Plants that are Toxic to Cats! Common Houseplants that are Toxic to Cats and Which Plants are Safe!

Hi guys and welcome back to Relax My Cat,
my name is Savannah and with me here is Mia and today’s video is all about
plants, I know, a bit of a weird one but it’s getting to summer and if you’re
anything like me I love to fill my home with plants of the fake variety because
I have really bad hay fever, I’m sorry, Mia is still playing with this toy that
I made in last week’s video and it’s the only way today that I’m getting her to
stay up here she is just so uninterested with everything I have to
do, yes so if you want some real plants in your- oh sorry, in your house this
video is for that, which ones are safe for your cat on which aren’t, as well if you’re thinking about some for your garden which are safe and which aren’t so this
video is indoors and outdoors plants to avoid and some alternatives for whatever
your needs may be, alright so let’s get started with indoors, obviously because of
my hay fever I only have fake plants in my house and they’re a really good option
if you’re after something low maintenance or no maintenance, Mia, low
maintenance and that you don’t have to worry about your cat eating because they
don’t smell like anything Mia would want to eat, she leaves them alone and
that’s just fine, I think they look just as good as real plants but some people
aren’t into them, if you’re one of those people who are not into fake plants this
videos definitely for you, so to get started I want to talk about cut flowers, we get them as gifts and they enter our homes really easily and without much
thought and because of this, this is one of the main reasons or one of the main
factors that cats actually do get poisoned, so I just wanted to list a few
that you should definitely stay away from, so if you’re giving them as a gift,
if you’re giving flowers to someone with a cat I would definitely get a bouquet without these, the first one is lilies definitely, some species of lilies
actually so bad that their pollen can affect cats so Id just stay clear all
together, next you’ve got tulips as well there was a story that was going around
not so long ago about a cat that died from ingesting petals, again, stay clear and
because they are cut the petals are gonna fall so no matter where you put
them they might end up on the floor and that’s a big risk, the last two are
daffodils and irises, again it’s the bulbs with these ones it is more toxic
but the whole plant is considered toxic to cats as well so stay clear and do not
plant them in your gardens, so with that said I want to go on to indoor actual
plants that come in pots and they’re not flowers that you can fill your home with,
some that are safe and some that aren’t, so let’s go ones to definitely just not get and
cut out our azaleas, in your garden or in your home, definitely not, they’re
really really poisonous to cats, dogs and even horses, so just stay clear if you
have any animals and ingestion of these flowers as well can cause death so it’s
a big one, all of the ones that I’ve touched on in this list are ones that
are very toxic, just so the bar is kind of set, stay away from these kinds of
things, however if you do want flowers in your home there’s always spice orchids, they’re
gorgeous, as you can see they’re really lovely and they’re real and flowers are
very nice but if orchids are a little bit hard for you to look after don’t worry,
there is a cactus known as the Christmas cactus and this one will flower as you
can see and it’s gorgeous as well, it’s one of my favorites, I’m quite a fan and
most succulents like hens and chickens or lambs tails, they’re safe too, now indoor
plants are a lot easier to govern because you just don’t put them in your
house but what about outdoor plants, some to definitely stay away from if you
have cats, dogs, any animals, even children is definitely a yew tree, yew trees are very very toxic even to humans and they
grow really bright berries so children will want to eat them and even the wood
is said to be toxic so I’d just definitely definitely stay away from yew trees,
instead why not try some bamboo! Bamboo grows really quickly, is quite easy to
look after and it always looks really lovely to me, I have some fake bamboo that I usually have behind me here so that’s
maybe something that you could do too however if you want some flowers in your
garden there’s always marigolds which again quite pop- …denied. – which again are quite
popular and they smell really strongly as well and they’re really pretty, the
flowers on them are gorgeous and I’d say marigolds instead of (?)
which are another popular garden plant just because they are extremely toxic
again and can cause death if ingested so I’d stay away from those two, actually as
well Pet Helpful the website have an A to Z list of just all the plants that can be
considered toxic to animals which I’ll put a link in the description below for
you to have a look through, I found it really helpful when I was buying for my
old house, not so much now because I have fake plants in here but definitely
helpful if you’re thinking of buying some plants for summer, so that’s it for
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so much and see you then, bye-bye!

8 thoughts on “Plants that are Toxic to Cats! Common Houseplants that are Toxic to Cats and Which Plants are Safe!

  1. Fourth! You are very great at making Hazy sleep, thank you. Edit: My vice principal has a Christmas cactus that I like to take care of! ?

  2. This is perfect. Thank you! My indoor babies love to smell flowers,and occasionally munch on them. Saving this video to my cattips Playlist!

  3. I quite like cacti! They're pointy so my cat doesn't want to touch them and they're super low maintenance. ☺️

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