40 thoughts on “Pit Bull Sharky Eating Pecans. Dog LOVES Pecan Nuts!!

  1. I gave texans a chance to let themselves prove theyre not stupid BUT DEAR FUCKING GOD. KILLING FOR DOG WITH FOOD?

  2. I was so scared ü tell I saw this video because I feed my dog one and I though something was going to happen to him so thanks you for making this video

  3. This was a bumper crop year for my pecan tree here in North Central Texas.  One tree yielded well over 100 lbs!  Mine are the smaller "Stuart" variety, but just as good.

  4. I'm in Texas and our neighbor didn't like our Pecan tree dropping pecans and leaves on her yard so she "encouraged" us to cut it down. Not nice.

  5. we can't pay the pecan in Hungary, unfortunatelly. and we can't buy pecan tree, because
    in Hungary is just normal nut . sharky is very nice and clever dog, I always watch him.

  6. I'm not sure who is more adorable–Sharky or Helen. I love the way she talks to Sharky–I talk to my girl like that all the time. You are both awesome and beautiful! xoxo

  7. Just to say I love you accent! I love watching your videos of Sharky and all of the "kids"! It makes my day to watch one or two or ALL of them makes me smile! Thank you! -Asian Shelly

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