Playing 40K Orbeez and Ferret Fail plus Tips for Cleaning up Orbeeze! – Izzy Report

This is 40,000 Orbeeze in here! Lets get started! Intro: “Welcome to the Izzy Report” This feels so weird! Oh my god, there are alot of Orbeeze in here! Bag Number 2 here we goooo…. It’s Macce’s turn! So I have found that getting Orbeeze out of the pool Or any kind of thing, the easiest way is with a colander. And then you just dump it in. And the kids enjoy doing it, its fun for them! And after we get all these Orbeeze out were going to let out some of the water and put the ferrets in. We’re going to let all of the water out! We think the ferrets are going to have a blast! We thought the ferrets would have fun in this. I guess not! Tada! BYE!!! [Giggles] Uh.. Oh.. AHHHH! Make sure you subscribe… and like this VIDEO!!!!!!!

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