42 thoughts on “Pit Bull Adopts Newborn Kitten and Now They'll Never Be Apart

  1. Which demon took her babies from her… I hope they burn forever in the fire of hell… Thank you for saving her n the kitty baby

  2. Thanks to that kind Mexican auto body worker for keeping eye on kitty and pittie! My BIG question- where did Pittie get kitty?

  3. If you rescuers havent been told this today ( and every day) thank you so much for your warm hearts and tireless spirits doing Gods love here for the most defenseless animals

  4. That breaks my heart. A pitbull who was abandoned and starved has more humanity in her than the people who are supposed to be humane. Thank you for taking care of a little scrap of a kitty and a abandoned pitbull- seemingly inconsequential in this world but truly worth more than gold!

  5. That’s a Heartwarming and Beautiful ♥️??♥️I wish they will be Adopt TOGETHER ? Thank you for all Rescuers ? God Bless You All ??

  6. Lucky someone mentioned the kitty otherwise it would've been left behind with no one knowing the pit was caring for the baby kitty.???

  7. oh my lucky this gent was so observant, could have been sad for both otherwise
    ? lucky paring of adoption, in their place of need ?

  8. Absolutely amazing, see how gentle a pitbull can be. So happy they will not be apart. Thank u for rescuing that little family & thank u to that man for bringing u to the kitty.

  9. Thank you for helping big dog and kitten. Sad that her real pups were taken away. Or maybe they might have died. Will never know. But she found the baby kitten. now it's her baby. Hope they both find a home together. And get wonderful loving caring people. So all of them can be a family. Mama you just keep on loving your baby.

  10. Oh, so sad she had her babies taken, but beautiful that she mother's her baby kitten. I love animals!! Pittie is a gorgeous girl.

  11. That's Cool ~ Pittie will most probably be that Kitten's Campanion for Life.!!!
    A Beautiful Spirited Dog with a loving nature, I can tell.!!!

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