Alright kiddos, instead of working at my pet
babysitting service. Today, we are going to learn how to groom pets on these bottles.
And it’s going to be really fun and I am going to teach you everything on how to do it right.
Spidy that is not a real dog and cat, there plastic and they have holes in there heads.
That’s because they are Play-Doh model pets. You’re going to use Play-Doh hair instead
of real hair and plastic pets instead of real pets because I don’t want you hurting real
animals. So first you’re going to pick which color you want then you’re going to mold it
into a nice lump that is going to fit nicely inside the pet mold. And now that I have molded
it into a nice lump then I am going to slide it inside. And we are going to stuff the Play-Doh
in there. This will take a while. Alright now it is in there nice and snug. And now
we can put the pet on the pet couch. Put the puppy in the couch, get him in there. Alright
and now I am going to take the couch and put it on top of the Play-Doh masher. Alright
now that the puppy in on the couch I am going to press it down on that. And the little pusher
thing will squeeze out the Play-Doh on the hole to make hair stands. Alright get a good
grip. And that is how you make the hair. Now let’s start grooming it, its the fun part.
Alright, now that I have got the pup in my salon chair, we can start grooming him. And
first I am going to use the sheers and I am going to shave off the sides because it is
a little to bushy for my liking. Alright lets give this puppy a shaving. This is working
so good. This hair is looking fabulous. Oh look now the puppy can see. Much better, much
better. Now lets give him some fine trimming on the edges to give it a little more styled
look. Snip snip snip. I am such a good pet groomer. Pet Groomer Barbie would be so proud
of me. Alrighty it looks like Mr. Puppy here is all trimmed and beautiful. Now kids I am
going to let you practice on the kitty. Okay Spiderman I picked out my Play-Doh and I hope
I do as good as you. Just got to ball it up and put it in the kitty. Come on this is hard,
I need super Spidy powers or something. Then put the kitty on the couch. Now all I have
to do is put the little kitty couch on the pushy thing and push it really really hard
and the hair comes out. Oh look at the hair. Oh little kitty your hair is so pretty. But
it needs some trimming. Alex can you get the razor. I’ve got the razor. And just like Spidy
I am going to trim off the edges a little bit. A little snip here yay. And now some
in front. And that’s how you trim the kitty. It is all groomed. And then you can show the
kitty what she looks like, to see if she likes it. Do you like it little kitty, you look
so pretty. Kids you did such a great job grooming this fake kitty, I am going to bring in all
50 of my pets that I am watching and you can groom all of them. No!! The toy featured in
the video is the brand new 2014 Play-Doh set released this fall. The this is the Fuzzy
Pet Salon. The set comes with everything you see here minus the cutting board but three
cans of Play-Doh, the dogs and cat and the accessories. Just like Spiderman said this
set is super easy to use, you grow the hair but this little push thingy and you groom
the hair right in this seat where the cat is. and all these accessories. If you enjoyed
this video please click like and in the comments let us know what you like more dogs or cats.
Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video. Thanks for watching and have a great

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