Philips BG1025 15 showerprrof body groomer for men UNBOXING with Pros & Cons

hello guys this is yawning and Here I am to review this Philip series thousand body groomer you see this is a Philips body groomer and you can use it for your chest your groin and it's waterproof and we are going to open it first see just check the seal when you are opening it anytime first of all you see here is a trimmer as you can see it has got some thingy-thing you can hang it in your bathroom ok I hope you can see that guys okay and they also provide us the more batteries some manual how to use it and everything if you don't know how to use it just go through the process and here is the comb that thank you it's a little comb for extra protection 0.5 mm production I hope you can see that can you see that yes yes you can okay this is a little brush after using your groomer you can just pop it off okay during the site and they provide three batteries and David launched two four over and yes if you are a single user yeah mostly body groomers are used a single user okay just pop in and open it it's just a click you see as you can see you can just play it in those arrows and you can get it out put the battery in you placed it right let's do it once again I chase the straight arrows and just pop it once okay here is about us just push it upwards and it's been drawn and the blades are has Philips claim they they do not need to be changed as they say like here it is once again yeah no need to replace the blades that means they will short pen themselves and they provided three batteries and one comb no need to replace blades yes it's 100% waterproof that's one of the main reason I bought it because you are going to use it for body trimming actually the price of the product is around as you can see it's 1409 therapies but in Amazon you can get it for thousand bucks something like that thousand thousand eleven and it wouldn't replace something like that and it's called two years of warranty you can climb you can call to these numbers if there is any problem yeah that's it guys I hope you enjoyed the video and I will make another video is it good or bad how it is how it goes with your skin something like that okay thank you

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