Pierre the poodle, found with 5lb of dreadlocks, gets a makeover – 247 news

A poodle named Pierre has been given a second lease on life thanks to a kind shelter and a very dramatic makeover Workers at the Humane Society of North Texas were horrified when Pierre arrived at their doorstep on Tuesday completely covered in dreadlocks It was clear that the poor poodle had been neglected for years, his hair weighed down with feces, dirt, and urine ‘He’s been severely neglected, and by severely we mean years of neglect,’ Humane Society spokesman Cassie Lackey told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Lackey said Pierre was one of a several animals who had been given to the shelter on Tuesday in terrible condition ‘They were surrendered to us in this condition, it’s horrific,’ she said. ‘These animals have limited mobility from the matting They clearly have been neglected for years yet remain sweet-spirited and thankful we’re helping ‘ The shelter found that Pierre and the animals were suffering from a number of health and skin problems that required treatment That also meant that Pierre’s dreadlocks couldn’t simply be shaved away.  ‘Grooming is a process with them in the state they are in,’ Lackey explained  ‘It’s sectioned out and carefully done so as to not cause the animal more suffering The underlying issues are skin. We have no idea what is growing under the fur.’  A local PetSmart donated its grooming services on Wednesday morning and, after hours of work, Pierre was free of his dreadlocks  ‘I think you’ll agree the transformation is nothing short of incredible,’ the shelter wrote on Wednesday afternoon as they shared photos of Pierre, new and improved   Share this article Share About 5lb of matted fur were removed from the small pup, who the shelter believes is about four years old and weighs around 20lb  

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