PetSmart Puppy Training: Socialization

You wanna go socialize? Let’s go learn about some socialization! Aaron and Guppy here, and today we’re going to be learning about Puppy Socialization! With me, Shannon. So what is socialization? And why is it so important? Basically what it’s doing is we’re just getting him used to different people, different places, sounds, different things. He’s forming all of his positive and negative associations right now. So it’s important that we make them all positive! And what should they be before they start socializing? You want to start them at 8 weeks, when you bring them home. Wow! Is there anything that Guppy is afraid of? Loud noises. The other day in the kitchen I dropped a plate and he just freaked out. The best thing that you can do for Guppy is just kind of… Don’t pick him up, don’t make a big deal about it, don’t go “OH BOY LITTLE BABY DON’T BE SCARED It’s funny because he thinks the vacuum’s a monster. Do you have your vacuum handy? Ummm I think it’s right there… Uhh oh no over there! There you are! The best thing you wanna do is… You wanna have it somewhere in the house, where it’s kinda just sitting all the time. You don’t wanna have it make big scary noises, and then go away in the closet. And then come back out, and make big scary noises! So let it be in the room, and let him explore it all on his own. When you’re meeting new people with Guppy, do you have a friend that could come over from time to time so he could practice? (Doorbell) Who could that be? What’s up?! Perfect. So this is where you can control the interaction. Ask your friends to be calm, and to meet Guppy on his level. Let him sniff. And then… Now you can kneel down and encourage Guppy to come to you! Good job! You’re doing such a good job buddy! That’s perfect! And a good positive interaction. Well my job here is done! Shoot! Huh? Huh? When kids see him, he freaks out and kids freak out! One of the things that you can tell them is… You know Guppy is a little bit excitable, so instruct the kids to let Guppy sniff their hands first. And then to always pet underneath his chin, or on his chest. If they always reach for his head it would be like me coming up to you and giving you a big noogie! Like… You’d freak out. Like a noogie? Yeah. Like this? Yeah you don’t like that do you? Ehhhh… No I don’t like it. Yeah nobody does. So what’s the safest way to socialize him with other dogs? Absolutely, well you definitely want him to start off with a really friendly dog like Tator Tot here. Who is clearly exhausted from all of the socializing that they’ve done. So we’re gonna let him have a nap, and bring in his assistant! What’s up! Ohhh this is much better. So Arthur here is very friendly. Isn’t he sweet? Let’s let him and Guppy try to have some interaction! Okay! So things to watch for is… You wanna make sure that Guppy is initiating the play, no matter if the dog is big, or small. Things you do want to watch for is that if he is shying away, trying to come to you and hide behind you Those are all signs that Guppy might not be comfortable with the situation. Now you never want to force interaction, so if either of the dogs want to walk away you should let them. Ohh! There we go! That’s good! And when he is old enough he can go to Doggy Day Camp! THERE’S A DOGGY DAY CAMP? You hear that Guppy?! We’re going to Doggy Day Camp! Yes we are! Don’t forget to subscribe! BYE!

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  1. Wow only 3 comments (4 with mine) i thought there would be more But i guess most people have not seen Aarons vid yet i mean it just came out

  2. “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

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