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Coming up, Jonathan visits the Philippines
to meet some big, friendly sharks! Welcome to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World! The whale shark is the largest fish in the
world. Growing longer than a school bus, the whale
shark survives by filter feeding small fish and plankton from the water. At the Georgia Aquarium, I saw how these massive
animals are fed by hand from a small boat. I never thought I would see this in the wild! But 9,000 miles from the Georgia Aquarium,
in the Philippines, something amazing is happening. It takes me two days of travel, but I fly
to the city of Dumaguete on the island of Negros. I’m picked up by Atlantis Dive Resort, where
I’ll be staying for a week of exciting diving. I get a ride back to the resort in a Jeepney—basically
a fancy bus. I arrive at the beachfront Atlantis resort,
dive boats ready for action. The grounds and pool are gorgeous. But I’m not here for the pool! The next morning I’m back on the Jeepney
for a day trip adventure. We drive to the ferry terminal. Well, we’re taking the ferry to Cebu so
we can go see some whale sharks. And hopefully this ferry can hold our giant
bus! They back the Jeepney onto the ferry along
with a bunch of cars and motorcycles, and we’re on our way to Cebu Island, a short
30 minute ride. Then everyone drives off the ferry and it’s
another half hour to the town of Oslob. The water around Oslob is clear and blue. And inhabited by giant sharks. At the welcome center, we encounter a huge
number of people. As many as a thousand people show up here
every day for a glimpse of the whale sharks. After a briefing, everyone stands around waiting
for their group number to be called. Just offshore, the larger boats with the tourists
are lined up in rows. As I wait my turn, I can see that the larger
boats are not very big. I’m just waiting….with a thousand other
people to see a whale shark. I’m not sure that my camera is going to
fit in that boat. Soon our group number is called, and the Blue
World team boards a boat. I think this camera might sink the boat you
guys! Well, this is the craziest whale shark trip
I’ve ever been on. We paddle out to join the rest of the boats
in line. Feeders, in small boats, parade the sharks
in front of the tourists by doling out food. I put on my mask, fins and snorkel and hop
over the side. With my big camera system, I get into position. Usually I have to chase whale sharks, swimming
as hard as I can to keep up. But here, they bring them right past me. The feeders paddle with one hand, and toss
krill into the water with the other. They lead the shark back and forth in front
of the tourists. It’s odd to be able to easily position myself
in front of a whale shark to see how it feeds by gulping enormous volumes of water. Being a filter feeder, the Whale shark is
harmless, even though it’s huge. There are 8 whale sharks here, wild animals,
but happy to accept some food in exchange for posing for pictures. I used to joke about chumming for whale sharks,
but this really is chumming for whale sharks—and they love it. Now I know what you’re probably thinking—yeah,
this is kind of cool, but feeding the wildlife is never a good idea. And you’re right. But on the other hand, it was not that long
ago that whale sharks were hunted and killed for food and fins in the Philippines. In Oslob, a handful of whale sharks may have
become somewhat dependent on people for food. But they’re also acting as ambassadors for
their species, allowing a thousand people every day to actually see and swim with a
real whale shark in the ocean. And in my experience, this causes people to
fall in love with whale sharks, which in the long run is in the best interest of sharks
everywhere. So–in the big picture–I honestly see more
good than bad in this. People are not allowed to touch or harass
the sharks, and the sharks come of their own free will. This thing is absolute proof that sharks are
good for tourism. They are definitely better off alive than
finned and turned into soup. Given the number of people in the water, I
am pretty impressed at how smoothly the whole operation runs. It’s fairly organized and a lot of fun. These big, harmless sharks will convert anyone
that can float into a shark lover!

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  1. Yeah I didn't realize we have tourist spot where u can see Whale Sharks in the Philippines. I thought they're extinct from hunting! I'm glad it is still around.

  2. Omg I still remember going there! It was amazing but there were so many tourists it was quite annoying haha. We smelled like fish afterwards but it was definitwly fun haha

  3. How much more if you travel a lot in Philippines there's a lot of paradise, but we keep it and protect. that's why we called the golden pearl of Asia.

    bisaya here in queen city of the south Cebu?

  4. Went there last year. It was a great experience but I was so stunned by how big the whalesharks are and also got afraid of the depth of the water so I didn’t jump. I still regret not jumping so I will definitely go back.

  5. Oslob is a big mess. Look at the huge numbers of boats out there. I would never support something like that. Next time go to Donsol.

  6. You guys want to see them in The Wild?..Donsol Sorsogon is the rigth place to hunt/chase and be with them with less people in the wild..Good luck!..

  7. I think it is not okay to feed the wild ones. Better to leave them alone. Agree with someone commenting (in comments section below)about the impact on its hunting skills and also the risk of getting infected (so many tourists around!!!) takes a toll on its health.

  8. You can feel the warmth of hospitality from filipinos even from reading their messages.another great video jonathan keep it up

  9. Whale sharkies are adorable!!! And you're correct. The sharkies are there to tell humans why they need loved & protected!!!

  10. I highly recommend, visit and swim at Hot Springs Hidden Valley and try famous Coconut Pie at Calamba Laguna Pansol Philippines – (only 1 Hour travel from Manila via South super Highway).

    Travel Laguna: Hot Springs in Hidden Valley Resort

  11. The Philippines Is Amazing Go To Philippines Visit Now Its More Fun In philippines Soo Many Beatiful Places Dont Miss

  12. These sharks can feel saturated and tired from the pressures of the feeding frenzy and tourist visits day in and day out. They must restrict the visits per day and for several months only out of the year. Marine biologists and sea experts of the Philippines must study their behavior, especially reproductive cycles.

  13. Blueworldtv, a less busier place in Luzon would have given you a "wilder" experience, in the province of Sorsogon. You can swim with the whale sharks and watch them do their thing but feeding is never allowed so as to keep their "wild" instincts and tourists are also limited for the same purpose.

  14. Enlightening video.
    I was there last February and tbh I did not fully enjoy myself because I was sad thinking that they should not be dependent to locals for food. Now listening to your idea seems to make a point, that they are the ambassador of their species encouraging people to love them and other sharks out there. It lifts a bit of my worries away. Thank you.

  15. Should have gone to Donsol, Philippines where whale sharks are roam free, i mean not fed by humans. Plus almost no tourist.

  16. Oslob is more commercialized but if you wanna experience a truly wild environment where they dont feed the whale sharks, go to the town of Donsol in Sorsogón province. You'll definitely love it there for you'll see bigger healthier sharks.

  17. Or you could go to Sogod Bay in the Philippines (about the same distance from Cebu) and swim with larger whale sharks that are naturally feeding off plankton. The three sharks at Oslob are very young and small and the 1000 tourists make it all a no-go for me.

  18. wow, hopefully Oslob will control the number of tourists incoming 🙁 seeing that crowd makes me sick lol

  19. O mah gahd i wish i knew him since 2017 or 2018 cuz i live at dumaguete!! If i knew him i would totally catch up with him

  20. You can see the whale sharks and even swim with them without feeding them like they do in Donsol, Sorsogon. Feeding them is not a necessity.

  21. the local fishermen in Oslob know the value of the whale sharks. the feeding is only done in the morning. in one of my visits there, we stayed a few kilometers away from the feeding area. in the afternoon, a fisherman was net fishing by the reef when suddenly a whale shark appeared. the fisherman immediately took out of the water his net before it will entangle the shark. he rather went home without catch than posing harm to the shark.

  22. I feel bad for the whale sharks being chased by humans constantly, I wouldn’t want to be chased by 1000 people.

  23. lol jeepneys are not just "fancy buses" coz they're actually military jeeps left over from WWII by the American occupation
    also a lot of them aren't exactly "fancy" but useful just the same

    love from Cebu, Philippines

  24. Can u make comments on dolphins and killer whale shark that got trained to follow instructions to jump swim and everything in sea world and huge aquarium and its limited area and not in open sea UNLIKE oslob butanding it’s on open sea

  25. People comment about feeding shark at open sea but nobody comment about wild fish being inside the aquarium and its totally away from sanctuary the open sea…I need to go to market to buy some “common sense” thanks

  26. Thanks for pointing out that this tourist attraction does more good than harm to the whalesharks. I'd rather see them alive and fed by people than being mercilessly butchered by hunters. ?????

  27. I'm a new subscriber. I'm from Philippines. But I never gone to any beach like you. ? Haha. There are many beach here but few can afford.

  28. i felt bad to see this animal. they depend on human to feed them. i wish they will stop feeding them. let them swim and feed on their own.

  29. Dude i was born in plillipines

    And what sucks is im gonna go there again and peeps liked me and there gonna like me again

    1 like means does not happen

  30. If sharks are good for tourism why do people go to Australia beaches and get killed by white sharks? Isn’t that bad for Australian economy?

  31. I mean the sharks can come and go as they please and if they wish to not be bothered they can feed on plankton elsewhere I am sure so I guess I can not object to this. Heck if one person falls in love with sharks from this experience and boycotts fin soup then this is totally a win

  32. Nice Video with the Whale Shark! You might want to check this out? to know more about Oslob Whale Shark.

    Don't forget to subscribe. Thanks

  33. Hi can you also visit the Enchanted River in Surigao Philippines? That one has a underwater cave also as far as ive known

  34. This is kind of a symbiosis between human and whale shark. Both get fed by the other and without harming the other!

  35. Hi! ☺ Avid viewer from the Philippines here ?? We've been there too and yes it's really awesome. ? I really love watching your videosss? ?

  36. Visiting Oslob next month! Can't wait to experience swimming with them ❤
    I know a lot of people are against when it comes to feeding the whale sharks but I guess it's a win win situation, no dead whale sharks and this is a good opportunity for the locals to generate income. I really like what you said that they are the ambassadors of their species.

  37. I live in dumaguete and have done oslob a few times. I'm here in phils filming a marine life documentary, I hope we can meet up one day!

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