Play at the Play Place with Blippi | Learn Fruit and Healthy Eating for Children

today we're on tastic plutonium in Bellevue Washington this is gonna be so much fun what a colorful place it's a spinning circle I think I should get in what is this is a piece of watermelon hey I think you and I should learn about for us today this is gonna be fun look at me spoon I'm really dizzy now the bus ride now is so much fun writing on the octopus will you act like an octopus with me do you see what I see look oh it's another fruit Oh interesting huh this fruit is called a pineapple I love pineapples first you cut them open and then inside it's this delicious tasty yellow throat I like to put it in my smoothies did you see I just went down the blue slide oh what's this look it's a yellow banana I love bananas do you know who else loves bananas monkeys will you act like a monkey with me [Laughter] that was awesome oh pretty more balls look you see that there's so many balls up there I know what to do look hey okay this button is gonna dump all the balls down ready three two one I bet you I can I guess you won this time let's collect some of these colorful balls and push the button huh wait a second this green one didn't go to the top this isn't a toy this is a lime woo limes are pretty tasty but be careful there really look at these colors blue yellow red awesome I guess you spin let's spin I am dizzy here we go see what numbers they roll log we have a big circle which is zero then we have this number palm what number let's see one two three four five a piano it makes noise when I push on them all right time to dance oh all right here I go whoo look at these what color are these yeah blue yellow blue yellow the next one will probably be blue there's a slide over here I'm gonna go down this circle slide here I go oh did you see that it was like I was swinging on a vine whoa hey speaking of vines look some grapes green grapes yeah let's try one YUM I like green grapes and red grapes they're so tasty whoo Oh some more fruit Wow look so this is a strawberry do you see it yeah they're really tasty I promise that's really good so as you can see it has a red area and then on the top has a cute green area all right let's go play some more hello Hey oh hey there look I was just talking to you through this yellow mirror interesting oh and what's this it's a yellow fruit whoa do you know what fruit this is yeah this is a lemon and do you know what kind of beverage that I really love to drink made from lemons yeah lemonade Oh oh it's so tasty so refreshing and so tasty tasty follow me but be careful whoa what it is whoa it's a round thing hanging down right here whoa hey you know what this kind of reminds me of yeah kinda reminds me of a fruit yeah an apple yeah because apples hang from trees oh wow such a conveniently placed fruit yeah an apple I love apples they're so tasty have you ever had apple juice YUM what a tasty fruit whoa that was so much fun whoa look at this it's a spiked ball this ball is the color pink but it has white dots on it do you see it whoa whoa whoa spinny huh okay what else is around here looks like you turn it fling the balls around in a circle see it's drawing a circle a red nose oh well this is so much fun learning about fruit with you this was the end of this video ago but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me beat by beat me I let me good job alright bye bye hey grownups I think it would be a great idea if you liked my Facebook page

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