count. One, two, three four, Both: Five, six seven. Seven! Both: Even though we’re seeing the situation right now but it doesn’t make any sense. Farmer: Told you, it’s a pepper but fruits like a cucumber. PD: Oh I see. Farmer: Like I told you. PD: Thats amazing! Farmer: I know right? not only that but also its mysterious. PD: What? Farmer: Told you, it is amazing. PD: Had you ever faced a situation like this ever before? Farmer: No, I was about to get rid all of it because it’s an out of season. PD: You mean, this pepper that I’m holding right now? Farmer: Yeah I was. PD: But it looks fine now. Farmer: After I used that pesticide, not only the red peppers, but also our cucumbers fruited three in a row. Farmer: Cucumber! When I went to the pesticide company, there were five cucumbers in one row. Because I’m a newbie, I only have three in a row. Farmer: I saw this one after I used that pesticide PD: Oh, so it wasn’t had any fruit before but after that….. Farmer: Yes. Also, the plant was almost dead. PD: Okay? Farmer: After I used that pesticide, It brought another fruit! Farmer: This one right here, this one was dead. PD: Okay? Farmer: After I used that pesticide, this one making fruits. Farmer: One, two, three, four, five. Theres five of them. PD: Five of them? That’s quite astonishing. PD: No offense, but the leaves of the plant looks pretty bad. Farmer: Told you this one is an out of season. Farmer: Now, move on to Korean melon. PD: What do you want me to film? Farmer: Record some amazing green beans and Korean melon. PD: Green beans and Korean melon? Farmer: I used that pesticide for green beans Farmer: This green bean is hilarious xD Farmer: Look at these plants PD: What are these kind? Farmer: Green beans PD: Is it the season for green bean? Farmer: Not only this is the nice season, Farmer: Normally It doesn’t look like this much. PD: Oh are these green beans? Farmer: Look at that, this is unbelievable. Farmer: This is green beans. Farmer: Look at that, this is unbelievable. Farmer: And Korean watermelon Farmer: It was about to die when the season is over. Farmer: However, I used that pesticide, its resurrecting. Farmer: So, it happens because of the amazing pesticide. Granny: I think that’s really weird. Farmer: Like I said, even though is an out of season, due to the pesticide, we’re able to see some fruits. Farmer: There are lot of Korean melons inside. Granny: Don’t pick it up. Farmer: They were all dead, but they resurrected! Farmer: After I used that pesticide, the Korean watermelon looks so good! Farmer: Also, look at that green beans, It’s not even a season yet. Granny: I never seen that before. Farmer: I also never seen this before, even though I’m experienced farmer. Granny: Oh my God, what is going on? Is not even season yet. PD: Are you sure is this a right season for green beans now? Farmer: Not only that, but also I don’t usually see this much green beans from one plant. Farmer: Like I told you, I never seen this happened before. PD: Today is September 4th. Farmer: Yeah, it is September 4th. Granny: Hey, why did you picked that up? Farmer: Because, I want to show my result to the people Farmer: Also, I don’t want them to call me liar. Granny: Why won’t people believe you? Farmer: I’m going to use these green beans for something useful. Granny: Have you lost your mind? Farmer: This is for educational purpose. Farmer: People won’t believe me I don’t have anything to prove. Granny: That looks so good! Farmer: These are green beans Granny: That looks fresh? What did you raised with? Farmer: They won’t believe me if I don’t have anything to prove. So these are my proves. Farmer: They would say that I’m liar. Granny: Why would they? PD: What do you think about the results of using organic pesticide? Farmer: The result is brilliant. No one’s going to able to see this much green beans at once from one plant. Farmer: Thanks to amazing brilliant pesticide. Farmer: I never seen this before, even though I’m experienced farmer. PD: Wow, that looks. Farmer: Its mysterious, even though I used that organic pesticide by myself. Farmer: I usually dont use the same pesticide to multiple kinds of crops. Farmer: I also do some experience with some plants, and then raise it. Farmer: This never happened to me before. Farmer: Look at this sesame seeds right here. So what organic pesticide did you used? PD: What did you used? Farmer: That. Farmer: What was that?! Farmer: RID OF IT!! Farmer: That I gave away to people. CEO: Sulfur has another function, which is the production of materials. CEO: It’s nourishing them to move them. CEO: It also helps you to listen to calcium and trace elements.
CEO: It helps to pull calcium up to the top of the leaves on a hot day.
CEO: Didn’t we give you any calcium? It’s a good thing but It doesn’t go in.
CEO: The use of expensive nutritional supplements or imported fertilizers is not effective either. CEO: However, this one, does not only works in bad condition. CEO: It is going to change your mind because you guys can see the crop be well nourished. CEO: Like the farmer said, the Korean melons that he gave up survived, old red peppers about to die brought new peppers, and etc. Those miracles are from our product. PD: What effect did sulfur have? Farmer: Like the CEO said, sulfur brought the hidden nutrients from the ground and helped to make the crop better. Farmer: Like a pioneer!
KAF Korean Agricultural TV

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