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Dog bites are no fun. In fact they come in all shapes and sizes. The more common dog bites don’t involve a pit bull or someone being chased down the street The more typical dog bite involves an incident
at a friends house, or even at a dog park. I often take my dog, Moose, to the dog park
to play. What happens if Moose were to get into a fight
with another dog who was being aggressive? If I went to break it up, and I got bit, who
would be responsible? If Moose got hurt, and I had to take him to
the vet, who would have to pay for that? These are the sorts of questions that we get
asked on a daily basis. Many times, people call in and apologetically
ask if they ought to process with the case. People think that if they bring a claim against
a dog, that dogs going to get put down. That’s actually the furthest thing from the
truth. This is about finding a way to ensure you
don’t incur out of pocket expenses for what happened to you. The truth is most homeowners insurance covers
situations just like these, even when you aren’t at home. Dog bite injuries can be very serious, and
can have lasting effects. If a situation like this happens to you, the
first thing you should do would be to call animal control and have them come out to write
a report. Then make sure you talk to an experienced
attorney, who has dealt with these types of cases. They are different than other personal injury
cases and have different legal requirements. Don’t make the mistake of calling just anybody. At the end of the day, a dog bite is a serious
situation. At Negretti and Associates we handle many
dog bit cases, and we’d love to talk to you to see if we can help.

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