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Hello everyone and welcome back to another
Pet Projects episode here on Tough Toy Tryouts. Now’s the perfect time to hit that subscribe
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your pups. Meredith couldn’t voice this week but never
fear, she’ll be back next week. Story has developed some allergies this year
so she’s taking medication every day which can be hard to administer sometimes. After seeing all the ingredients in mass produced
pill pockets—not to mention the price—we decided to make our own with simple, wholesome
ingredients, no preservatives and best of all they’re super cheap and easy to make! So let’s get to it. Here’s what you’ll need! To begin, place your flour, unsweetened applesauce,
and natural peanut butter into a mixing bowl and stir with a fork or whisk until completely
mixed together. Any flour will do but we highly recommend
you avoid any with yeast added. Take the dough and form it into a ball with
your hands. Then break the ball in half, half it again
and once more to form 8 roughly equal pieces. Now take one ball of dough and push a chopstick,
pencil or any comparable object into the dough, making a pocket and place on a plate. Continue doing this for each ball of dough
and they are ready to use. This recipe makes roughly 8 pill pockets but
you can easily double the ingredients to make more if you wish. To use, simply push a pill into the cavity
and pinch closed. If your pup has a sensitive palate, we recommend
rolling your dough balls in some quick oats before making the cavity. This may fool your pup into thinking the pill
is just another oat. To store for later, we simply put the plate
into a plastic storage bag and place in the refrigerator for up to a week. And there you have it! A cheaper and healthier alternative to those
name brand pill pouches. After a couple attempts, you’ll be able
to make a week’s worth of pill pockets in just 5 minutes and you know exactly what’s
in it. We hope you enjoyed this week’s Pet Projects
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and keep spoiling your pups!

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! We really have started using these everyday with Story to give her her Benadryl (or Bennies as we like to say). Hopefully you'll get some use out of it should you need to give your pups some medicine. See you Saturday!
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