PetSolutions: Remove Tear Stains from Your Dog

Many poodles and white dogs like Maltese,
will have a lot of drainage that comes out of there eye and we like to use an
eyewash and we soften the cotton ball and we put that right here to soften it
a little bit. They don’t mind that at all. It doesn’t hurt.
You can clean right around there and then what I like to use is something
like a flea comb here where I can go right there and just go right through
the hair and clean off those little pieces that accumulate. If later you want
to go ahead and trim the hair that’s fine, or if you take into a groomer and groom
will be able to do that for you. There are many other products that are
available to clean eyes that are safe. These are pre-moistened pads already
pre-moistened that you can take out of here to do the same thing if you don’t
want to use the cotton balls or and eye solution. For additional information on the
products used in this video, please visit

18 thoughts on “PetSolutions: Remove Tear Stains from Your Dog

  1. This video is good but your other video purporting the benefits of Angel Eye's as a legitimate tear stain remover is …well.. just misinformed at best and horrible solicitation for money sake at worst. As a Dr. or Vet you should know that Angel Eye's and other like it use a low grade antibiotic as the ingredient that clears up yeast stains. It is NEVER a good to give a low grade antibiotic for weeks and weeks, months and months, years and years. Find a tear stain remover that is antibiotic free

  2. Guys remember to b careful if u wanna buy tea stain removal. know 1 type that is not to good for the pets organs…(angel eyes)… i heard that it is a antiboutic and it is like a type of medicine but it is better to let be natural..for i to be healthy..

  3. My 8 month old maltese cross has recently started having tear stains. Should I be worried at all? His personality hasn't changed at all and his vision doesn't seem affected.

  4. When u take your dog to groomers they will get rid of most of it then when u go home add a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar to his water (big bowl) half a teaspoon for small bowl then it shouldn't come back as long as he drinks the water another way is to keep drying his eyes every 30-60 minutes

  5. i have a bichon frise and she gets teared up badly lol and honestly i just trim the hairs away… it works just fine and i wait til it grows out again… just fine lol 

  6. This is advice I found from a YouTube commenter. Thank you  Angel!  I tried Angel's advice and I've only done it a few days and there's a big difference already. We have a snow-white American eskimo so his tear stains stand out. I'm going to make it a daily or close to daily practice, just like washing our own eyes each morning.

     My procedure:
    1. Apply Clear Eyes (for humans any type) generously to Fur, not directly to eyes
    2. Let it set for 10 minutes.
    3. Apply and soak a larger amount of this other tear staining removal liquid that we already purchased on the stained fur. (I think you could use water at this point, the tear staining removal liquid was pretty ineffective that's why I was searching for a better method)
    4. Brush fur on both sides with old toothbrush. Our dog is so sweet he licks me knowing that I'm taking care of him at this point. 
    5. Apply more liquid for rinse.
    6. Towel dry. 

    Quick and easy.

    Try not to use disposable towelettes  or one-use cotton pads, you don't need to adopt an unenvironmental practice that will add up to a lot of waste and cash as the years go by. 

    Hope that helps!

  7. I havea Maltese she had tear stains as a puppy we used drops recemended from Our vet which helped alot We had to cut some hair we kept using the drops and cutting the tear stains and don't Spend your money on Cotten when you can use a tissue or SOFT toilet paper

  8. I have a weird dog i dont know what kind it is. I adopted him from a neighbor. The poor thing had literally almost ripped his arm off by getting it stuck in a cage. Vet had to amputate. He LOOKS like a yorkie and a chinese crescent. Very hairy, looks like a muppet lol. He gets these horrible eye strains that accumulate into crusty buildup. Im scared to get scissors near it to just remove the hair ( i usually cut the hair to get the crusts out ). Sometimes he doesnt fuss when i use automatic clippers. I think the hum of it is relaxing. Im scared im gonna poke his eye though so i need something like this.

  9. van the anomoly, is it possibly a Chinese crested powder puff?? I have one and he hate his cage also. Also has the tear stains

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