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Hey guys James here today and welcome to the Sims 4 cats and dogs today we’re gonna be checking out the Playable pets mod because I mean we absolutely have to I can’t believe that this mod actually came out so quickly After the expansion came out so if you don’t know in the sims four cats and dogs We can’t actually control our cats or dogs and also count how many times. I’ve said that rather beginning We can’t control them in again We can’t even look at their needs or anything like that, we can’t look at their skills But there has been a mod released, which I’ll link down below That if you now install it you can just click on your pet and see exactly what their needs are. I’m not sure, well I mean what happens if we join a career I Feel like that that does that do anything? It’d be amazing if that worked I don’t know I don’t think so, but yeah You can see their skills obviously none at the moment. You can see their relationship Which is really really nice, and if there’s anything their inventory which I don’t know that there ever is But I guess we’ll find out And then obviously any of the traits that they happen to have and we can see how old they are as well we can also See their family tree so if we end up having puppies You can actually see a functional family tree which is pretty damn awesome Like I said the needs and I wonder if you could join a club. Oh my god. Oh, no, not qualified wait, Can I, can I create a club for dogs? Oh my gosh that’d be amazing anyway What I’m gonna do because I want to see how playable this game is Without having a sim because I did actually tweet out the other day asking If there’s a way to not have a sim in the family like I know Within the game itself you can’t do that because if there’s no sim I think it just says game over But I was ever gonna be like a mod or some glitch will work around my we could just remove the sim But you know what we’re gonna do instead Okay, so we have a nice little room for her to enjoy her life, you got You know food you got your, your sofa, oh you know what we don’t have? We don’t have a shower That’s what I forgot I almost had everything we got a toilet there in the corner. I just need a shower as well so she can stay clean You know what let me just adjust this a little bit. I want to put the toilet just there have the shower in the corner Toilet there, there you go. Oh, that’s so convenient you can sit there watch TV still, alright. She’s got everything that she needs And we even put like a little skylight here, so she can see what the dogs are up to, I wonder if we can- Can I say poop here? That’ll be great alright, so let’s go over to our dogs now. We’ve got uh I guess I’ll introduce you to who we’ve got here I can’t remember their names to be honest I just made them in like two seconds, okay. I can’t- why can’t I – oh – I was like, why can’t I move? I’m in the cheat window We’ve got right here. We’ve got Speckles Spotface the Dalmatian She’s a lovely pretty dog look at her, awe, and then we have, uh I believe this one is called agent Cody Banks I don’t know why I just I don’t know why that came to my mind, but there he is So obviously I feel like we should get to know each other a little bit better, so let’s go have dog talk to agent Let’s get to know each other so if we open up our relationships We should be able to see what’s going on, that’s not my relationships Can we can we get a relationship or do we just not have that I feel like we should Maybe not yet, let’s uh, what about more choices play what about play let’s go Just play let’s just have a bit of fun friendly pets, good Because ideally we just want to be able – we want to mate and have some puppies and all that, right? I mean they’re talking they’re having a good time look at that I Think so the cool thing is yeah, we can literally just control pets to do whatever we want as you can see I Really should have added a cat to the household because when you have a cat He can actually tell them to jump on the counters and all that which is really cool You can also go so like the cats and dogs have sort of traits with certain items in the game where they can be afraid of stuff so like go fear wary watch because they’re afraid they could be afraid of that or something and same with the fridge and all, that so it’s kind of cool Hello, can we attack? initiate introduction hello and Then can – can we attack because I want to that’s it okay, so we don’t have dog relationships in here But we have people ones yeah, whatever more choice is Neutral? What? I want – I want to attack Can I attack with you? What about with you, initiate. Let’s say hello to you too now Now can we can we both attack as a pack? As a pack can we – can we destroy you? Play… Um Jump playfully, that’s not really what I was looking for um, no, oh Okay, I’ve fallen in the ground. Oh, I’m back cool cool story Let’s go So this should be a bunch of like little, okay for example all these birds down here We should be able to go chase them right can we do that or not? No, maybe dogs can’t do that Oh, wait no these birds there we go, chase you go do that I’m gonna go dig in – because what I really wanted to see if we could do is if we could do like almost sort of Like a rags-to-riches, but using dogs only or like dogs and cats only like with no sim they can just earn money Oh, no. He’s in my pile get out of there hmm, how dare you introduction ah No, I wanted a rummage in it you stole my pile, dude Okay, leave me alone. Thank you Can I? Play mmm mmm. No. I just wanna be mean Neutral, nah I’ll just bark at you, maybe that’ll work, that’ll teach you a lesson, how dare you – how dare you play in my seaweed Alright, what are – what are you up to? You’re just sitting here cool story Dog talk to agent, no no no, we don’t wanna do that. What can I do myself? Like go pee pee, go potty Oh, actually thing is I can do that could I can I do it on this or do I have to be outside? Oh wait. No, so if I go here Can I take a dump right on top of the glass so that she can see it because I would absolutely like to do that Let’s see go potty, there’s two go potties all right, let’s go I just wanna do it right- oh, there you go Beautiful and go pee pee as well No no no, aw no do it there. Oh wait, aw what no we gotta go outside. That’s so sad aw Did you even? oh no we did go Okay, you’re back. Are you gonna go eat – can you eat the poo? You can sniff it. What are you doing? Carry to front door, what? What are you trying to carry the front door? I don’t know anyway, I feel like we need like pet bowls in this place Oh, actually that’s something that we’d never be able to do They’d never be able to eat, unless there’s other stuff We can eat because a sim would have to fill up these things, like even the automatic one It’s not gonna continually fill up without a sim hmm All right, well, I’ll get – I’ll get a pet bed and then what we can do, maybe what we do, we put it down here get her to fill it up and hang on, I get you to go fill for $40 Scheduled time, yeah six hours, that’s fine. Okay now We move this back upstairs so if you could set up some sort of conveyor belt system. They’d be great Alright, there we go and then, we should be good, so actually hang on where are – there are like Bushes in this world right? And that’s usually where we can sort of rummage for staff And I believe we can woohoo in bushes, like dog woohoo in bushes that is Let’s see if we can find any in this place, it’s gotta be – oh here we go. Can we just like go for it? So we can explore the bush. We can’t –
we can’t woohoo in it yet. I guess they probably don’t know each other well enough – Oh there’s Katrina! What is she – can I chase her? I really just wanna be mean to someone This is really not doing it for me though, let’s go chase those birds. Let’s see. What’s up? Do you – what? Are you just sniffing that poo? Chase, okay. You’re chasing birds. You are… gonna go explore that bush. I assume right? Oh there’s a present. Wonder if I can put that in my inventory, in the dog’s inventory No, okay, you need a sim for that, okay. I can’t, I actually have to go grab it, but we can’t even do that Um, he’s been bitten by a squirrel. Uh-oh that means you’re sick. Wonder if we can go to the vet and treat ourselves. Let’s see if we can travel, because this – this is kind of interesting to see what we can do with just cats and dogs. If we go to the vet Traveling with: Donaggle, it looks like she was gonna come with me though, which kind of sucks um, oh no wait, select sims to travel with, oh okay So if I go by myself as just uh – what the hell did I call my dog? Something Spotface, Speckles Spotface if I just go his Speckles, I wonder if we can I don’t think we’d be able to though, because we’re gonna need the sim to do all the – okay So I found – I found a bit of an issue with this, yeah, I can’t – I can’t do anything with that We definitely need uh – I’m going to need to bring you here So I’m going to have to let you out of your – your thing Sign in Speckles for a checkup. Yeah, because Speckles is – I mean we got bitten by squirrel. I think – I think we’re actually fine though. Oh you want food wait, do you? Not even, you’re not even hungry. Your bowel is fine, your hunger is fine. What are you talking about? Um can I just – I just want to bite someone I’m gonna go watch you. I don’t like the look of you. I like your feet though. That’s nice Introduction. I wanna – I wanna to be able to chase, I wanna chase a cat at some point I also wanna – I also just wanna have some puppies What are you doing? Neutral. How dare you, how dare you. Can I um… Lay on the couch, let’s go do that nice. When’s my turn? What is going on? Why is it taking so long? Come on guys. Uh man, Can I – can I? What else can I do in here? There’s gotta be some stuff – there’s gotta be some cool stuff I can do that I wouldn’t even think of. Such as… Oh, I like this little bit here the llama, the cat, and dog ah all right, so Get a toy. Let’s do that Nice can I do anything with it? Chew toy wine with ball? Let’s chew it Now if I could be some sort of like Emperor dog that’d be ama – actually can I um, hang on, if I go cas.fulleditmode modify in cas Let’s see – I think, I feel like we need an outfit. I feel like me being naked is not helping anyone out here I think we need a wear some cool clothes Alright so let’s, no that’s the head shape I want my body. Alright let’s see what we got, pet clothing Can you look at me though? Don’t look away, thanks, buddy. Should we – we could be a unicorn. I don’t really want – I want like um There’s not really, I wish there was more hats, see one like a crown. That’d be where it’s at right? Oh my gosh You’re full-on llama mascot who would put that on their dog? I mean, yes some people do It’s like I can understand putting on little capes and vests and that, but that’s like a whole thing Let’s get maybe a bow-tie that’s kind of cool No, all right. Let me – let me take – hang on I gotta take this stuff off. Alright. Let’s – let’s be a unicorn Maybe like, oh rainbow there you go you like a green color, look at that. That’s beautiful And then maybe we should wear like a little go yellow, no orange, oo that’s bright, so is there more like oh, maybe just a cape would be better uh… See now if I could just have a rainbow cape that’d be where it’s at Can you stop looking away while I’m doing this. It’s really annoying. It’s more of a bandana than a cape I don’t know what I’m calling a cape, but – could be a shark a unicorn – oh my god, a unicorn shark That’s what you want to be, hell yeah now we’re looking cool! Now we’re looking good alrighty Come at me world, come at me. Maybe finally agent Cody Banks will want to be with Speckles Spotface after all baby Maybe she’ll get his attention now Can I bring you here? I don’t – I don’t really know how to do it. I mean I guess what if we just go be friendly? Surely that would build up some sort of relationship right? And then, I don’t know maybe I still need like, a sim to encourage to mate or something? Let me go – did we just dance? That’s awesome Okay, can we um… Training , trained, pet care Huh, I don’t know Hang on, I’ll just – let me get to know you real quick. You’re still doing it – stop that You were playing with that ball for like five years See that’s the brilliant thing as we can tell the dogs to stop doing that. Alright, so we just became friends. So maybe now that we’re friends I can be like encouraged to mate with Maybe oh, I can okay With agent Cody – oh wait hang on, we’re doing a vet checkup, alright So I think, maybe we have to do it that way Maybe we can’t get the dogs to do it through commands, like it doesn’t look like we can. Wait for vet Okay, and then you uh What? Oh. Here we go Alright, Uh sure. Yeah, so we – got we got bitten, but nothing actually happened. I guess – I mean that’s fine Alright, so now. Let’s go, hang on, let’s go here real quick. Let’s get everyone to go here I’m gonna get you to go here. I’m gonna get you go here. This is amazing, we don’t have to use our sim to call our pets over all the time now We can all just actually walk there, which is great. Let’s try and make – uh – Speckles feel better. I’ll give you a hug, there you go buddy. Awe who’s a cute little girl there you go, Oh, you’re running away. Maybe a brush as well, you’ll like that. Trying to – trying to make the mood a little bit better What’s wrong? Come back. She just chased birds. I think you’re better now Alright now, um friendly encourage to mate with Agent Cody Banks Are you gonna do it? You’re gonna try I guess, let’s see what happens. You can do it! Think that – is that a yes? I don’t know I think they’re trying. Oh, we’re going somewhere. Is that a no? You want food now Not really sure what happened there, I feel like – I feel like it didn’t work. Mmm. Okay, do you want to fill that up? Let’s fill that up, they need food, there you go. Maybe we’re not good enough friends, okay hang on, here let me pet you real quick. And I’ll go brush, and then I’ll give you a treat, and then I’ll get to know you a little bit better Controllable pets, I need you to mate with each other. Dog talk to Speckles, friendly, play Friendly chase, maybe that as well, let’s try that That’d be fun. Go have fun. Or not. Pet obsessions like – okay. No this just Speckles, okay. I don’t care about that. I don’t care about that I’m just trying to – just try to have some awesome Dalmatian crossed Siberian husky puppies. Hello, what are you barking at the coffee machine for? You’re fine dude, calm down. There you go just be friends Play let’s go play, just – just regular play. Yes? No? Awe man. Do you wanna go… Go potty and then go pee pee as well. There you go buddy. Oh! Right in the doorway, nice. Oh, hey, they’re pretty good at cleaning up nice. Oh And a little quick wee. That’s good stuff. Alright, I’m gonna get you to go here real quick. Let’s try that again. Just give me them puppies. This is not even about controllable pets anymore. I just want puppies. Friendly, encourage to mate with Agent Cody Banks I feel like I probably need a better relationship with both of them to make it work. I mean, she seems to be keen She’s like yeah. Oh yeah, I’ll try and then I mean, it doesn’t look bad… Doing a little bit of a dance, doing a bit of a howl and then No? Maybe? And you run away, I feel like that’s a no. Okay, you’ve just run in here and you’re rolling in someone’s urine cool. Alright, well, I mean This is like controllable pets, I guess I mean, I think I should have got out some cats that probably would’ve been a good idea too because we could do some more things with them. Can I do anything down here? Can I do this? I can go sit on that, can I get you – can I get you to oh you can go here See, this is this is actually really useful though, to be able to tell your pets exactly what to do and I don’t need my sim there. Although, having said that It’s kind of good Don’t oh – I told my sim to sit there whoops. Oh I can’t do it – I can’t tell the dog to sit there. Well that sucks. Right, you go sleep there then. And then you can sleep here as well. Did you find anything cool? I don’t think so. Alright so you guys – oh, you’re just going to go dig. I didn’t even tell you to do that, but That’s fine. Alright, now we’re just playing with my sim, cool. Where did, um, Speckles go? Oh, I didn’t tell you to do that. Go chase those birds, I don’t like them. I hate birds. Get ’em! Get ’em, boy! Well, girl I should say, nice. And… Now… Go here and go sleep here No, that’s chasing your tail Sleep here. I don’t think they like the sleep here interaction, lay down here. Well that works. Maybe I can now say sleep here. Nope, they just don’t like sleeping. Okay. Well, this is a really cool mod though. I assume it’ll be updated as time goes on to be able to do a few more things which is really cool. I just – the reason I also wanted to get puppies is I wanted to check out the family tree, actually, you know what? we can probably still do it, if we go Modify in cas. Let’s see if we – let’s just add some puppies. We can just mix genetics, uh let’s see what – let’s see what happens with that. So we go pet, mix genetics you plus you and you’re gonna have a child. Oh my god, look at his nose. What does it look like as an adult? That’s basically just a – that’s like a really muscular husky with like short fur. I want one that has spots, oh wow, that’s really different. That’s like neither of the parents oh… Where did that color come from? I want like a husky that just has spots on it, though like that, but with spots – so – oh that looks so weird – it looks really weird when they – it does really matter. There you go, mother-father beautiful mixed breed you can be a hunter, independent – it doesn’t really matter. Let’s just see, alright oh It can be Maddie Spotface beautiful. That sounds like an awful nickname. You’d get in high school Look it’s Maddie Spotface again, sweet. Alright, let’s have a look so Yeah, cool alright, so we actually got like a little family tree out like that’s really cool So if you end up having a lot of puppies or kittens you can actually trace it all the way back like that’s pretty sweet Where is where are you? What could you do as a puppy? Can I? I assume the same things a can’t drink out of that puddle though. Oh I’m on the wrong dog whoops Okay, now. I can then I can just say go here. I can make it mess as well Hell yeah hang on so we oh, oh can you not get upstairs? Ooo… That’s annoying Can you carry your puppy Pet talk, instigate friendly, dog watch… See that’s a problem. I’m gonna need to bring you here then. You can’t get upstairs okay, hang on pick up, pick up Sticks, bro. I said pick – pick up. Okay, I don’t know where you’ve gone, but I definitely said pick up like an hour ago. Just pick up Okay, just pick up cool. This is working really well. Just – Just dude, just pick up Do you just not want to be picked up or like, oh my gosh Here, what about a hug and then a pet and then just pick? I just want to put you upstairs. Why is this so difficult? And stop, everyone is peeing in front of my stairs. Okay, you cannot pick up this dog no matter what you do. I swear Oh my gosh. Oh my Here come I can I just teleport you ah thank God, okay. That’s way, that’s way easier Alright now. I want to say, I’m gonna do like two pee pees two potties look at all this playful trait idle, cool Let’s do that we’ll idle, so if we go here now we should be able to go yeah What happens if I make a mess on this glass. I want to see what it does oh? Okay, we’re back here now oh Okay, that worked. No make a mess do it Right that doesn’t work cool alright. That’s the What do we call it Playable pets mod. That’s what this is pretty cool. It is actually really cool, and I probably will continue like having this mod in my game so that in our other let’s play we can actually see what their needs are and also just see where they are like I don’t I don’t know why that’s not a thing it really should be. Anyway, That’s a mod link down below if you wanna check it out. Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you next time and have an awesome day

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