36 thoughts on “Pitbull attacks a horse and pays the price!!!

  1. Awww! Horses are my favorite animal! So glad this cute pony was able to stand up for himself:) #TEAMHORSE??

  2. There are so many things wrong with the video not just the pitbull. First off if the owner owner should of introduced the horse to the dog or vice versa …. Some dogs have a higher prey drive and a horse is a prey animal. Also if he had take the time to introduced the dog to horse and the dog still reacted that way then then remove the dog. OK next if you notice the horses is already having to deal with German Shepherd at his/her hooves, plus being handled by a human. Plus if you also watch the human he's not paying attention to the other dog (the pit) till he noticed the dog was freaking out and closing in and if the dog is going back-and-forth the way he was with his tail up in the air he probably was crying out or getting very excited which could've already been in turn made the horse act up.
    You might also say it's not his property and they're not his dogs I don't care. He should be able to read/ know his own horse he should be able to know what his horse can handle and not handle. The owner should've made sure the yard was clear so that his horse could be calm and collective and not stressed. And that is taking in your surroundings and making sure you know what your horse likes or dislikes. Horses by nature are weary of predator animals. And if it was not his property nor his dogs the owner of the dogs and our property should be considerate enough to remove his dogs when somebody is working on the horse if they are not aware of how the horse will react to dogs. There is so many things that can lead up to this sort of thing and not only the fact that it was a pitbull. All Dogs have prey drive, now some breeds have more prey drive then the others … with the German Shepherd you could tell he been used to being around horses… the pitbull did not look like he was used to being around horses so the owner of the pitbull should've been like 'hey dude my dog is not used to having horses around is there any way we can we work on this so that he knows is not prey/ a toy items to chase.
    I'm not saying I siding with the pitbull but I am wanting people to see there's more than one side to this thing there's so many more people or things involved that it is not only one animal or person's fault. And I really dislike it when people discriminate against the pitbull because he is a pitbull. #blametheownernotthedog

  3. Too bad horse should have killed that bastard aggressive dog. Unleashed trained war horse can surely do that.

  4. The horse just waved the pit so far… U can see the power of an angry horse… I have seen wid my eyes an angry horse bounced his owner and kicked him hard of face and he went miles far away.. As its got confirmed the owner died.. R. I. P

  5. 1:15 I don't really want to start much beef…or nothing..but in this case if he tried getting his dog back in this so-called 'bull baiting' state then he might aswell be putting his hand between a clamp of nails and a cloven hammer.
    Also..I presume he knew the horse would do something? Of course I could be wrong. Just my opinion..

  6. To the owner of this video I say I blame the breed not the training.. No matter how good training a pitbull gets a pitbull is a fighter BY NATURE.. I used to want to get a pitbull as a pet but after watching videos of pitbulls viciously killing people and BABIES I decided to not adopt a pitbull human lives matter to me they even attack OWNERS.. Pitbulls are UNPREDICTIBLE you can't fully tame it as you would tame other breeds.. I hope you stop this foolishness of "blame the training not the breed" this is ridiculous.. Just be honest say that you like pitbulls even though they are dangerous I would respect you more

  7. Natural selection.
    Be a dumb dog get death as a price. Horse did get along with the other dog but when tard dog appeared, it instantly sensed that this is going to be a hell off a day.

  8. Your a dumb ass for calling him a idiot that happened in a matter of seconds that dogs was already getting trampled what the hell you wanted him to do jump under the dang horses hooves smh

  9. Pitbulls are aggressive breeds!!. I owned a pitbull for 8 years and we had done nothing wrong. We treated like he was a son or a brother and one morning we came home to find out my baby sister had bite marks on her arms, legs, neck and blood dripping from her head. Like i said we had looked after Buster(the pitbull) very very well. We thought that the baby had just fallen down the stairs. But then in march 2015 Buster had bitten a girl hanging on the swing by her stomach and Buster ran over to her and started ripping her off the swing by her legs. She had blood and marks all over her thighs. 2 weeks after we had Buster put down.

    So don't go giving me "it's not the breed" crap

  10. hey idiot who made this video…you want to drop the bucket if that was you and try grab the dog? youd get kicked in the head dead…dog got taught a lessen…he'll never try that shit again…grow up on a real farm like me…you dont get in between a fight like that.

  11. I’d like nothing more than to shoot that dog in between it’s eyes. Shitbulls are well… SHITBULLS. If one is loose and is on my property, regardless I’d shoot to kill. I’ve seen the kill a friend of mine, not to mention other pets like other dogs and cats. They should by law have to wear a muzzle on when it’s in public (off your property). If you think it’s wrong to make them wear them, then don’t come crying when it’s shoot in the face

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