PHOENIX PEST CONTROL – Brandon Tyson Technician Interview

Well my name is Brandon Tyson with Bulwark Exterminating. I grew up in Buckeye Arizona. It’s a small farm town, was a
small farming town out there. I grew up on a ranch. Just recently got married last
year. Just completed our first year, one year
anniversary last week. “What are you doin’? What are you guys doin’?” The dogs? There’s two of ’em and there’s one, he’s about nine months. He is a handful. “Yeah, I missed you too. I missed you too!’ So I’ve been with the company almost two years now and have happy with that. Working with different people, it’s just
something new every single day. So it is kind of like just a big family
and I guess you could say, y’know, family owned pest control, that’s what Bulwark is. And we all work together to make sure that our customers are getting the homes taking care of the that they should be and that we’re treating them like, you
know, we would like our homes to be treated to make sure that they don’t have to worry, you know, a couple nights later, getting up to get a drink water, going
into the bathroom, stepping on a scorpion they don’t have that worry or concern, and you know, coming home after I’ve had a long
route or a full day, it just feel good to know that, you
know, you have been helping people out. I was raised in a way to just work
hard and, you know, put in a good day’s effort. Every time I come home at night and walk
through the front door, they’re first ones sitting right by the door waiting for me to come home, so, it’s kind of a welcome home whenever I come home every night.

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