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say hello to the pillow pets hello pets are cute huggable pets that pop open into full-sized pillows they're soft they're cuddly and they make perfect pillows moms your kids will absolutely love their pillow pets you simply undo the hook and loop strap and the pack pops open into a full sized pillow just fold it up reattach the hook and loop and it's back to a cuddly animal it's fun and easy playtime sleep time anytime kids of all ages love their pillow pets there's a panda bear a ladybug a frog a dog a unicorn a dolphin a bumblebee a monkey and so many more everyone needs a pillow why not have a fun pillow pillow pets are great for travel look PJ's fit right inside perfect for the overnight trips to Grandma's house this is more than just another stuffed animal this is a pillow that your child or grandchild will use every night it's a pet with a purpose every pillow pet is made of ultra soft high-quality chenille fabric the heavy-duty stitching ensures years of enjoyment in their even machine washable pillow pets are so soft and huggable all it takes is one hug and your child or grandchild will fall in love with their pillow pet over a million kids are already enjoying their very own pillow pets every pillow pet is so cute and unique the hardest part is choosing which one to get go online to wwlp.com to see the full selection of pillow pets if you have a birthday holiday or special occasion coming up pillow pets make the perfect $20 gift imagine your child or grandchild's face when they get their pillow pet pillow pets come with a full 60 day money back guarantee so go online right now to WWll cats cot that's wwlp.com adopt your pillow pet today

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  1. I have a ladybird huggle buddie, and I’m glad I got that instead of the pillow pet version, Jesus Christ the faces on these look terrifying.

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