Playmobil Animals Ark Playset Build and Play – Toys Video

welcome to RaceToyTime! hey guys RaceToyTime here. Today, I am going to show you another Playmobil playset and this is
is the animal ark and the nice thing about this ark. It floats in the water now let’s get started this is the Ark and we’re going to set it up here is the animal Ark this looks really fun I can’t wait to put this in the water because it floats and now let’s check out the accessories but first we’re going to build the tree here’s the tree then let’s check out
some more accessories here’s a barrel a basket of grains leaves feed for the
animals we have hay here’s a broom a rake hay carrot cabbage purple cabbage
and more hay and carrots and we have a butterfly there’s the crate a basket a
bucket and a jar and here’s a water dish for the animals now let’s check out the figures we have
here Noah and his wife there’s the sling bag for Noah and here
is a lantern and here are the animals that came with the playset we have a lion we have here two chimpanzees a lioness and two ostriches here we have zebras and giraffes and also
it comes with two parrots and some birds and one more butterfly now let’s set up
the ark put the jar and the barrel here here’s the bird here’s the bucket here’s
the pulley and below the back is a storage for the feed let’s store some
hay through the hatchway now let’s put the animals in the ark hey race, can you catch those fish I need big fish we got a bunch of fish there. let me see.
let them go okay well if you guys enjoyed that video
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