Philip Wollen – Most Inspiring Speech on Animal Rights!

[Applause] I'm profoundly grateful today for this honor and I humbly accept it but not for myself but on behalf of all animal rights activists like Chris DeRose and everyone else in this room animal rights activists like you are the bravest of all first responders because you confront a deeply entrenched status quo of vested interests industry politics and culture you are Lincoln's better angels of our nature and the beacon on the hill and a day will dawn when civilization will owe you a debt of gratitude it could never repay now they say that behind every successful woman obscure behind every successful man there's a very surprised woman so my debt of gratitude tonight is for my long-suffering beloved wife Trix now Rudyard Kipling writing of young men dying in World War one said and if they ask you why we died tell them that our fathers allied that legacy of lies continues today everything we think we know about the meat and dairy industry is a preposterous lie you see the world is crying out today for only two things leadership and the truth civilized people always tell the truth the wise Chinese have a term for it Yangzhou listen to the friend who tells you the truth even when it hurts so let's just tell the truth feel asleep and forcefully that is what the Sanskrit word satyagraha means the truth force now Brennan keneley in the book of judas wrote if you want to serve your age betray it but what does that mean to betray your age it means expose its lies humiliate its conceits debunk its arrogance and condemn them to face harsher truths Alvin Toffler said that the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn unlearn and relearn now I have long admired countin Malta K the great Prussian general a soldier who preferred to think rather than speak a man silent in seven languages you see it takes courage to stand up and speak it also takes courage to sit down and listen so what made me decide as a young investment banker to leave the world of lobsters and leeet's in exchange for shelters and slaughterhouses to decide to take nothing but pictures oh nothing but memories leave nothing but footprints who kill nothing but time you see something happened to me I had been to Dante's Inferno but unlike Dante Alighieri I did not have Beatrice for my love nor Virgil for my guide I heard the screams of my dying father as his body was ravaged by the many cancers that killed him I realized I've heard those screams before in the slaughterhouse while the cattle ships to the middle east and a dying mother whale as a harpoon explodes in her brain as she calls out to her calf their cries were the cries of my father they were identical and I discovered that when we suffer we suffer as equals and in their capacity to suffer a dog is a pig is a bear is a boy [Applause] so when I look into your beautiful faces here tonight I recall the words of the Greek odd horse change only the name and my story is also about you now in human history only 100 billion human beings have ever lived 7 billion people alive today and we human beings torture and kill 2 billion sentient living loving animals every week 2 billion a week we stabbed and suffocated 1 billion ocean animals every eight hours 1 billion every eight hours if human beings were killed at the same rate we would be wiped out in one weekend trillions of fish are ground up into pellets to feed to livestock vegetarian cows are now the world's largest ocean predators now the great astrophysicist Carl Sagan's picture from Voyager spacecraft showed the tiniest microscopic pinhole from space our pale blue dot suspended on a sunbeam that's what he called it a pale blue dot suspended on a sunbeam well human beings now comprise 30% of the mass of all land animals slaughter farm animals comprise 66 percent and natural wild animals are only 4% we have turned Carl Sagan's pale blue planet earth into blood-stained planet slaughterhouse you see them the oceans are dying in our time by 2048 all our fisheries will be dead the lungs and the arteries of the earth and if idiom algorithms are correct and they all are it means that no child under the age of five is ever going to reach retirement age it is a mathematical impossibility if that does not chill your blood 10,000 attire species are wiped out every year because of the actions of one species and we now face the sixth mass extinction in cosmological history and the meat industry is killing us too with cancers diabetes heart disease and many other diseases and it is deforesting the planet poisoning the oceans raining the rivers and aquifers and bankrupting global economies if any other organism did this a biologist would call it a bloody virus it is a crime of unimaginable proportions now the great anthropologist Margaret Mead said never doubt that a few committed people can change the world indeed that is the only thing that ever has well look at the numbers there are only 13 million Jews in the world and they place such a vibrant role in international affairs just look at the number of Nobel Prizes they win every year Crick's and I sat in the stadium during the Olympic Games full of pride as Australia with a population less than Florida won more medals than every country in the world except for the United States and Russia Tibet's population is only 3 million but who hasn't heard of the plight of the Tibetan but there are over 600 million vegetarians and vegans in the world and that is bigger than the United States England France Germany Spain Italy Canada Australia Israel New Zealand all put together if they were one nation they would be bigger than the 27 nations of the European Union they are bigger than NATO they are bigger than OPEC and despite this massive demographic footprint they are still drowned out by the raucous Hutton shooting killing cretinous who believe that violence is the answer when it should not even be a question 1 billion people today are hungry 20 million people will die this year from malnutrition cutting meat by only 10% will feed a hundred million people and going vegan will end malnutrition forever and from crisis a skyrocketing it used to cost me fourth I rise for my projects in Southeast Asia 197 US dollars a ton and then it went up to a thousand and fifteen dollars a ton a five-fold increase in five months and as we travel around the world to our projects in many countries we see these poor countries sell their grain to the west for hard currency whilst their own children starve in their arms and the West feeds it to livestock so we can't eat a steak I bet I'm not the only one in the room who sees this as a crime every morsel of meat we eat is slapping the tear-stained face of a hungry child when I look into her eyes do I remain silent if everyone ate a Western died we would need to planetoids to feed us we've only got one and she is dying the earth can produce enough food for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed now you would know there are two peak predators on this planet humans on land and orcas on the ocean in the 20th century human beings killed 200 million members of their own species orcas killed none I don't expect any protection from your own governments either in the 20th century 100 million people have been killed by their own governments now Victor Hugo said there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come but I say there is nothing more destructive than a bad idea whose time has passed the time for meat has passed [Applause] now 20 years ago I have to tell you the world is changing and much of it is for the better about 20 years ago Twitter was a bird sound www was a keyboard cloud was in the sky Skype was a typo 3G was a parking space Google was a babies burp and al-qaeda was my plumber now the most beautiful word ever written in any country in any language at any time in human history came from India from the Upanishads 3000 years ago ahimsa non-violence to any living being and it's a beautiful word not because it describes our nationality our politics our religions our diet or our lifestyle but because it describes our character it says we reject violence wherever and whenever it occurs it is a revolutionary event more powerful than the Industrial Revolution the Reformation the Hubble telescope or anything ever conceived by Galileo Copernicus Einstein Darwin or Freud because it protects the most precious of all things life people in this room are creating the new enlightenment the second Renaissance now everyone here would probably know the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you which goes back to the New Testament of Jesus but actually goes back further still to the Babylonian Jew Hillel in fact it goes back even further than that to the Analects of Confucius 500 years BC the truth be told it was enshrined on the human heart long before the dawn of writing so I say that veganism is the Swiss Army knife of a future one instrument solves our ethical economic environmental water and health problems and ends animal cruelty forever [Applause] I recently delivered some speeches in the Senate in The Hague in the Israeli Knesset Parliament in Jerusalem and I also addressed the world Parliament of Religions and I said veganism gives us the peace dividend the peace map is drawn on a menu peace is not just the absence of war it is the presence of justice so talking about peace while still killing animals is like loving literature and still burning books they are mutually exclusive ideas so in my journey through Joseph Conrad's heart of darkness I've learned that a man is measured not by how much money he makes but by how much of it he's willing to give away particularly to strangers and if you wish to increase the man's share of happiness do not aim to increase his possessions simply decrease his desires so Socrates and Epicurus were right the unexamined life is not worth living it's not a life it's a life sentence and I learned that you do not find your character on Wall Street because it lives on the road to Damascus and my heart resonates to the words of WH Auden if equal affection cannot be let the more loving one be me but all this takes courage Martin niemoller the German priest philosopher and u-boat captain spent eight years in prison for condemning German intellectuals for being cowards and he wrote when the Nazis came for communists I remain silent I was not a communist when they locked up the Democrats I remain silent I was not a when they came for the trade unionists I did not speak out I was not a trade unionist when they came for the Jews I remain silent I was not a Jew and then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out men and women of integrity like you in this room must speak out and act courageously is it not better to light a candle than to curse the darkness all the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle you see I believe another day is dawning and if I close my eyes I can feel the heartbeat so let's not relive history let's make history because that is what a leaders do they make history that is what people in this room do they make history judge White's closing words in the bonfire of the vanities where they use the law is humanity's attempt at decency so I ask you all to join us in a battle in a war that decency cannot afford to lose because in the end only three things matter how deeply you loved how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go things that were not meant for you meat was not meant for you [Applause] ladies and gentlemen the Brutes and the bullies have been Goliath but David is coming maybe he's in this room maybe he is one of you and if not you who and if not now when so I'll leave you with the words that my mother read to me when I was a little boy the same words I use every year for the last 12 years as I launched the sea Shepherd campaign against the Japanese whalers in Antarctica Christopher Robin is reading to Winnie the Pooh if ever there is a tomorrow when we are not together there is something you must always remember you are braver than you believe stronger than you seem and smarter than you think but most importantly even if we're apart I'll always be with you thank you you

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  1. Hello! I want to translate this video to Porguese-BR and put the subtitle on it, could u change the configuration to allow it? Thanks!

  2. We just launched the most important animal/children project! Remember
    the moment when you find out about the things we do to the animals. I’m
    sure this isn’t taught in schools. Guess what: Animal History education
    in school curriculum worldwide, separately or as the part of classic
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  3. " So genius , a gentleman , a great human ….. Your work is suprb …. Love And ?from Bharat ( india ) . "

  4. Si un français passe par là, vous pouvez signer une pétition contre l'expérimentation animale sur le site : 30 Millions d'Amis.

  5. May God bless and protect you. And may the Souls of all the animals faithfully departed rise up in unison at the feet of God to move heaven and earth to make you and this cause victorious over this ghastly evil.

  6. Virus was a good point. We just need to become good probiotic bacteria for our paradise mother earth. I have faith people are awakening to this and will change

  7. I appreaciated what he said the animal has the same capacity to suffer , to feel as our human beings. we should feel compassion to animals. stop being selfish but feeling compassion

  8. As always, an eloquent and poignant speech by a great orator, and more than that, a great vegan/animal activist.  Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very correct sir.Man has exploited all living beings for his selfishness. Every living being has got equal rights when born. There is no need to go to church or temple for getting benevolence from God. But One will get plenty of that if you can show mercy to all living beings and be in line with nature. Hindus worship nature like sun , fire ,air etc and worship even animals like cow bulls etc

  10. Great Man! How we all can be togther and work for animals and environment without any borders. Animals lovers without borders! There is no reason we should call ourselves human beings. We are demons

  11. He born in India where maximum vegan people are there. Now sad to say that they are fallowing western food culture.

  12. Said a grt thing.. in human slavery.. strong ppl used to slave weaker people.. Similarly humans are slaving weak animals…

    human cant be someone property similarly animal cant be used as their property…

  13. Outstanding, lucid and comprehensive, time to wake up. It is not a challenge, it is an opportunity for man kind to wake up, prudence is in opting for vegetarian diet. "Ahmisa parmodharama", Non violence is the best religion.

  14. we're closer to 8 billion people now. documentaries Ten Billion, and Ten Billion: What's On Your Plate are must sees

  15. The so-called primitives – spirituality nature based people lived the truth for thousands upon thousands of years,. WHAT HAPPENED!… Civilization is what happened!
    So it's about time that civilized man should correct what it has done to the natural world, and it should be fitting that one of the leaders of capitalist industrial society should take it upon himself to lead this hedonistic society toward compassion!

    Thank you very much Philip Wollen for setting an example for the rest of your barbarian hedonistic civilization.

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