Playstation Vita Pets Let's Play Walkthrough 1 – Choosing My New Best Friend!

hey guys scotch girl Kyra here and welcome to my episode one of my let's play walkthrough of PlayStation Vita pets so I wanted to say a big thank you to Sony for giving me a copy of this game to play on my channel it's gonna be something new for my channel and I'm really excited to play this game so let's get started so from what I've read about this game it's not just a normal pet simulator you get to take your pets out and go on adventures looking for treasure solving puzzles learning new tricks and of course the usual looking after your pets feeding it grooming it and you can even dress it up so I'm super excited for all of those things and apparently the perhaps also have unique voices and personalities likes and dislikes so here we go I'm not too sure what dog I'm going to pick yet I don't actually know what breeds are available to begin with so this is going to be new for me as well so we'll see Tom blowing items to interact with them Open Sesame oh look there's a puppy already so cute always wagging this little tiny pick me come on pick me pick me please I'm already excited I've always wanted a puppy in real life but I've never been allowed move your finger or form over the touchscreen to look around or use the left stick Oh let's go again ah please look at you this girl is a turkey pick me pick me I'll be a good puppy I promise before rubbish oh thank you good cookie I'm just a nice house take care good eye but Ketchum undependable and will always be there for you I want to look all over different did I do something wrong please don't go hi there pick me pick me I'll be a good puppy I promise I promise it promise promise hey old girls these ones with the same characteristics yeah it looks like hi there pick me pick me I'll be a good puppy Arabic man promise please come okay so a little bit about me I'm fun-loving cute and I love shopping oh and I'm so well-behaved you'll be asking me for lessons well okay so Tiffany can hold them have the same characteristics from what I've seen here me ah could you pick me please I'm a great great friend and a fun dog honest Oh still not decided huh well good luck with that job that's bold lovable a full of energy always on the lookout for me thank you you're welcome I don't want you only things to please well okay I'll try harder next time hey don't waste your time with them they bark too much choose me he may sound I'll talk you could have got a big heart you like scuffle but you have to be a little bit a genius of time I quite like this guy's attitude and I really like disease as well so I think I'm gonna go with this shy one of us hope it's me congratulations adopting your body has earned you 30 body points you can earn body points from performing many activities throughout the game body points also unlock I took items features and games as you progressed come on then do I get to name him Wow I've got a nice house oh don't cook like this it's okay I'm here hello hey what's up al let's name your new body to teach your body their name you need to call out their name when you see the microphone and prompt get ready to call out your body's name what should I name him I'm tempted to name him after my boyfriend Chris I think that would be quite cute huh yeah I'm gonna call him Chris Chris what was that you said I'm called what say it again Chris naming me is important why don't you say it again so I remember it Chris whoa with a name like that I'm gonna go far only with you by my side right you can call your body over any time by holding down the all button and calling your dog by their name let's try it now Chris yeah their name is my name I like it I like his attitude already oh yeah let me get a look at you hey are you there well now you're my friend we gotta have some fun together gonna be good I look so weird on camera I've got one ear coking out because I'm listening for the door because I'm waiting for the postman title contains an autosave feature please do not turn off your PlayStation Vita system while the symbol is on screen cool let's do it let's play some ball loving the ballgame doggie fun doggie fun I could throw better than that and I'm a dog come on okay okay I'll fry better bring it on let's play ball there you go go get it bring it back come on Chris this is fun simple fun love it well at least he's honest about it it's simple fun but I like it okay so let's have a look at these things on the side so this is my points for various things that I do with my doggy good old Chris well he's not old is young but you know let's go over to back out okay this is your fetch skill increase your fat skill ah I don't got to read back so shall we go for it it needs to be played with let's play ah I poop on the floor but you can't throw a ball that's how it goes pal that's how it goes ah this is where we can travel great idea so let's have a look we should explore this house first on this first episode oh yay look at all the stuff fortune holds the clothing icon and drag it on to your body oh yeah now I look handsome now I look handsome the other bit of a weird accent going on then didn't make sweet got trophy uh help someone please my owner has become a maniac he doesn't seem to like that hats oh my god I'll have to give him that this works for me oh you look so dashing now Chris dashing absolutely dashing and what's this some kind of hey I like it do you oh I do want to try be so really I have to wear this oh my god what's a look at the pink one okay that's it I'm calling the Fashion Police you look hot hot pink quite like this color as well we ain't sharing the same taste dear pal what'd you do like the boat I want so we'll leave you with that well if you like it I guess I like it I want to see your eyes so I'm not going to give you those shades but you can wear the bowtie primary let's do it and I'm guessing that as we get more points we'll be able to buy more stuff so let's have another look round you want to pull off my thoughts exactly girls Diablos I know you've run out of water go to the shop to buy some okay let's head to the shop and buy some supplies let's have a look over here fair I can do that very clever long ago on Castlewood island there lived King Rufus it was a friendly king who liked nothing more than to hold banquets tournaments and invite the community to join him the King lived happily on the island with his eminent dog Cosmo for many years and he loved Cosmo more than the jewels in his crown Cosmo was the king's dearest and most loyal companion they would often be seen walking through the forest together greeting people and welcoming guests but the jubilation didn't last little is known about this dark period in the Kings reign except for a note written by the king himself it is with a heavy heart that I write this letter our world has fallen into chaos I fear Cosmo and I have little protection against these marauding invaders throughout my kingdom Cosmo and I have hidden our most treasured possessions including Kosmos golden tunic I fear should it fall into the hands of these invaders it would be lost forever we hope that someday a worthy Explorer will discover the trail that we have woven retrieve our treasures and care for them as much as we have if you are the said Explorer I have prepared a journal for you and buried it in the forest with the help of your trusted companion you must go forth and find it it will guide you around my kingdom and help you discover a map that I tore into many pieces but when the map is assembled it will show you the location of Cosmos tunic we have belief in you my friend behind our treasured items and safeguard them forever see this is where the adventure side of things comes in because you need to find the treasures that are hidden congratulations reading The Legend of castle wood Ireland Borka soon you to find a delicious but how well it's well done the citric is now unlocked in the tricks book okay sure model knocks SMTV has earned you 10 body points oh I don't know what that is that's probably the LC or something yeah ready steady sharp and here we go this is where we purchase new items top on items buy it what's this widget dog food yeah we'll have some of that so now we should buy just couple of alright you can't carry any more of these in your inventory what else do we have here we have is that you don't have enough body pointers will not base item yet should we have a look for all the items budget dog treat then we've got more dog food regular dog treat we've got some water there I'm not too sure what that is creamy and dog treat more dog food another bone some more water that looks rather expensive it's more dog food and what is this or premium water so there's like budget then there's like medium and you know expense food and more and then there's like the top-end stop so at the moment we're going to be obviously having the budget stuff because we don't have many yeah ooh wasn't supposed to back out there yeah I love the scope of many points buy things so yeah I pretty much can't afford anything at the moment but lots of them here's shop so that's exit for now let's have a look over here a book of dog tricks haha cool oh there's a new one I can learn yeah let's learn set okay so you're gonna teach me to sit let's do this I am indeed let's teach your body to sit to teach your body to search you will need to perform the sit gesture let's try that now get ready to put form the trick to perform the sit gesture touch your body until you see the acknowledged circles then swipe downwards on the touchscreen we make it really big deal moving handler to sit would you like to speak the command set using the microphone yes I would sit say that again so I really understood what you said sit I'm pretty sure I like that but could you run it by me again so you have to say it a couple of times for the microphone to register your speech sit great from now on when you want me to sit say the word and I'll do it yeah and let's not forget to pull up the microphone at any time you just hold the our shoulder ballon on the PlayStation Vita remember you can get your body to sit my whole Lobby go it's just just just sad what I've said cool sure we give you a wash uh you say and I smell yeah I'm actually sorry about that I mainly just want to see what it's like really a shower get out of here I'm clean as a whistle no he doesn't want to have a shower yet oh great idea time to have a little wonder outside I think oh this is my room oh boy oh boy come on let's play might just get up my fetch ability for now a little bit great game pal great game water oh you really do with a drink okay you want a drink I don't know Evans do you know yay ah much needed a thanks I need to give you some food though great idea Thanks that's just really needed what are you sniffing out here okay pal let's hit the store you want the store cool and I promise not to ask for much just a little what's this this is cleaning up poop maybe okay so I've topped up again on water and food we don't have much money to buy anything though so loads of different toys in here though some bubble blowers as different all there's all sorts of cool things and loads of different suits alien suit this one horse and jockey suit spacesuit banana suit empanada soup dinosaur suits bumblebee suits get those suits nice and steed suits mummy suit rabbit suit Robo dog Robo dog shark suits that's amazing turtle suits and also zebra suits I wonder if there's going to be any new ones coming out on DLC and stuff like that we've got all different colors we can buy here as well I'm not going to go through everything because most things are self-explanatory obviously in later episodes I will be purchasing new items for Chris so yeah so you guys will get to see that some point okay well I think we've explored and come on strobe me Oh stroke you you want us to stroke it hey let's do it let's play Paul I like being stroked feels like we're best friends oh boy yeah oh right there oh I love a good scratch he looks at scratch you know different spot here's the deal stroke me you have a friend for life yeah oh yeah that's it now all right move ooh oh yeah why don't you try another spot Oh another spot hmm let's try a different spot oh yeah why don't you try another spot there we go all right any time now I think I'm gonna get stroked oh don't stop now oh yeah yeah oh that's it oh right there oh I left yep he's left all right stick to rotate around your body to find more stroke a little waiting can I get a stroke or please oh that's the spot oh yeah ah different spot ooh oh yeah why don't you try another spot oh yeah oh yeah oh oh that's it sis drinkin seems to be a fairly easy way of that pulling right there and each time if you ever run out to get at least the chief water old me and that you like to restock food all over you and still feel don't start now I'm actually enjoying this more than I enjoy Nintendo oh you know scratch you know different spot oh yeah yeah think that's it no oh wait yeah now I think I'm gonna get stroked oh boy yeah I love okay that's it it was okay three but not the best oh you cheeky bugger I put my heart and soul in start stroke yay low strength talk toy so we've just won a new toy from doing that whoa what's that what's what okay guys well I think I'm going to stop this episode here and on the next episode I think we're going to check out that new tuck toy and we're also going to try and go outside and do a bit of exploring so if you like what you've seen so far don't forget to hit that subscribe button don't forget to like share favorite comments it really helps me out let me know what you think of this game so far and I will be doing a let's play walkthrough of this game doing various things with my dog Chris I'm not too sure if you can have more than one dog and but if you can I'm sure eventually I will also get another dog as well so yeah if you like what you see don't forget to stay tuned thank you for watching as always you've been watching gadget girl Kylie and take it easy guys you

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  1. Fun fact: My uncle works for spiral house and helped create this game! When I was younger and this game was a work in progress, I got to help design a ball! Amazingly, my uncle managed to get my name in the credits (as a guest I think)

  2. My PSN is playsforu321 and I play Ps Vita Pets! It’s all because of GGK that got me interested in the Ps Vita!

  3. Hey first off love your walkthroughs. did you encounter and map glitches? my map is completely blurred out again. Im forced to start a new game which irritates as i was at the final castle.

  4. I seriously can't find anything for this game on the Internet I got a few questions. what are the max points? can you adopt more than one dog? can u adopt cats? cause there's something in the shower my dog says. can u pick a female dog? I can't remember if there was that option when I first picked my dog. I'm in the last chapter. really fun 🙂 u can't run fast also right? such slow walking

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