Playmobil Small Animals Pets Boarding Build and Play Fun Toys For Kids

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today we’re going to build the new Playmobil small animal boarding play set And also the new cat boarding play set First we’re going to build the cat boarding play set. Let”s get started! Here’s the base, the wall, Then let’s put sticker on the front Then we’re going to make the swinging door so the cats can go outside to play in the sun Then let’s put them together Let’s make the enclosure Here’s the branch that connects the climbing and hiding places And it also hangs some toys Then let’s put the roof on top Then next, let’s make the fences Then let’s connect the fences to the building Here’s the boarding play set. This is very cute! And now we’re going to put a butterfly on the fence And also a bluebird Then I’m going to show you accessories First we’re going to make the cat tree for the cats to climb, hide in, and scratch Then let”s hang some cat toys And now let’s check out the cats Here’s a white resting cat, a grey cat, a black cat, a white kitten, orange cat, a grey kitten, And here’s a rat figure. It must be a cat toy Here’s the portable cat basket Let’s put a cat inside Then let’s get the caretakers Now she’s ready to transport the cat Then more accessories. Here’s a bed with a blanket Let’s put a cat on the bed. Now she’s resting And here’s the bowls Here’s the bucket for cleaning the litter box Cat food, Here’s the litter box Toys for the cats to chase and play with And also here’s the shovel for cleaning the litter box And lastly, here’s a fish bone And now, let’s build the small animal boarding play set First we’re going to put stickers on the front Then let’s start building Then let’s put more stickers Here is a picture of guinea pigs, butterfly, and ladybug Here’s the swinging door Then let’s continue building Here’s the enclosure The animal bottle Here’s the roof And the fences Then let’s put the butterfly on the fence And finally here’s the play set! I can not wait to play with this! This is so cute! And then I’m going to show you a log or a branch that provides shade and a hiding place for the animals Now let’s check out the animals. This comes with three rabbits, Three guinea pigs, and two hamsters Here’s the cage for the hamster Here’s also the exercise wheel Then let’s put the hamster in the wheel This makes the hamster happy and physically fit Here’s the hay bed for the guinea pigs Here’s also a bucket, a shovel, and a rake And I’m going to show you the food for the animals. We have here cabage, and carrots, hay, and a red apple These are the caretakers. We have a boy and a girl And also a wheelbarrow for transporting food or other stuff Now let’s set it up. First we’re going to place this animal hotel item 9275 If you haven’t watched me building the set you can click on the link in the description below Okay, well I hope you guys enjoy that video, And if you do, please subscribe to Racetoytime channel, And also click on the bell icon to get notifications every time we upload a video Thank you for watching! Click on those links above to watch more fun videos here at Racetoytime channel. Stay tuned! Bye, bye!

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