PetSolutions: How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

How to clean your dog’s teeth. Obviously some dogs are not going to
accept this very well, but if you do start with the puppy and get them used
to this it, can be done. It should be done every day. What I do
with a little puppy like this is just getting used to my finger. I put that in there kind of rub along
the gums go around like that. If they tolerate that after a couple of
days, we can use something like a finger toothbrush here. Real soft little abrasive edges and
that can be put in there, and gone along the edges. We want to pull that lip back and get
those teeth in the back as well as the front. If we do well with that then, we
can go to a toothbrush and these are available, obviously different sizes for
different sizes of dogs. This little puppy would take this small
little brush here and then we would do the same thing we, lift the lip and go on
the edges here and then the front and it doesn’t take a whole lot. If they accept
that, then we start to use a toothpaste on that and dog toothpaste is different
than human tooth paste. This is meant to be swallowed, our toothpaste is not. If
they do swallow our toothpaste, it could cost diarrhea. We also have a Tartar cleaning solution
here. This can be applied with the finger
brush or the toothbrush or even a piece of gauze and that can be applied right
along the gum line and that will last 24 hours. There are also very many tartar treats
and these are very popular because they’re very easy. They’re formulated to
help clean the teeth. If the older dog has a heavy tartar, has a lot of odor or
bleeding from the gums, none of these products are probably
going to work. Then you would need to have professional cleaning done by a
veterinarian. For additional information on the
products used in this video, please visit

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