49 thoughts on “Playstation Vita Pets Announce Trailer

  1. so they speak English to the player?
    just awkward…
    Disney doesn't even seem to attempt that any more, and even then they weren't based on realistic looking pets. Uncanny valley vibes.

  2. A virtual pet simulator that is a half pet simulator half action-adventure rpg with heroic talking dogs.. Game of the Forever. XD

  3. I came to this video initially thinking it was a Nintendogs clone, but then I found this to be really cute and original. This is definitely a fun game for kids.

  4. Okay, so Smash Bros., Wii remote, and now Nintendogs. Please rip off Animal Crossing! I would love an AC on a better touchscreen with voice-chat and a more robust social experience to be able to play with my girlfriend.

  5. Well okay, it's another idiot pets game, but I've got to admit that they put a lot of detail in it. It at least doesn't look like garbage. Still no way I'm buying it though.

  6. Only game the Vita is getting that's not a port, an indie or a sequel/prequel of a game that exists on a console already. Oh wait, it's a copy of Nintendogs.

    ROFL Vita, no games…

  7. I know Sony has a long and inglorious tradition of ripping off Nintendo and failing at it, but do you really think now is the best time to be mocked by your traditional audience while utterly failing to attract a new one? This will do exactly nothing to steal handheld fans away from Nintendo while the extant vita owners will only feel insulted that you do this instead of something that could make them better about having bought a vita, or maybe something that will get more people who don't like the 3DS to try the vita instead.

    The kids that want pet games already have a 3DS with any number of pet games that are available on the system, as well as all the other big hits (like Pokemon).

    "Picking your battles", something companies in financial crises often do, doesn't mean "make sure we're losing this one in the most spectacular manner"

    Doing this in the midst of a major financial crisis, with mass lay-offs, balance embellishments and brain drain seems like a great way to make even more people lose faith in your company.

  8. Guys stop hating on the vita its more op then you think you can play titanfall gmod and cod ghost on this thing!!!! I would get one if I were you……

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