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almost caught your pinion whoa that's really slippery ice just melted did you turn up the heat a little and who are you I'm Serena a mermaid from the summer world I swam all the way down the river from the ocean you're a mermaid you see the summer world is at risk someone is stealing the luminous pearls from our corals and if the lights go out it'll become dark and see we will grow over everything seaweed why are you coming to us everyone has heard about the courage that you displayed in saving the winter world fin yeah so now we need your help well I do have swimming trunks this thing's kind of fishy to me why this is amazing what now where'd you find the proceeds we need to go underwater underwater well I can hold my breath for a little while but that probably won't work no problem we actually have a trick for humans you see that flower the secret water carnation has magical powers when you eat the blossom you will grow a fin and you'll be able to breathe underwater for as long as you're in our ocean on three and whoever is in the water first wins – hey I I can speak underwater me too wow I feel like a fish a mermaid exactly Serena where are we swimming to come on we're almost there Serena what's happening is everything okay there they are again one two and three the pearls belong to me Igor quick we have to hide hide the Sharks are here they're gone it's C Gor he's stealing our pearls beside C or the grumpy king of the seaweed what does he want our pearls for yes what does he want with them anyway he has so much gold maybe he's living in darkness where does he live see Gor lives in the darkest Valley of the ocean the curls only grow with the light from our pearls now only the dark seaweed is growing all right so we have to get the pearls back from Seaguar right flora um what yeah sure oh great come on Finn yeah let's help them clean up first and you show me the way to see I'll swim on by myself thank you for your help little ray my cold finally I can see everything is all mine aren't you you glow Wow aha it's the mermaid who didn't actually want to hide you care to come here all by yourself I really need a break come on fluorine one more round okay you never get enough huh let's ask vineya whether she feels like vineya you seen Finney anywhere yeah she's at seahorse let me out I'll just walk away swim away a lot why would the princess of the winter world choose to hang around with the mermaid I wanted to help them and protect them from your greed help them until you realize they're more interested in your boyfriend forget him to hide it and focus on luminous treasures after all they never leave you my boyfriend would never leave me oh yeah so where is he your boyfriend but maybe you can be a little quieter Orin how did you find me the Ray led us here we have to hurry up and help Serena get the pearls back oh oh sure Serena huh where did you go all of a sudden you just took off on your own because you were too busy planting flowers with the mermaids I can't intrude on that uh wait are you jealous me not at all and you didn't need to come rescue me I could have handled this all on my own well I don't know where that came from but we have to go what have I done you see look how well your jealousy has served you at least I'm capable of loving someone your Palace is full of gold but your heart is empty and cold tie her up she tried to steal my moon Oh Herbert things are reflecting the light vineya that was great Wow didn't think that would ever be good for something I am so sorry I was so jealous no fenya I'm sorry I should never have left you alone your greed has only caused you trouble Seaguar don't you dare steal from the mermaids again the mermaids were the ones who stole my heart all I have is my treasure I'm totally without his if you take the pearls away from our garden the ocean darkens and the summer world falters including your palace I was afraid I wasn't important to you anymore Florin it wouldn't be the first time that someone just disappeared from my life I will never leave you alone but you can't keep running off alone either please now it's dark again buy beautiful treasures you can't even see them all I want is just a little light we do want the entire ocean illuminated don't we maybe you should keep a pearl for yourself huh really now you actually want to reward him for stealing the pearls sometimes you have to be able to forgive no matter what the other person has done don't you think Oh thank you thanks to you I have my piece again I can see my treasures better than ever with this magical light I don't need your pearls anymore hey thank you farewell Thank You Finn yeah the currents you showed saved our entire ocean thank you as well Florin Thank You Serena huh should we race huh first one to the Pearl Garden wins just wait I'll catch up to you

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  1. Why Is everyone talking about how finya sounds like Marinette from miraculous I mean she does sound like her but it's getting annoying I wanna read a random comment!

  2. Wooowww I Love This Story..Even Tho It Dosent Look Much..It Shown U Much About Knowing How To Forgive Others No Matter What They Have Done..?

  3. I love this video so much ???????????????❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

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