PetSolutions: How to Apply Flea Prevention Products to Your Dog or Cat

Today we’re going to talk about topical
flea products for dogs and cats. Two very good products
are Frontline Plus which can be used on dogs
and cats, you have to get the appropriate size, one
size is for all cats dogs have different weight ranges. And
then we have an Advantage, Advantage II and Advantix 2. Advantix can not be used on cats but Advantage II and I can be, it’s just the appropriate size. In cats
its below nine pounds and above nine pounds. To apply the Frontline we have a
container, appropriate size. There’s a division right
here we snap it but our thumb here and we apply it on
the skin. Part the hair on the skin in one place in
between the shoulder blades. On dogs we apply it at three to four places with
the Advantage it’s a little different. We open it, we go down the back we apply it at three or four places on
the skin and we do not rub it in we do not touch it we let it spread itself. On cat’s with, both of them we apply it right at the back of the
head right here and that’s so they can’t lick it. For additional information on the
products used in this video please visit

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