Phoenix City Council Formal Meeting – February 7, 2018

formal agenda item with city clerk please call the roll councilman to CCO councilwoman gallego councilman Nowakowski here Councilwoman Stark councilman Valenzuela councilman wearing Councilwoman Williams vice mayor Pastore mayor Stanton yeah we have a quorum present now we are lucky to have an interpreter with us today miss Orellana would you please introduce yourself for the audience yes Mara buenas tardes menorahs Mulaney Orianna yo Sol interpreter espanol CN algo momento de terre haute a necesita me asistencia por favor Bank ave verum e or compared miembros del consiglio de la ciudad gracias thank you so much now is the time on our agenda for citizen comments citizens have up to three minutes each to provide comments on any subject manner not on today's agenda we will do 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting pursuant to our City Council rules if there are additional folks wit wishing to provide citizen comment we will take time at the end of our meeting to hear those those comments the first person to speak under citizen comment is Carlos Garcia followed by edy blase mayor via video I never understand myself have relating issues and wondering if she could be put that's perfectly fine that's great thank you and so we want to trusted a council mayor is the actions that happened last August 22nd when President Trump visited Phoenix report came out this week from the or last week from the Phoenix Police Department and I think we all heard about six hours of testimony following that matter here in Council and and how egregious the conduct of the Phoenix Police was and so today we're here doing myself doing a citizen's petition regarding the use of chemical weapons after the report that's come out over 522 pepper were shot at the at our community there was pepper spray canisters there was tear gas there was an abundance of chemical weapons used in our community we saw Philadelphia this week the the victory spawned a riot people were taking out street signs were taking over the streets and that's it's you know I'm not saying that was right or wrong but we saw the Philadelphia Police Department let them be and put the lives of their citizens before the property that was being damaged and in the case in Phoenix there was no property being damaged there was no threat and yeah our community was attacked over a thousand people elderly young children and members of our community that were peacefully protesting were attacked and so for us it's important to remain and be able to protest especially when our lives and our family's lives are under attack by this particular administration and so I would turn in the citizen petition but basically we are asking you for an ordinance resolution or measure that outlaws Phoenix Police Department's officers to have use of non-lethal chemical weapons Oh II OC CN CS I'm not gonna try to read them protests and large community events we ask as pursuant to chapter 9 section 22 of the Phoenix Charter and that this be done or this we take this both be taken in the next 15 days thank you for taking this this matter into account and as you've stood against or for community I think some of the council people were present at the protest that day and saw how we were attacked we hope that this gets resolved and we'll see you all in two weeks they March our city clerk will accept the citizen petition from you thank you for submitting that mr. nannies thank you hi everyone thank you for the time to speak mayor and city council um additional to what happened in the in the hurt that happened the physical pain and the injuries that happened that day because of the weapons used there was also an extreme amount and cost we just saw with the report that the police department redo showed plus the additional cost that we were looking at is that they're over half a million dollars was spent and actually closer to a million dollars were spent on this day too I don't know what what was the purpose right before this presidential rally and campaign rally really and so the cost that happened in the cost that that endure to us as taxpayers from City of Phoenix are outrageous and it is extremely bothersome when we are constantly being told that there's not enough money for our parks for our streets for community centers for youth programs when we're spending nearly a million dollars on one day for a camp for someone's campaign rally and so to that to add to a petitions petition IVD and atlandis resident of City of Phoenix petition the mayor and council to consider to enact within 15 days a resolution ordinance or measured that exponentially outlast the funding of city funds buildings and staffing resources including policing for any future visits from President Trump and so for us is that our we shouldn't be paying for someone's campaign rally especially if that's taking money away from our safety from our parks from our streets so over half a million dollars that was reported as police cost but nearly a million dollars if you add all the other costs within the campaign the fire department and all the other departments that were used and so we believe that that is unjust and that is definitely now where our tax money should be going so I will go ahead and submit this thank you so much so our city clerk will accept that citizen petition at this time thank you for submitting the petition thank you for being here next will be didi blaze at the correct last name BD yes it's didi blaze hello I'm didi blaze co-founder of somos independence somos independence is a national organization led by mexican-american women who are independent registered daughters encouraging voting in our national and local elections we appreciate the mayor Phoenix's zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment I understand cake I a goes is on the record for supporting a zero-tolerance policy according to The Associated Press and we appreciate that and that said and in support of Lydia Hernandez petition to have dwight amery removed from the Maryvale planning committee our organization is asking the phoenix city council men and women members to look into our sexual harassment policies and the reason why is lydia went to file a sexual harassment police report it took her a whole month and a half because it was considered a level three priority and we believe that the council members need to upgrade the priority of sexual harassment victims because now with regard to the hashtag me to movement women are becoming emboldened to find the courage to address those who have sexually assaulted them in my view this must change and Arion petitioning city council members to look into this policy and upgrade the level of the priority for other hashtag me to sexual harassment victims i also want to take a moment and hope that the City Council woman who has endorsed John gomez for city council district number five will withdraw her endorsement of Gomez since mr. Emery who was listed as Gomez's campaign chair is the one who has sexually assaulted Lydia Hernandez so we do not so or mr. John Gomez considering that he has a campaign chairman as and he's the one that has assaulted several women these women are coming forward to that's pretty much it zero tolerance means just that and we hope that you look into the Phoenix Police Department sexual harassment policies thank you I think for your testimony the lack of any response by members of this council it doesn't do with the merits of what you've said only that under open meeting laws we can't in any way substantively respond we take in the testimony but we can't respond from the Dyess under Open Meeting Law thank you for your testimony thank you next we'll be asked councilman Nowakowski I think so go ahead I'm not sure if it's legal or not but if there's a commissioner on a village if there's a commissioner on the village that happens to abuse another commissioner during a village meeting shouldn't we have information on that I shouldn't the consul be aware of that mayor councilman Nowakowski that's an item we can't discuss it because it's not agendize but absolutely we can get information on that and the council does have authority under the city code to take action against members of boards and commissions and so that's a matter for a future agenda and we can certainly look into it councilman Valenzuela Thank You mayor I had a conversation with with a particular board member mr. mr. Dwight amery and he has had him we can't talk we can't talk about the item from the Dyess at least it's not an agenda item we can in trouble at the Open Meeting Law so if you wanted an issue a statement right after the meeting you certainly can but from the Dyess we got to be careful here in terms of it's not an agenda item hey mayor I would like to share as much information as you allow my my colleague this year and so what I want to say is this particular board member has resigned from all boards and commissions that he is he currently or had held with the City of Phoenix for what it's worth okay any other information I'd like to talk about on non-agenda items I will move on Marcel Costello Marin City Council thank you for allowing me to speak I'm Marcel Costello I'm a city I'm a resident of the City of Phoenix and I was also an applicant also an applicant to the Ethics Commission I am also submitting a petition to youth today and I will just read it whereas the City of Phoenix Ethics Commission application this document for nomination to Commission instructions page to summary of nomination process item five States public notice the board announces the names of the applicants to be interviewed and invites oral written public comment regarding their qualifications whereas the City of Phoenix same application ethics commission application for nomination to Commission instructions page two again summary of nomination process States an item seven interviews subject to applicable rules the applicant is interviewed in public session after all interviews are completed the board with which excuse me is referencing the judicial selection Advisory Board discusses the relative qualifications of all the applicants voting to determine the nominees to be submitted to the City Council is conducted in public session whereas public noticing inviting oral or written public comment regarding the Ethics Commission did not occur for whereas the agenda meeting results in minutes documents for the judicial selection advisory boards meetings pertaining to the Ethics Commission nomination process do not make clear whether or not voting to determine the ethics commission nominees was conducted in public session pursuant to chapter 4 section 22 the Phoenix city charter I Marcel Costello a citizen and resident of the city Phoenix hereby petition the City Council to consider in an act within 15 days the mayors and City Council's public response during a formal City Council meeting as to why one oral or written public comment was not invited regarding ethics commission applicant's qualifications to why ethics commissioners applic epics commissioned applicants were not interviewed in public session and three whether or not the voting by the JSA be the judicial selection advisory board on ethics commission applicants to select the nominees was conducted in public session that's not clear thank you very much our city clerk will accept that petition from you thank you for taking the time to come down and provide that testimony next will be miss Lydia Hernandez Thank You mayor Thank You mr. mayor madam vice chair members of the City Council my name is Lydia Hernandez and I'm a member of City Council District five I come before you regarding your recently proposed zero-tolerance on sexual harassment policy that cake is brought forward to the council and as a woman as a victim of sexual assault and sexual harassment I commend Councilwoman Gallego for her leadership as she's absolutely correct that all victims feel have a right to be heard I also commend councilman Valenzuela for the requested added language to address not only elected officials but also boards and commissions because although there is a difference in power the sexual harassment or sexual assault is the same regardless of who the perpetrator is for the record Councilwoman pastor and councilman Valenzuela are familiar with the situation as the individual in question was very very well known to them furthermore the sexual harassment was also apparent and recognized by city staff while a Weed and Seed conference in 2009 with Maryville PD a neighborhood services it is also it was also at the time address by former now retired commander Hampton at the time as he was serving as a board member to the organization that employed me currently and I come before you today mr. mayor and members of the City Council to request the removal of mr. Dwight amery from the current Maryville village planning chair position he violated the city Phoenix Phoenix attics manual which is used in trainings for city commissioners and board members the City of Phoenix manual is part of the City of City of Phoenix policy and it states that it it is here to uphold promote and demand the highest standards of ethics from all its employees and officials whether elected or appointed furthermore that it to keep away from him proprieties in the roles as public servants and never to use their City position or powers for improper personal gain it also addresses discrimination sexual harassment I with all due respect bring this to your attention as the chair of this committee abused his power in changing meeting dates for confer the committees when I came forward with my complaint he selected a date that would conflict with my school board meeting he did so unbeknownst to the committee and I did inform staff in December of 2017 when I came forward yet again this time by a public and very widely distributed press release the City of Phoenix removed me from committee membership at the last hour I sent my complaint in writing to the City of Phoenix at 11:00 a.m. staff called me to confirm my attendance at 11:30 and then again at 2:00 p.m. and then a venue change at 2:30 p.m. then finally removed by 4:00 p.m. the by the mayor's office according to staff they cited non-attendance thus the retaliation you see the City of Phoenix kept me on its board roster as a member for five years for an of none attendance and it wasn't until I filed a formal complaint that it removed me in a policy it needs to be supported if they remove in a matter of hours on that day the perpetrator was I was supported and not the victim mr. mayor City Councilmembers I asked once again for a Maryse removal in support of the City of Phoenix ethics manual and the co city's commitment for a zero tolerance policy and furthermore in support of women like myself who had found the strength to confront their perpetrators council members no one deserves to be touched girl forced and sexually enforced of sexual hugs and sexually assault assaulted against their will repeatedly as I was in the scope of my work I followed charges for sexual assault with the City of Phoenix PD thank you thank you Miss Hernandez for that important testimony the next Oh all right so I think we're at our fit are they were much I think we're much mr. Vinh I don't know maybe someone could get the tail I don't think it I think the meetings being televised I mean show on chat 11 I think for some reason that particular television is not working the other members of the public are here for public testimony under our city council rules we have 15 minutes now we reserve additional time at the end so at this should we think you should be a short meeting today and you know the opportunity to provide public testimony at the end of the regular agenda items next on the agenda or the city clerk will please read the 24 I think we're gonna I think we're gonna try to thank you for much mr. Benn I think we're gonna try to fix it right now I appreciate your comments I think we're gonna think we're gonna try to get the television working mr. Vinh I think that the meeting is being televised around City of Phoenix via channel 11 I think it's that that particular TV for some reason not working we're gonna the media is a legal meeting we're gonna continue with the meeting city clerk please read the 24-hour paragraph the titles of the following morning some resolution numbers on the agenda were available to the public at least 24 hours prior to this council meeting and therefore me by may be read by title or agenda item only one is this number G 6 4 1 2 through 6 4 1 8 s 4 4 2 4 7 through 4 4 2 5 7 resolutions number two one six one one four two one six one four okay okay all right we're gonna move on to the meeting minutes councilman stark you've a chance to review the formal media minutes for January 10th 2018 yes mayor I have it I move approval a motion and a second all in favor say aye aye any opposed that passes unanimously councilman Williams did you have a chance to view the form of media minutes from December 13 2007 team I didn't move their approval thank you there's your a second okay all in favor say aye any opposed council wearing special meeting December 20th 2017 I didn't get a chance to review it mayor you want to hold that item please continue okay so we're gonna continue that to the next meeting what date is that February 21st that okay there's a motion continuous or a second all in favor say aye aye any opposed passes unanimously the city manager has informed me that the problem with that particular TV has to do with a HD conversion we're trying to convert Jan 11 or HD the meeting is going out citywide but Pat that is a old school TV and we don't have in our budget for a new TVs thank you thank you it is B it is being filmed it will be on YouTube it's just not on that particular television and you get it even better your live and in person you get to see the meeting right now here and now or how about boards and commissions there a motion on boards and commissions motion to approve mayors boards and commissions nomination noting item 5 which was continued from January 24th 2018 has been withdrawn for a second there's a motion in a second on boards in Commission all in favor say aye aye any opposed that passes unanimously looks like we have many talented people here to be sworn in so I'm going to come to the floor and swear in those individuals who are going to serve on key boards and commissions and then afterwards you come behind the Daiya so the individual council members can say thank you for your services so please raise your right hand I and state your name do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the state of Arizona and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and defend them against all enemies foreign and domestic and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office of according the best of my ability so help me God your official thanks for your service can please go round of applause [Applause] next on the agenda liquor license applications by summer do we have a omnibus on liquor license applications motion to approve item 6 through 20 accept item 13 and 20 go second second we have a motion in a second on liquor license applications any cars and those items all in favor I jumped I missed a the cards are all in favor and apparently the council is all in favor as well I assume that's an okay motion re the motion was in favor and the eyes were in favor any opposed the liquor license passed unanimously item 13 counseling to CCO there's a motion to approve 13 this is provision coffee bar is there a second there is a second there's a few cards on those items miss lavona buckram did you want to provide testimony on item 13 a proposed liquor license recommendation on provision coffee bar followed by Maura Cordova both opposed to the item and then we have one person not wishing to speak in favor mr. Daniells saw miss Barham it's actually levana i'm Levana Barham I live in the neighborhood we um we thought they have this particular establishment establishment going in the very beginning because I've been there for 25 years and it's been very disruptive ever since they've started I assume some of you have young children and pets we don't have a street that goes through it actually kind of comes to goes around in a circle there's also a what is it a grade school I guess that's just up the street from the house which is on Campbell so the the corner of 32nd Street and Campbell is of course where this is going when folks aren't going to be able to go up Campbell heading east what they do is they come down and they try to go down our street which is Meadowbrook it's not a through Street what happens is is they realize once they're on the street it's not a through Street so they speed up because they're upset and they stay buzzing around the corner we've got children we've got pets we've got issues now we're going to have people that are drinking and of course I understand that it's against the law to drink and drive but it happens every day though the traffic in the neighborhood it's a small neighborhood it is going to increase that's a very big concern of ours the school is a very big concern of ours in addition to that where the liquor where they're asking for this liquor license it's actually going to be on a patio and again we were told this would never happen they seen our backyards so there's gonna be music noise until midnight or two o'clock in the morning facing my bedroom thanks al so they put up the sign to inform us about this over the holidays many of us were out of town I thought that was quite interesting so we would have bet you would have actually had more letters against this had it been put up during a time that we would have all had a chance to see it I don't believe that we're necessarily against a liquor license maybe just a different liquor license postie knows and LG o managed to make a great living with a liquor or I'm sorry a beer and wine license just up the street so I mean that would probably be something it was something initially we were told that would go in there we were told there would never be a liquor license from the very beginning we were told that obviously that's now changed so I think that we would maybe be more open to a more limited license okay they copies percent two minutes so baby I'm sorry I bypassed that you did pass it up but you went a little long one just a little bit more you know the other concern is that again our back walls face this ever since the construction has started there has been loitering the dogs are barking there's all kinds of stuff going on back there once that gets in there and you've got people drinking it's just gonna get worse people can throw things over into our yards it's just a huge concern for those of us that have children thank you thank you so much mr. Cordova hi thank you I'm here to formally protest the liquor license application for provision coffee bar this is part of a commercial development happening in our neighborhood at a corner that had previously housed medical offices and some other our small offices while I support the developers need to profit and the business owners owners need to build a strong business I questioned the need for the liquor license at a shop that will be known for its coffee a group of us neighbors met with the owner and he seems like a solid stand-up individual who was interested in addressing our concerns he said they are community minded and want to be good neighbors and wants to be transparent and we appreciate that but I want to note that this is a few blocks from an elementary school and about a quarter mile from Camelbak High School the business plans to serve alcohol until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights and 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday I also understand from the developer that another establishment coming in to this lot a sandwich shop plans to ask for a liquor license there's also a market and a bakery coming in and they may also ask for liquor licenses for all we know and who knows there may be other applications as you know this process with developers is never as transparent as it should be we don't need more liquor licenses in our neighborhood as there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby already serving alcohol is there a limit to how many new liquor licenses you can put in a neighborhood right next to each other and can you limit the hours of serving alcohol to help us address safety concerns that we have for our homes and families we're a safe neighborhood that cares about our homes please don't approve these applications without considering the long-term repercussions on your constituents and at least postponed for now so that we have time to meet with some of the city's liquor license staff to understand the long-term ramifications that were seeking information for thank you all right thank you very much the only other card is Daniel saw who I believe is the applicant did you should write any testimony before this before this council on this item please come forward please councilman stark had a question I apologize so they were talking about the outdoor patio that usually requires the use permit that close to the neighborhood it appears they have an Wow for that yet it's in the staff report it sounds like it hasn't been filed or has it been filed and not heard mayor members of the council my name is Denise Archibald with the city clerk department Councilwoman stark at the time that the report was written and the applicant had not yet submitted an application for Zoning since the applicant is here we I'm not sure if they actually have applied since then yeah if I can clarify we we do have a concurrent application with the zoning and planning department we have a hearing scheduled later this month discussed can i just in doing that you can limit the hours of operation right so that's something I think the neighborhood needs to be involved if this doesn't move further because you may want ten o'clock but it may end up being nine o'clock or eight o'clock so there is a process to talk about some of the noise and and other concerns the neighborhood may have I think very much mr. Saji additional testimony and then we'll turn to the council yeah I just wanted I did submit a letter just giving some context to the councilmen about our business and whatnot we are primarily a local coffee roaster and our primary business is coffee we did apply for specifically a restaurant liquor license which is restrictive on that the sales of alcohol that we can can sale we do have in our location that does have a beer and wine license but that represents less than 15% of our sales in that particular location it we view the the sale of liquor as more of an ancillary business we are an open dialogue between the neighbors as Mara has just as spoken about as we met last tuesday's to try to address those concerns we continue to be in support of having the ongoing dialogue we're morn willing to adhere to whatever standards and policies that the Zoning Board might have but at the end the day we are interested or aligned we do want to be good neighbors it's just that we believe that we'd like to sell alcohol in in a junction or excuse me with coffee especially at night when most people are coming for coffee and not everyone wants a coffee drink but we do believe it's a minor part of our business in that sense all right thank you very much what wide series seven in Gilbert series 12 in Phoenix we elected a serious seven just because we weren't sure in that particular neighborhood it's more I'm in a strip mall we weren't sure what percentage of the business because that was our first location but one after that was done we we can see that was it was really obvious that we you know liquor isn't a big part of our business it's really a minor part so we just elected for a restaurant license since it is more restrictive but not as onerous as the cost and associated with a beer and wine license okay I'm confused by that so maybe she can help us educate us seriously you know they have a serious 7 and Gilbert which the neighborhood seemed like they were more okay with and series 12 what's it what will be the significant differences that are relevant for us to consider yes mayor members of the council so the series seven is a bar license it basically allows for an unlimited amount of sales of alcohol but specifically and restricted to only beer and wine and so that's how that one is limited in terms of a restaurant license it is a license that requires forty percent food sales and so it's restricted that way but of any alcohol okay vice mayor you have a comment or question yeah confidence yeah there is concern about the hard alcohol part of it but it's a trade-off though too is that you want them to be able to sell food otherwise that it becomes over a bar and if the neighborhoods just looking for a beer and wine I mean that's really more to your advantage than it is because then he can literally sell unlimited amounts of alcohol right now he's restricted because it treats it as a restaurant and that's how we've done other projects like that throughout the City of Phoenix would you mind a two-week continuance I think that they need to sit down with staff and go through each of these options I mean I you know at the end of the day well it sounds like he is talking to the community but at the end of the day they need to understand what the impacts are gonna be and maybe we just do a two-week continuance of this man okay so councilman has asked for two-week continuance is there a second on that on this that we need to please mayor members of the council as long as the applicant is amenable to the continuance we'll have them sign the paperwork required right now are you okay with a two-week continuance sounds like it a little more work you do with the neighborhood to convince them of the wisdom of your request sure yeah if they need more time I'm more than open to signing that I'm very amenable thank you very much and in that two-week period I know we're not really it's supposed to but I'd like to do it this way I'd like to have language and there'd at least discussion or an agreement somewhere in there with the neighborhood on where the outdoor dining is going to be I wasn't aware of that part of it I thought it was just good to be the inside of it but you know that would concern me too especially if you've got music that is going to be going right into someone's backyard so I think that that is a very legitimate request and if you could address that too and we can also look at hours of when that might be so that way when you go to the outdoor dining part of this I don't see why I would turn down a a license here I'm just letting people know but I am concerned about the fact that the hard liquor part of it but I understand why I just need to make sure the others the neighbors understand that and that's stuff that you can actually agree to when you go into with your zoning hearing officer you could say these are the things we're gonna be doing you'll be restricted to that the other part of it too is your timing of when you're gonna be able to play music or not play music or have people outside so those are things I think that should be discussed we do this throughout the City of Phoenix it's not a complicated case it's complicated when it's one person one neighborhood dealing with it but this is stuff that has to be resolved through out because you know Phoenix is a tight area anymore and this is what's been happening so if we could do that just make a motion to approve for to ocean to continue for two weeks mayor I have motion we had a second any other comments from the council on a continuance all in favor say aye aye any opposed that passes unanimously thank you very much coming down everyone next item on the agenda is item 20 item 20 is a liquor license proposal in district 8 Bernice love and vets post 86 councilman I go how would you like to proceed can we have a brief presentation from our staff mayor and members of the council this request is for a new series 14 a private club license for Bernice love and it's post 86 this location was previously licensed for liquor sales and may currently operate with an interim permit staff recommends disapproval of this application based on a Police Department recommendation for disapproval wonderful and it looks like we have one card in support and one card against so if we could take testimony may be starting with our our officer Jared smart and then the person supporting the license good afternoon mayor city council my name is detective Jared smart I work out of the South Mountain precinct and I'm the dirt liquor liaison detective a little history on post five which is the prior post in the last 18 months before losing their AMVETS charter they had 15 calls for service five fights two shootings and an aggravated assault our investigation on this application as has revealed the applicants are not reliable capable or qualified the Post Commander which is the primary applicant mr. Leon Brookings has several book bankruptcies and liens against him and we made several attempts to interview and have a conversation with mr. Brookins and he failed to return my phone calls the coop Kent mr. Washington who's the sergeant in arms that the AMVETS told us and an interview actually met with us that mr. Brookins was elected the commander because he wouldn't have he would have nothing to do with the club and did not want to participate so on December the 28th we met with mr. Washington at our office they had had a previous application that we've discussed with them that they withdrawn mr. Washington said he had only been to the club a couple times since their withdrawal and did not know what was going on with the club in that first application we had located a hidden owner when asked about that hidden owner mr. Washington could not provide us any information he did tell us that they had a meeting with the owner or the hidden owner with who we believe was a hidden owner and his wife about the financials and asked them where the money was to come to was coming in to run the club and he was unable to answer that question he then explained to us the startup of the club was he knows our hidden owners wife very well and they were at his mother-in-law's house when our hidden owner approached mr. Washington and mr. Brookins and asked them to participate in the AMVETS to provide their dd-214 their discharge paperwork and they agreed as long as they didn't have to pay their dues during the investigation was able to locate several social media posts showing improvements in the club and mr. Washington was unable to provide me who actually provided the money for those improvements or who did the improvements in those social media posts we found gang activity and our hidden owner soliciting for their title for training and employees and an advertising a memorial for a fellow gang member on that previous medium on that was November the night that we met with councilwoman gallego staff mr. washington was present and agreed to withdraw the application due to our hidden ownership they agreed to restructure the club and that they're hidden owner would not be involved at all on that prior application myself and my sergeant did an inspection for their interim permit and mr. Carrie love was the one that said he was the manager of the club and he was found to be our hidden owner an interview with mr. Briggs was the prior applicant post commander he could not answer any financial questions mr. Lovell was present and answered all the financial questions and during that provided us that he was financing the club through his personal bank account it was also found that mr. love was a convicted felon mr. love is also a documented member of the who were crip gang and their colors are orange and blue in videos on social media we've seen mr. love hanging out in front of the club throwing up gang signs wearing gang indicia and the inside of the club was painted orange there's also videos posted on social media of mr. love crip walking in the club and behind the bar with his wife who's a bartender mr. Washington was unable to write us any kind of financial documents for it and I also contacted the AMVETS National Organization who has started an internal investigation into their charter based on this I believe that the applicants are not capable reliable or qualified and I think that it not be a good idea for the community to approve this liquor license thank you I think we're officer smart for your thorough testimony mr. Brookings you should write testimony for this council you're in favor of the proposed liquor license at Bernie Slovan vets post 86 good afternoon ladies and gentlemen um I'm Leon Perkins I am the commander and the embed posts 86 and I would like to stay for the work and I've never been contacted by anybody from the City of Phoenix Police Department and as far as my financial background go he says several bankruptcies which the last one was sir 2005 so I have no idea what he is referring to Oh as far as gang activity and ain't there like that I'm a 23 year veteran of the United States Air Force I've served my country proudly I have no near associate with eating gangs affiliates if they are they are not a part of the n that post 86 mr. love is not a hidden owner he is nearly nothing more than a volunteer just like every other citizen the South solid side community of Phoenix now what we are trying to do is provide programs and associate ourselves to show that african-american men we can come back from serving our country and contribute to our community without any harassment or discrimination now I can understand everyone has a history but are they not allowed to change their lives change their direction and try to support their community even though they did at one time might have brought that community down I'm here sir to represent the post I believe that we have not had even a plastic knife pool since I've been there there has not been any police activity since the application is in fact I'm not even a member of post-fire I don't even know what post five is I guess the history of the building but the people involved in post 86 has nothing to do with post five post 86 is upstanding outstanding and we're doing great work even with the small amount of donations that are really rough on everyone that's involved because we are just starting up so our membership isn't up we answered to a National Association of American veterans and we're trying to help the community in these African American males who don't have any representation down at the VA so they can come through us so we can represent them in the meantime generate don't funds for us to Therese to our community thank you thank you very much sir for that testimony thank you for your service the country council and I go how would you like to proceed after that testimony when you apply did you give us a phone number where we could reach you yes ma'am my number is on application I wasn't contacted by anyone Maya I have my voicemails all the way back to November and when I find out that mr. Washington had a meeting I asked why was I'd like contact if we were to continue this with two weeks for two weeks would you have time in that period to meet with us and answer the questions about definitely wonderful so you'd be what we would be a piece of paperwork you'd sign saying that it would be okay to continue to move if that denise does that seem maybe a good plan mayor members of the council Councilwoman Gallegos yes we will give him that paperwork right now wonderful then I would motion that we continue this vote until our February 21st meeting of the Phoenix City Council thank you there's a motion there is a second any additional comments by members of this council all in favor say aye aye any opposed that passes unanimously now resolutions new business planning and zoning vice mayor do we have a omnibus motion prepared motion to approve items except the following items 21 24 37 and 52 through 54 and that's it that is our motion is there a second on that motion there is a second are any cars in those items any comments by members of our Council roll call the CCO Calle go yes Nowakowski stark yes Valenzuela wearing Williams yes pass door yes mayor Stanton yes next item on our agenda is item 21 is there a motion on item 21 21 second there is this motion and a second any cards on 21 any comments by members of this council roll call to CCO Gallego yes Nowakowski start balance whele wearing williams yes that store yes mayor Stanton yes I don't passes 8 to 1 item 24 is next second motion is second any cards on 24 any comments by members of this council come one guy go item 24 is for the police department to purchase sexual assault testing kits this is a very important initiative we've had a backlog of kits and haven't made a commitment at the city to test all of the kits and going forward and talking regularly with the police department about the importance of this and of clearing that backlog and pleased to see this one moving forward thank you thank you so much any additional comments roll call to see CEO guy ago yes Nowakowski start yes Valenzuela wearing Williams yes past door yes mayor Stanton yes a turn passes unanimously next item is item 37 is there a motion on 37 37 second there's a motion in a second come from guy good comments on 37 item 37 is the police department's effort to do public outreach and invest in recruiting efforts I think growing our police department something that the council is unanimously very excited about and just as we move forward in this I would love it if the police department prioritizes reaching out to people who have an interest in technology and crime investigation using technology because I think that's an important part of our policing work and one that will be ever-growing as the city grows and as we move forward thank you any additional comments by members of the council councilman Valenzuela please no I'm fully supportive there I'm sorry I've heard comments I put any additional comments you need a second fully supportive all right good roll call my apologies to see CEO Gallegos yes Nowakowski start yes Valenzuela yes Waring Williams yeah Pastore mayor Stanton yes that item passes unanimously item we're now on our Planning and Zoning agenda next item on the agenda is item number 52 a proposed zoning case at the southwest corner of 43rd Avenue and baseline for this matter we'll hear a short staff report on the zoning proposal then I'll hold a public hearing and take any public testimony that folks may want to provide close that public hearing and I'll turn it to the council to see if there's a motion a second and then we'll take our vote so first mr. Stevenson our planning director could you give a short staff report on this item Thank You mayor members of council this request is a Planning hearing officer modification for stipulations of a rezoning case that's approximately 995 feet west of the southwest corner of 43rd Avenue and baseline road the applicant is requesting to modify for stipulations of the previously approved rezoning case this case was withdrawn from the agenda and advertised for a public hearing today from a prior council agenda so that the applicant could sit down and meet with village planning committee members staff as well as neighbors to try and address some of the issues today we have had that meeting here's the subject site as you see it right around here in black with a residential all around it where the existing farm field this is the zoning for its approved r18 zoning zoning all around in this whole area for it this is their proposed site plan that shows the larger Lots of the south a little bit smaller Lots of the north as you go up closer to baseline Road and some playing commercial improvements in the future at the immediate corner and then also the school site which is shown right here in this area here with that staff does recommend approval of the memo that came out dated February – sorry dated January let's January 30th and with that we are happy to answer any questions any questions for mr. Stevenson okay I'm not gonna open up the public hearing on item number 52 public hearing is now open there are a few cards on this item I don't there's a particular order they're all appear to be in favor three people wishing to speak or at least in favor and they can choose to speak mr. Reid Butler mr. Ruskin lines and mr. Robert brands come mr. Butler you wanna go first yeah sure Thank You mayor Reed Butler Butler Housing Company 42 West Mariposa Street also here dr. rusty lines and West lines he's the fellow with a nice shiner in the back just in case you hadn't noticed that and I think rusty will probably not speak mayor is that okay rusty so we took some time from the last meeting sat down with the village planning committee and other leaders worked through these stipulations that mr. Stevenson has presented and we are in full agreement with the stipulations happy to answer any questions thank you very much any questions for mr. Butler mr. brands come did you provide testimony item 52 is he still here okay so he submitted a card in favor of the item is anyone else here wishing to provide testimony on item number 52 going once going twice public hearing is now closed councilman Geico did you have a motion you'd like to make on item 52 I do and I would like to thank both the village Planning Commission members and the applicants for working together very productive dialogue and the community was very excited about the project so with that I move approval per the memo from the Planning and Development Director dated January 30th 18 with a modification to stipulation number 33 to require the developer to provide a minimum of two rows of three-inch caliper trees planted 20 feet on the center or in equivalent groupings in the open space area adjacent to baseline road to provide screening of the residents from the street as approved by the Planning and Development Department I'll second that pair motion and a second any comments or questions by members of this council there the negotiations just look pretty tough you look at West all right all right we try to keep our negotiations peaceful nonviolent in the City of Phoenix all right so the motion there's a second no other additional comments roll call de CCO Gallegos yes Nowakowski yes Starck yes Valenzuela yes Waring Williams yep that store yes mayor Stanton yes that item passes unanimously for the City Council next item on the agenda is item 53 and it appears that 53 and 54 are related items so will health staff report on both 53 and 54 will hold a public hearing on both 53 54 and I and I think we have to do separate motions though so mr. Stevenson would you please provide your report on 53 and 54 7th Avenue and turny Avenue southeast corner Thank You mayor members of council I stated these two items are for the same property item 53 is a request to rezone that one acre site from C to 7th Avenue overlay to c2 height waiver 7th Avenue overlay in item 54 is a request to and a special permit to that to allow for self storage and I'll underlying C 2 uses to be built on that property the proposed use would be for a self storage facility and a building high up to 56 feet staff does recommend approval for stipulations for both of these items you see the subject site here which is just off 7th Avenue right here this piece of dirt right here is now a four and five story apartment project that is will be opening any day now and is completely built you see the zoning for this site right here is exist c2 this grey area shows the 7th Avenue overlay area which is really an overlay to give character to 7th Avenue and help the merchants along that whole area because the site already had commercial zoning that's why it was included within this particular overlay when it was done a number of years ago oh I'm I want to ask a question maybe poison her please where it's marked it was not part of the overlay because it was already c2 did I hear you correctly no it was part of the overlay because it already did have commercial zoning okay so this is the subject site with a black cross hatch this gray color is what signifies the 7th Avenue Main Street overlay district which is what unifies all of 7th Avenue in that area from the the commercial Merchants associations okay thank you mr. Davison please this is their proposed site plan where you see the the four-story building here here's parking on this side over here this is 7th Avenue as you come around the curve right over here this is what the proposed renderings of the project looked like so that it does have a higher design standard because of where it is along 7th Avenue we see they incorporated some of the elements of the the Melrose arch there to help blend in with the character and what people are really working hard to create along that 7th Avenue Merchants overlay there with that staff was happy to answer any questions it was approved by the village planning committee by an 8 to 0 vote as well as the Planning Commission are they very much any questions at this time for mr. Stevenson all right we'll move on to the public hearings and I'm going to open a public hearing on both 53 and 54 so if you are here on either of those items and now is the time to provide your testimony public hearing is now open I'll start with mr. Charles Jones no we're not gonna we're gonna do that but we'll get to play I know yourself citizen comments will get you in just a moment mr. vent we're hearing item number 53 and 54 at this time mr. Jones please good afternoon mayor Stanton vice mayor Pastore members of the council my name is Charlie Jones I'm president of the Community Alliance of 7th Avenue president of Pearson Place historic district and chairman of Alhambra village planning committee today I'll be speaking on behalf of community alliance of 7th Avenue and I'll make some comments from Pearson Place historic district community alliance of 7th Avenue works in 7th Avenue the Melrose district from Camelback to Indian School on that one mile path we do improvement projects to improve the identity of the Melrose district I won't bore you with all the projects we do we're grassroots community organization organization of volunteers that come form the four surrounding historic neighborhoods Pearson Place grandview-woodland and carnation one of our biggest projects is we're building a community park right across the street from the subject prop problem project excuse me all of our members have gone to all the outreach meetings for the project we have all looked at it very intently and we support it fully we think it's a good use for that site it is off seventh Avenue it's quiet there's no traffic dust fumes light pollution and that is compatible actually with the single-family residential that's adjacent to it because of those reasons we also think that 24-hour security is provided in this project is a plus for this area so with that I just reaffirm we support this completely from the Pearson Place signed none of our board members oppose this project I won't bore you with the long story but the short story is we had some problems approved supporting a project in the past and have since chosen not to support projects in writing at this time my board is a little bit hesitant to do that so the best I can offer you today from Pearson Plains is that nobody opposes it I have asked them and nobody opposes it so with that I just like to reiterate we urge you to approve this both of these items thank you very much mr. Jones mr. Gardner you should write testimonials item please come forward you're opposed to 53 and 54 good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is will Gardner I live at 311 West Roma which is just a couple hundred feet east and one block north of this proposed facility I've been there for about eight years and I moved from Levine I had a two acre lot out there and I looked at no less than 73 homes before I found this home because it was absolutely perfect in a perfect neighborhood so we thought and the reason why we moved there is because add character and charm the reason why we moved from Levine is because it didn't it had a whole bunch of these storage units going up everywhere and big box places so that's why we moved and I feel that this project is a move towards losing that charm and the character of our of our little neighborhood there and by the way there was a they said that this was approved new you Nana's unanimously there were I think two votes against it right yeah anyway so here here are my main concerns for this place there's already a ton of storage units and within a half a mile like three or four I think and then I also believe that this doesn't bring any vitality to our community or jobs maybe one maybe two it only brings dollars to the owners that definitely don't live in our community I also believe that that this this unit in our neighborhood is going to be a place for these crackheads running around robbing our houses and then storing it there it's convenient for them not for us also another thing is the Melrose district has character like I said before and I really believe that this is losing that character and I don't want the Melrose district to be known as the storage district I mean like I said we've searched forever for this house and then again it is also way too tall for our neighborhood it's a historic district right across the street and as you'll hear from some of my neighbors over here none of us in the direct neighborhood that this isn't approve of this none of us do and also my last concern is safety I feel that this is you know I know they say that these storage units don't bring a lot of traffic but they still bring traffic and you know you guys want the city to be more walkable there's gonna be more more cars on terney Avenue and there are no sidewalks in our neighborhood there's gonna be more traffic no sidewalks that's gonna lead to some kind of safety especially with me I have two children two small children so something that I want you guys to ask yourselves before voting on this is does it fit into the general plan of the city which I don't believe that it does does it make the Melrose district more walkable absolutely not and does this project truly fit into the neighborhood being that I live in there I say no but these are questions that I want you guys to ask yourselves before voting on this police and the last one does this project add any jobs or vitality to our small little community known as the Melrose district and I also feel that the City of Phoenix is losing touch with some of our historic districts ours especially and and also I feel that you know they don't really you guys don't really seem to care about our neighborhood or the people that live in them so please prove me wrong thank you for your time I think very much mr. guard for your testimony Stephen it's important we get accurate information before this council you indicated earlier that there was unanimous vote of the village planning committee and Planning Commission mr. Gardner indicated that that was not accurate I don't if you had a chance to review and just make sure that we have accurate information before this council maramures council I apologize the Planning Commission was eight to zero vote the village planning committee was a twelve to two vote okay thank you much that for clarifying that for ourselves and for the public also mr. Gardner indicated that this was not consistent with the general plan of the city I don't know if he was using general plan as a term of art or more generically about the look and feel of the city in terms of its compliance with general plan that you can address that sure mayor members of council staff does believe that this request is consistent with the general plan and helps implement the character of the 7th Avenue Main Street overlay as well as our plans for the Uptown Tod district which covers this area it is more intense use in terms of building height it does as I said just roughly to the south is a four and five story apartment project directly to the east of that is also three-story condo and apartment project so there is height within this area in addition to the design that they're proposing is something that is a much greater standard for a self-storage facility than you would typically see they are doing that because of input with the community that they worked on to make that design fit in in a better fashion it does implement several goals of the general plan as well related to connecting people in places reusing this existing site and celebrating diverse things within our neighborhoods and communities because it does have that additional art component to it that is a direct result of working with the community and the merchants in that area all right thank you very much miss Pawlowski Pam Klaus key good afternoon council council my name is Pam Pawlowski I live in Melrose district 4 I'm currently the president of the Grand View Neighborhood Association and secretary of the community alliance of 7th Avenue on the past president of the woodland Melrose Neighborhood Association and a member of the 7th Avenue Merchants Association I want to talk for a minute about the developers today and my experience with them in my experience I've worked with many developers along the way and I would say that the Raskin started out by following the prescribed process and met with much resistance after two meetings I was approached by an unsung hero in this process who I'm not sure is here today but that is tom bill stone and tom is a community outreach expert after discussion with him he approached the raskins and what happened then was they listened they delayed they regrouped and they engaged our community in a way that resulted in in what should be a model for all developers I commend their extraordinary steps and especially that they were all self imposed the Melrose district is loud and proud the raskins and witty morris were willing to listen they have shown commitment to being good partners in the Melrose area for these reasons I am in favor thank you very much chef for that testimony and yes tom is here to hear those kind words all right how about Stacey Lewis your neutral on the item you provide testimony good afternoon I'm Stacey Lewis I own Stacey's at Melrose I'm a member of 7th Avenue Merchants Association and I'm a past member of the board of Stacey of samih as you see on my card there I'm neutral and there are several reasons I'm neutral one is that I've dealt with the raskins personally over the past year year and a half and they've been very aboveboard very fair to me and they as a matter of fact Bruce and I had a nice conversation this morning I see this going forward as it affects my business in a good positive way I'm still gonna remain neutral over one thing that concerns me and that is that back in I believe it was in March when we had the community outreach meeting there were members of all five communities and members of sama and Melrose I'm sorry sama and Casa and there were no positive comments about this and this is nothing negative towards the project itself but I wonder why when all seven factions were against what they were hearing what changed this how did it get through and at the Phoenix Planning Commission's meeting they were commended on how well they did in communicating with the public so it's a little bit of a concern I guess it's a procedural concern but I'm I'm neutral leaning in favor of this they've been good to me sure I'm gonna lose parking at my private at my personal business but with working with them I feel good about this whole scenario I think you very much ship mr. Lewis for the important testimony Briana clink yes I'm Brianna clink Jay Ruiz and I live at five two two six West Roma I can see the curve from my up from my home office from my front door now so everyone's talking about well there's a five-story building to the south of this that's an urban residential thing and it's brand new and it was controversial is still controversial it is out of scale with the neighborhood and Melrose is going to fall to a death death by a thousand cuts just like Roosevelt is right now I don't believe that we are fighting the raskins or with amoris they have been communicative and and you know came to our neighborhood associations they've been talking with people I think planning and development has fundamentally sided with development over the needs of our of our our communities there's zoning rules that are being that aren't met and and that's okay and this is totally out of character I think the incompatible with the neighborhood inside Melrose the vast majority of buildings those zoned c2 and can be 30 feet are one story you you were just there at the opening of the Lyceum it's out of scale and there's a historic Park Historical Park is right literally across the street you know our boundary is aunt on the north side of Turney those property values are going to decrease as a result my property value because instead of seeing palm trees I'm now going to be looking at a storage facility and I'm one block up so I would just encourage planning thank you that wasn't for you someone has joined us via telephone so I would just encourage you to look at the Planning and Development staff report there are several things that are inconsistent not met not met this does support it says that it's compatible with the surrounding commercial land uses but it doesn't say anything about the residential directly across the street even though due north on tourney those houses are currently single-family and they are zoned multifamily but there's a historic overlay on them and within Capital Park there are only three two-story houses we're on the National Register so I've you know if you've ever gone to HP it's going to be near impossible for those buildings to increase in height because of the historic overlay so the multifamily zoning is almost trumped by by HP thank you thank you much for your testimony miss Rachel Julie oh hello there I'm actually an owner of one of those two-story homes I live at 502 West tourneys so this project is literally at my door front there's been a lot of things that have been talked about today I'm going to focus on a few key pieces one thing I did want clarified is the property is not on 7th Avenue it is actually on turn II which is a residential Road you know it was sort of the ghosts of bad and crazy zoning of the past is coming back to haunt us with this project specifically one of the things I want to talk about today are the ingress and egress issues right now this property is landlocked from 7th Avenue the entire plan hinges on them having right-of-way access to 7th Avenue through the parking lot at Stacey's however these owning outlines for special permit really specifically say that there must be either in a but or direct access so the question that I have is what have the developers done to deed guarantee a lifetime unrestricted access to 7th Avenue because there's nothing stopping the landowners who stacey's rents from from turning that driveway into a building and then that would put the entirety of access for this property ant attorney which is a residential road and that of course would make it not eligible for special zoning so this is a very key issue that I have grave concerns about secondary to this would be if that has been put in place if there is a negotiation again I've pulled my own research from the recorder and can find nothing deeded regarding easements or right-of-way he's been granted between the landowners I would request that counsel put a stipulation such as what was done on the project at 16th Street and flower that is also another storage facility requiring special zoning that has gated access to the residential Road so that it is not a general purpose in and out and it can only be used by people who are renting they're granted that you know is going to still not necessarily make traffic perfect on tourney but it would be a step in the right direction but again I just want to reiterate there are 34 online storage facilities within a five-mile radius of my home there are five facilities currently under zoning consideration two of which directly affect me I won't get into that right now but I will say that there's no emergent need for this facility that it would be necessity necessitate bending so many of the zoning restrictions and then not Mets this is not a hospital this is not a school this is a facility that is frankly unneeded and to bend the rules and to continue to not dress these key issues such as ingress is a huge mistake thank you thank you very much for your testimony Roman Ray's also opposed to the UH proposal good afternoon mayor and councilmembers thank you for hearing us out I am a resident of the Melrose Place district I live on 218 West Roma I did not buy it because it's close to my name but I do love the area in which I live I just moved in there about two years ago I love the historic aspect of it so with that said so when you drive into the Melrose district from 7th Avenue and Indian School what do you see you see the big Melrose sign well it's a beautiful sign and I take very much pride in that sign because I take pride in my neighborhood and where I live and I also take pride in the fact that it's a lesbian and gay district as well and so I take pride as well as Mike my neighbors take pride in it is in the love in the heart of the middle of the city so when you look at that sign and you look at the area you see history you see vintage shops you see antique shops you see mom-and-pop shops so therefore when you see that you see the history and in that history it provides the value and in that value is what I love into my neighborhood I don't see any value in providing a storage facility there that's just my opinion so with that with some numbers for you we have so 62% of the Melrose district is zoned for c2 out of that 62% 89% of these are one-story and 10% are two-story so that why do we need a four-story storage facility I'd I just don't get that I believe it's also detrimental because I don't see how like you can compare the zoning of the you are to the zoning of the c2 granted with what the you are you have people who live there you'd have vitality you have you have enjoyment what enjoyment that you have for a commercial location for a storage facility and I think that Melrose is all about enjoyment and having a good time and enjoying yourself in a safe so basically what I want to say is I just implore you to deny the rezoning to raise the ceiling from the 30 feet that's already listed for c2 to the 56 feet for a four-story to go from a two-story to a four-story in a beautiful historical district with a new building I think is uncharacteristic and I think we're hurting the preservation of our historical values within this wonderful and great city thank you thank you very much for that testimony Mike Bolton thank you good afternoon mr. mayor council people my name is Mike Bolton I'm the current president of the 7th Avenue Merchants Association and I did submit a letter on behalf of the organization in support of this project but I wanted to come here and speak to a few specific aspects of this I think it's important when considering this project to have a little more context than has been provided on this property and it's positioned within the 7th Avenue community what we're looking at here is not a question of whether this proposed storage unit should go forward or whether another great project should go forward in its place on that site instead what we have here is a long abandoned commercial property which used to be a distribution center for a wholesale florist excuse me it used to be a wholesale florist distribution center and has been vacant for years now we've analyzed loads of different possible uses for this property we've talked to multiple investors as you've heard the raskins went through extensive efforts to try to come up with the best way of utilizing this property for the community and this is what came out of it the fact the matter is it's a very challenging spot for a whole variety of reasons which some of the neighbors had mentioned there are not good commercial uses for that area because of those difficulties this is really the best maybe we have to take an eyesore vacant property that's not doing anything at all for either the residential neighbors or for its owners and turn it into something that is at least innocuous and good-looking storage is one of the lowest impact uses that a commercial property can have although the building may be tall and it may take up a fair bit of area on the site the actual traffic burden is is essentially zero from this type of use and that's one of the primary reasons that we think this is one of the best things to put there additionally I want to mention that while historic preservation is incredibly important in the Melrose district and we work with with all of the business owners and property owners in the area to help them make the best use of the historic properties that are there this property is not one of them this structure does not really have much historic value and it doesn't contribute as it sits today to the feel of the neighborhood it doesn't contribute to the historic aura of the Melrose district what's going in instead is a modern design that has visual elements that are consistent with our neighborhood and in fact it includes an O Maj in the front to the the Melrose arch at the bottom of our street and we appreciate those efforts that they've put in and I think that's really going to do it a good job of bringing these newer bigger projects into visual congruence with the older buildings that are being preserved and we do have a lot of good preservation projects that are underway in Melrose and will be coming before you in the next year or so and we look we look forward to being able to mix those preservation activities with these newer development activities and help the street continue to be economically productive and good looking for everyone they very much for that in testimony I have a swallow card from his miss Cynthia Lee opposed the item the card is one marking not wishing to speak but did you write testimony at this time it's up to you I don't have an Cynthia Lee I don't have that much to say except for I've lived here for five and a half years I'd like my neighborhood but we weren't contacted in the very beginning nobody contacted any of the residents of Yale Park it was Pearson place she said it yourself it wasn't a park we got in on the tail end after it already was rolling along and they had had the first meeting where the building was it should stay if you want to do with storage go ahead and do a storage but two stories don't add to the height of the district it's not needed as will said and everybody else said we don't need storage and I don't and I live right next to Bree I'm at 528 I look out my door and I see the curve and now I'm gonna see the storage and I don't want to see it that's it thank you very much for that testimony I have no other cards anyone else here wishing to provide testimony on items 53 and/or 54 mr. Morse you have something to add you're the represent of the applicant I am pleased Thank You mr. mayor councilmembers I'm gonna go through this briefly because I think much of what I was going to say has already been covered I do want to begin by pointing out my office and personally I've never been associated with an application quite like this we actually were brought in after the fact the application had already been filed there was a neighborhood meeting that initially took place in March of 2017 there was strenuous opposition at that point it was well attended and there was a very clear direction that this facility was not appreciated this design was not accepted and this use was not going to be supported by the neighborhood hopefully mayor and council what you've seen tonight is that we do in fact have support from the organizations within that neighborhood and I regret that there are still members of the community who are opposed to this but I can honestly say I've ever seen a better and more thorough community outreach with any case I've been associated with to such an extent we'll go into this briefly that the design in large part for this building comes from the community itself rather than the local developers Bruce and Kim Raskin who are here this afternoon this is the site that we're discussing and it's important to take the context into account in that this one acre parcel is not directly abutting seventh Avenue but has direct access to 7th Avenue via an easement in place so that addresses one of the comments made earlier about having access to 7th Avenue although because of the location of this one acre site it does not have visibility so it is never going to be a traditional commercial site as you would typically have on the arterial which is why a self storage facility makes sense on such a small parcel off of 7th Avenue it's also worth noting you wouldn't want something that's going to be a high traffic generating traditional retail use inside the neighborhood boundaries this instead is more transitional use that is a very low intensity use but as you can see from this picture it's also adjacent to what shows here is a construction site which is now a 60 foot multifamily building to the south and adjacent to existing multifamily that's threes two and three stories to the east this gives a better design and perspective of where that construction site is immediately adjacent to it and also points out the zoning in place is c2 but it's essentially an abandoned building that has been abandoned for several years without any use in adding nothing to the community this is another angle of that it's a fenced off building this is what the raskins bought and were determined to redevelop the view as you go both north and south on 7th Avenue doesn't permit visibility to this site whatsoever which is why bringing a use to such a small site in this location has been a challenge over the years and why you have not seeing redevelopment we've already discussed this in terms of other self storage facilities in one of the questions that was raised repeatedly not only in this site but why the council is seeing self storage especially in the city centre is because of the influx of redevelopment within the city centre the neighbors who participated today even those neighbors who participated in opposition all agreed on the fact that these neighbourhoods are special and you've also heard that many of these neighbors who spoke today moved here within the last handful of years and while you're seeing a great influx of people to the city center the houses themselves haven't gotten bigger they haven't sprouted garages they haven't sprouted basements and as a result self storage becomes a component part of this influx of people into historic districts which is why you're seeing this type of use in this type of facility in the neighborhoods initially that this design was meant to mimic the apartment building that was under construction and approved next door at the initial neighborhood meeting that I discussed there was significant pushback to having a building that was seen as another muted stucco building although the development and the development team really intended to blend into the existing development there was pushback to this design and push back to the use as a result and you know as Pam pointed out Tom Bilstein and tan Pam really deserve the credit pam in particular of coming up with a concept meeting with the ownership and saying if this is going to be designed it has to be designed with neighborhood input and to that end something occurred on the site that i've never been a part of and would love to be a part of in the future zoning cases and that is a design competition the developer in this case as I mentioned Bruce and Kim Raskin who are here today agreed to hire three different architectural firms hold a neighborhood meeting to get input from the neighborhood that was very well attended to give design clues as to what this building should look like and what is important to Melrose and the other historic related areas as well as the Merchants Association however as a result of that input two weeks later all three of the architectural firms came forward with their designs and made a presentation at the Newton this is a shot of that design team not only did the design teams have an opportunity to present their designs but the judges were either the property owners or local community residents members of the village or former staff who had design cues in mind based upon what the design competition guidelines were as a result of that and this evening which was covered not only by the local paper covered by local media but also travelled throughout all of the social media covering these neighborhoods which is why we had so much input from these neighborhood groups resulting in a design where we can get to that hopefully you'll agree it's unlike any other type of storage facility you'll see not only is the design taking into account the fact that it's on the curve using materials that are reminiscent of historic development in that area using sustainable materials but one of the aspects of this was to create a space within that building that's not storage that could have a community use that could be used for art expositions that could be used for community meetings that could be used for purpose other than the storage facility so that there would be a community benefit because that's one of the things that was talked about is there has to be something in this for us as a neighborhood so the raskins donated that space in terms of not using it for traditional storage but instead will program it with the assistance of the community so there can be some community bent fit to the building of this structure that was also a commitment made very early on in the process this is some of the other elevations that again very unique type of building materials very atypical and more importantly sustainable because that was one of the guidelines from this design competition mr. Richard Andrews who's the architect was the prevailing architect but even after that design competition mr. Andrews met with the other two architectural firms to take some of those design cues and make it part of the ultimate submittal this whole process took months beyond a typical zoning case and literally everything was on hold during that process but during that process we not only came up with a better design we came up with community support so we've already discussed the features I think the staff report which is obviously highly supportive of this use goes through and talks about the design features in terms of height which was mentioned today yes we are requesting a height waiver this is a 48 foot building but we were adjacent to a 60 foot building so in terms of context this is not out of context it's actually smaller than the buildings adjacent to us and in the middle of a commercial block on one of the busiest north-south arterioles in the city I'd also like to address mr. Lewis's comment you know he has been an excellent neighbor and Staci's has been an excellent neighbor and I think there's been a good relationship between the raskins and mr. Lewis in this instance because the property has been vacant it has been utilized for on a month-to-month basis for additional parking for Staci's it's my understanding that the parties have agreed to continue that it may not be the amount of parking that's been there historically because there's no way to develop a 1 acre parcel and have essentially that many vacant spaces but that agreement is meant to continue and that working relationship is meant to continue the other thing I'll point out because this was raised was the the signage and we have already talked about staying within the bounds of the City of Phoenix zoning ordinance and not requesting a variance for the signage purposes but also looking at signage that's directed to 7th Avenue and to the extent possible making sure no signage is directed toward any neighborhood in terms of illumination I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and I appreciate that the time and effort that you put into this council was talking a question yes I do so could you can we get the site plan back up and talk a little bit about the access I'm trying thank you and so you are still gonna come off a journey right mr. mayor council members Stark actually there is access from both there is an existing easement directly from the parcel immediately adjacent to us to the west that gives us access directly to 7th Avenue that exists today and it's existed historically but there is also access from Turin yes yes the other question was I think someone from the neighborhood talked about gating I'm sorry was that Rachel yeah could you speak to that issue certainly I think the question was could we add a stipulation that the access from attorney would be gated access one of the things that's not unique to this storage facility but unique at least to the storage facilities you've seen in the last year or so which is a more modern version is these are internally access units and internally access buildings rather than having roll-up doors and access after hours so access to the building is by code after hours and there isn't 24-hour access to these buildings they have traditional office hours I don't believe there's a significant throat on Turney that would allow that turnaround access that you would have to gate it off of turn II but there will be limited access I don't know if it we'll be attorney if it'll be further into the parking lot but the idea is after hours this will be a secure facility thank you thank you very much and he did any other questions I see her please and she discussed mr. vent I'm asking you to be respectful and I always behave by spearheads the floor please I have it right here can you hear me mr. vent can you hear me can you hear me can you hear me thank you thank you mr. Brent Allen the question is egress and ingress could you please discuss that because I met with Brianna clink yesterday and she was stating that the egress and ingress was not in line with our general plan so mayor councilman pastor taxpayer passed or in this particular instance you see on the aerial overhead here I'm going to grab the clicker so I can point to you okay so there are two access points this shows you that the easement that goes over to seventh Avenue and so this is a historical use meant thats been there as part of this commercial zoning this site does have existing c2 zoning so we're not adding C to commercial uses and things into this area it's already exist c2 it has this access easement here it also has access to tourney right here and as part of this the zoning ordinance for a self storage facility such as this does require access from a from a main arterial Street other particular c2 uses don't require that so let's say they wanted to do something more intense like a retail use don't have more traffic in and out those types of things they're not required to have this this is a unique element that is required of the the Mini Storage use and as such they do have that they will meet the requirements of the zoning ordinance and the general plan which calls for these areas when you have a small infill parcel like this to try and develop something that fits into the character and what's there and via their design proposal and trying to incorporate the elements of the 7th Avenue Merchants Association designs and what's happening there as well as the height that surrounds this area it's completely you know within the general plan parameters okay the other question is Michelle I'm glad you're here because the question is for you this neighborhood April Park is in the National Historic Registry and Ellen if you could go to the design this design is going to be incorporated into possibly will be incorporated into the neighborhood the question that I have for you is would this devalue the property or the historic neighborhood at anyway we've had other cases like this within our historic neighborhoods and so I'm just I wanted on the record to discuss what happens when a new building that is not part of the historic neighborhood how does that I guess affect our historic neighborhoods vice mayor Merritt Council I'm not real familiar with the project I know it's just outside the district and so we have many historic neighborhoods that have multiple story buildings just adjacent to the district you can think Central Avenue for example you have many taller buildings and that that are adjacent to the neighborhood and so you know it's a situation it exists it does not affect the integrity of the historic district doesn't have any kind of impact you know so the aprile's not going to lose its designation because this building is built you'd have to spend a little more time looking at it to you know just looking at it it certainly is larger than what you see in the adjacent historic district but I don't know if you're thinking like a federal compliance review right I don't know that there are federal funds and bottlers project but we'd have to it's hard to say in a minute or two right right and and you know unfamiliar with the project but I'm just saying there are other historic neighborhoods that have blended with I guess modern buildings or newer buildings and have I don't the fact that that it would devalue the property in a historic neighborhood the statement was that a building like this would devalue the property in an historic neighborhood well the historic district will still be a historic district okay thank you another one it was one with it had to do with the egress ingress the fence the one of the neighbors had comment about putting a fence I believe on turn II think that that was the comment and I think councilman stark was speaking about that so mayor vice mayor I believe the the applicant is tried to address that they will have the access controlled after-hours so there will be gated access and it's probably only a card control access point I think mr. Morris can explain exactly how their proposal is for that okay thank you is there gate in the application tell us about that please Eric counts remember in this instance it you would essentially be gating a parking lot every other building in the area has a parking lot my my comment was this is internally accessed and even the storage even the loading all of that is internally accessed so after hours it's a building it's a secure building there will be no access to it and over even during the access hours it is a secured building with only card access but if you created a gate there one of the things that we talked about earlier was the fact that there's an adjacent property owner that was actually hoping to use that parking lot and so there would be a gate on one side but there'd be access on the other if stacey's was still going to use that parking lot after hours so there's no reason to gate the parking lot because it's just like every other parking lot every other building in the area there's no there's no nuisance in the parking lot there's and there's no access to the building thank you any other questions for now we're still in public hearing portion of it so I'll now ask the question remember that's great no of course we find him to have that dialogue during this time as well any additional any other members of the public wish to provide testimony before this council man that your son dad please come forward and anything you wanted to add reasonably quickly as possible I just want to address since we did spend a lot of time talking about the Turney access that is actually is a nuisance currently because of Stacy's restaurant using the parking in this facility that is actually exacerbating the traffic on the street and that would be part of the reason that we would support getting off this and forcing all of their patrons who park in the slot at night to utilize 7th Avenue to leave so that would be my biggest point and the other point I just want to reiterate is I understand that they're talking about a historical right-of-way historical easement I cannot find anything in that any properties deeds regarding this so is this a handshake agreement or is this a lifetime guaranteed deeded easement thank you thank you very much there's more timely if your assertion to talk about the legality of the the easement that you described certainly mr. mayor in terms of the access easement this property was purchased with that easement in place it's prescriptive easements if it's used for 26 years at this point and it is part of title policy that was purchased with the building okay thank you very much all right any additional questions at this time I also like to add relative to that that is part of the development of this project they will have to submit a site plan that's going to show that access easement they will have to maintain that pursuant to the zoning requirements or to continue to do the use excellent okay any additional questions is anyone else here in the audience wish to provide testimony on items 53 54 going once going twice public hearing is now closed vice merits in your district I'll hand it over to you to see if you have any emotion I first have a question about the community space because that piece I from my understanding and from being a far with this case that there was dialogue about the community space from the very beginning and so I would like to know regarding the community space is there community space secondly how will the community be able to access that ok mr. Marsh you reference community space I did mister mayor Councillor foster I just wanted to give the dimensions of the space in this instance one of the things that was I mentioned during the design phase when we reached out to the community one of the things that was requested from the community was give us something you know we from a land-use perspective we understand why you may want a storage facility here but there also has to be some sort of win for the neighborhood what does the neighborhood derive from an application like this or a use like this so amongst the designs in the design competition was the concept and in this design of having a community space space that would not be programmed for storage use that was at the ground level in this instance about 2,000 square feet and that is part of the winning design that's something that was committed to at the village level it was referenced actually we didn't speak to it at the Planning Commission because it was approved unanimously on an expedited schedule but we have no problem committing to it on the record this evening that there will be that space it's designed into the the site plan that is associated with the application and the concept is that this space would be programmed with the help of the community obviously it's going to be privately owned there will be rules and regulations about how it can be used and what it can be used and there may be its deposit necessary to use that space but it is function space that will be available for community uses based upon that and then I have one more question the April Park residents made a comment stating that they were not invited to any of the community meetings mr. mayor council member past or I have to tell you I've never had one case with more neighborhood associations in my life there seems to be a neighborhood association for every square foot of this one acre and it's a very active and involved community and I complement them for that but oftentimes there are unofficial associations there are associations there are groups their communities and our first indication that there was anyone left in the seven square mile area that hadn't heard about this case either on social media or direct notification or the site's posting was at the village hearing when actually many of the speakers who spoke this evening spoke at the village hearing and at that time the development team specifically myself availed ourselves of that neighborhood group and said if we missed you we're happy to attend your meeting and I have to give them credit they have by far the best board meetings or it or community meetings of any of the neighbourhoods that I've ever attended and that is to say they meet on somebody's front porch at a happy hour and everyone brings something and we had an opportunity to speak so I showed up I think actually some of the community members who spoke today commented that I was brave to show up but I showed up bottle of wine in hand and had an opportunity to speak to the neighbors about this application I clearly did not make a tremendous impact but there has been dialog throughout what they were watching any additional questions Alan one more question does the proposed facility meet the requirements for the height waiver is so how mayor vice mayor yes it does so the zoning ordinance it's a height waiver to be granted in area if there's no nothing material detrimental to the surrounding community and there's other height in the area and as discussed there is height both to the south as well as to the east of this parcel it is within the 7th Avenue Main Street overlay area which is promoting an an urban environment and promoting the commercial activities associated with that okay thank you thank you very much please not to believe but it's 48 feet at but there's a peak to 56 feet because I heard 56 I heard 48 mr. mayor councilmembers start and know it's 48 feet and some amount of inches but below 47 feet at its peak 56 feet I think was the limit of the height waiver that was being requested but we're going nowhere near that height okay no I will make a motion please I moved to approve the rezoning application per the Planning Commission's recommendation and adopt the rate at related ordinance are there's motion is there a second on that motion second there's a motion and a second any comments or questions on the motion mayor and the City Council I would just clarify that this is item 53 Z 17-7 that you're going on yeah item 53 yet we'll do a separate vote on item 54 as well correct okay so this is item 53 only with rousseff promotion of 54 there is a motion there wasn't second as well again any additional comments by the members of this council welcome the CCO yeah Gallego yes Nowakowski start Valenzuela yeah Waring Williams yeah that store yes mayor Stanton yes so I believe that item passed unanimously thank you for your time we have a motion on item 54 54 I mean vice mayor it out for the Planning Commission recommendation adopted related ordinance yeah move to approve the rezoning application for the Planning Commission's recommendation and docked the related ordinance there's a motion is there a second okay there is a second any comments or questions by the members of this council on the motion roll call just CC oh yeah Gallego Nowakowski Starck Valenzuela yeah Waring Williams yeah that store yes mayor Stanton yes so 54 passes unanimously that's all the formal business we saw of additional citizen comments on for today's agenda again citizens have the three minutes to provide comments on non-agenda items john is a jan or john miller are you still here mr. Miller or a miss Miller all right Chaya Levine good to see you up to three minutes of public comment thank you mmm my name is ooh my name is Shia Lavine and I have a bachelor's degree from Bates College in Lewiston Maine and a master's degree from Emerson College in Boston I'm grateful to be speaking here for the third time I so very much wanted to speak about healthcare but I felt the need to reiterate a similar subject as I spoke of in the past and that's the subject of tailgating and aggressive driving it seems as though the situation has been slightly tempered somehow and thank you to whatever forces come into play that do this the situation still needs to be tempered even further and somehow remain there for as long as people continue to drive and soon drone I'm here to ask mayor Stanton to please request again that local radio and TV broadcasts the upcoming rendering of 250 to 300 dollar tickets to all those who engage in tailgating and aggressive driving I'm wondering if this upcoming rendering can be posted on the same signs that lists Drive hammered and get nailed I'm wondering if there can be an actual rendering of 250 to $300 tickets to all those who engage in the act of tailgating and aggressive driving I'm wondering if similar policy can be implemented for those who dark in their driver's seat windows so much that it's impossible for other drivers to make eye contact I'm also wondering if there can be regular reminders out there that it's usually the left lane that's the passing lane and not so much the right lane or the middle lane after speaking here last time I received a note from the city manager's office stating that there were a handful of roadway citations last year regarding these kinds of issues yet this is challenging to believe when every single day and virtually every moment many drivers are quick to misbehave as a yoga practitioner I don't hesitate to use the word spiritual it feels like many people have a lot of things that are weighing on their minds yet instead of choosing to let go and practice some sort of forgiveness it feels like many people have a tendency to try to project their negativity onto others who are virtually strangers it needs to be said that not only does this tendency not heal whatever challenges one is facing in one's life it may cause other challenges whenever I see a man engaging in tailgating and aggressive driving I've come to view it as a version of misogyny and when I see a woman doing it I view it as another version of misogyny I do not see myself as being perfect nobody around me is but I do know that each and every time I get into my vehicle I am mindful of the exquisite safety of each and every single person around me with an emphasis on the words each and every without discrimination please mayor Stanton can you put more unmarked police vehicles on the roadway and highway systems to spring up on unsuspecting motorists who are engaging in tailgating and aggressive driving thank you so very much for your time thanks for your patience and your important testimony here I think next speaker will be Pasquale Sabari good to see you again please come forward that I gotta make an appointment with my council lady carrying echos resolve the problem I have in my house then this last week I have to call the Phoenix police because the the guy yeah Adam I'm sorry my neighborhood aired with the clinic in there and a familia they blocked the street and everything was at a mess I couldn't get out of my house so the police is Willoughby not a testify in a court of appeal what the ricardo gaya are doing in front of my house there is it almost a seven months that that you are here but a to the red zone about property 15:29 east of a letter street and and May 10 2007 teen that you ever give it time for people for the Yaga to uh have restored the mistake mistakes he had ever Megan the parking lot in there and through a closer the ideal driveway are not the letter Street to an end the alleyway and the Saudia there didn't nothin so therefore what are we gonna do about it I don't want to confronting anyone I want to live in peace so it's you people lot responsibility the City of Phoenix to take care people who not do the job right if they cannot do the job right they've got to be out of the way it quit to what they're doing now they're closer the air the the FC they're from the state of Arizona where they have but the collector the bidder benefits for it and the sword it was an 18th Street when McKinley so they're close all those people from there they're going to go together to the Mart ma'am I'm sorry to Ricardo celaya have seen there for a to recollect axis in there now is in there they have a truck trucks big trucks small trucks they have plugged the whole street and nobody can get around in there something are be done by this office and I expect that if a Ricardo celaya cannot restore that the lot that are you rezoning the energy reads on the back took our tree the way it was before thank you very much for just one thank you very much and I hope that everything's gonna be fix it is funny thank you very much the next speaker will be mr. JJ Johnson out of Pat is Pat was he able to stay mr. Vint he had a leave looks like how a mr. Resnick is he still available looks like he may how to leave as well so BJJ Johnson followed by Reverend Maupin mayor councilmembers not sure if you can hear me or not apparently there was a gentleman that was having some difficulty hearing or earlier I wanted to address a couple of things today the first is the after-action report if you will with the with regard to the Burton Barr library I revert very I read the report that came out very very carefully and I have a concern that some city employees some of them who have had a tenure over 30 years were essentially scapegoated in the report the only real consistency with regard to fire prevention was the city manager the fire chief and the Public Safety Manager mr. de Honi there was so much volatility with regard to Kelvin Bharti that he was in the position for a very very short time he walked in well he walked in while things were in flux between after the leadership with mr. Ballentine mr. Ballentine of course being removed and we're in a situation where we still don't know if that system has been fixed and it was not addressed in any way shape or form in the Disciplinary report I take great umbrage that mr. Bharti has been disciplined for 80 hours and nobody can explain Oh buddy has offered any explanation as to why chief Kalp Brenner milton Taccone and of course at Zurcher have not been disciplined as they were the ones who ultimately had should have been accountable as far as that goes the ripple effect of Burton Barr being closed pushed a lot of homeless people out where are neighbors had to look at them and I've been in touch with several of you about the population that camped briefly at Roosevelt point you should know that they have been pushed by a Phoenix law enforcement all the way to Mesa now where they are continuing to be arrested and harassed by law enforcement we need to find a different way to address that population we have about three solutions for hundreds of different reasons that people are on the street it's really time for us to look at ourselves as a city and define how we want to be looked at in history thank you very kindly thank you very much for coming down given that important testimony mr. Maupin Reverend muffin and then Dede Barker she's still here good to see you and now mr. diamond will be last mayor and council I'll be really quick I have a petition here and I'll share it with you but to get to the nuts and bolts of it I'm sure you all saw the reports about that terrible apartment complex at 2936 East Van Buren where all the folks were made homeless this morning I had seven people there's a man there named Freddie green who's an Army Ranger a veteran and knows my dad and he plays dominoes with my dad so I had seven of the people who were evicted from there and I had to take two to breakfast today and then go look at the conditions they were living in I'm not mad at you guys I come to ask you for three simple things the first I know that the state regulates you know the rights of property owners with respect to collecting rents so I would ask that you send the legislature some kind of a resolution urging them to empower you or to further empower themselves to prevent property owners who know that their property is nearing condemnation or who know that the city is coming in 48 hours to turn off the electricity and make it uninhabitable to ask them to get to give you guys some help with that because it's a it's a terrible situation the other thing I wanted to do was applaud Neighborhood Services and just ask that we get a little bit more sensitive with the notice that is given to the property owners and the tenants because the 48 hours isn't is it long enough and I know you guys didn't formally evict anybody but when you turn the power off to save lives you still you know people still have to make that choice so if you can make it maybe seven days five days whatever is reasonable after meeting about it doesn't matter to me but I think 48 hours is a little shortened for the tenants I really don't give a damn about the property owner this these particular people and the third thing one it was with this on their behalf the property owners here they're bad actors neighborhood services they've got hundreds of fines and the only thing you can do is civilly find them you know it's it's it's terrible and you know my family has some apartment buildings over in that area they're very clean and I mean some of the rents are very low two hundred two hundred and fifty dollars a month they've been that way since my grandmother owned them in the 70s having raised the rent but these guys are really bad actors you got open sewage lines you probably know the electrical stuff the structural issues I know the city can make them post a sign and so the third thing I'm asking for is that you if the property owner won't do it that the city would come out in the public right away wherever we have space and post signs warning people and I'll be very quick mr. mayor warning people that that they should not pay rent or deposit monies to these property owners who who have property that's going to be condemned today a neighborhood services was with a woman today who the the property owner this this Miss Qin refused to be served and I had two or three people that came to me they don't have the money to file a small claims suit or whatever but and they've lost you know two hundred bucks but when your monthly income is 750 dollars on Social Security what can you do so we've got to be able to warn people so I'm hoping there's some creative things that the city can do to fight back against these slumlords because they're terrible they very much River Maupin maybe mr. manager I get a briefing on the specifics of what what happened at that property thank you so much Dede Barker you're next and then mr. diver good afternoon mayor and council and city staff a Diane Barker and I reside still downtown Phoenix 7 mayor mayor I need your attention because you might take a Kudo right I know that you get the other from September of 2015 I remember the mayor saying this is going to be the last time we have a meeting like this our friends at the AG have instructed us and this is what's happened I have now the opportunity if I am fortunate to be person called at the beginning the meeting and the end here and I think it's useful and so I do want to thank you and the council for moving forward with that decision I see a big improvement it's more of the government that I had envisioned and now I met the Board of Supervisors and I am going to take back what you said mayor today about we can't speak on something that's not on the agenda because I see a violation over there and I'm hoping that they may look at the way that you just said that our friends at the AG and you move forward in that light because we see different governments that drag their feet and they really don't want to do what their mission is and the mission in my mind for all of our government basically is in best practices to serve for the public services that's under them so you know I want to thank you all so we have pollution problem and it's not getting better by deque Park westbound it's seven days a week you know it's around 2:00 and going to the i-17 which is one of five worst freeways mayor we have to do something about the pollution the I 60 was held up yesterday and I'm watching it on TV and I'm wondering why do all these cars have to be stalled it's polluting that we can't expedite somebody to get around the incident of which they've had to secure but to keep people waiting for our it's not good it's not healthy and so you sit on boards let's move this traffic I've asked the Board of Supervisors to do that also and so I'm just you know finally saying here that I'd like to see the city put on their big agenda for all the departments what they can do to adhere to some goals they may have made or create goals for fitness I see that you know there's a sing make America fit again okay if it was you know when I was growing up it was really shown if you were overweight the the people really didn't like that and if you work for the airlines and you were what the thing they called that stewardess two pounds over you couldn't fly okay you didn't have a job that day I think very much it gets illegal now miss traveler hello I am James die blur I live in Phoenix Arizona and council district 5 I know Phoenix is a fast-growing city with Laura's unappropriate unemployment rate in the nation we need a new Sports Arena for the Phoenix Suns and Arizona coyotes in downtown Phoenix without using taxpayers money we need to improve the economy and downtown Phoenix when you drop job opportunities that people enjoyed finally we need to make college more photos for students without taking out their loans I know student loans it is a big time killer that this color fie people to get a house home or car thanks for know timing and consider racing me thank thanks for your time and consideration today is my birthday thank you very much mr. dye blurr happy birthday thanks for being such an active citizen it's appreciated no other comments for citizen comment this meeting is adjourned you

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