PetSmart Puppy Training: Feeding a Puppy

Today we’re talking about puppy nutrition Aaron and Guppy here and today we’re learning about puppy nutrition With me, Shannon So I have a few questions for you Okay Its about food How often should I be feeding him? When should I feed him? Like, what kind of food should I be feeding him? Okay Lets take it one step at a time *Sigh* K Breathe. Start with timing. Okay How old is Guppy? Six months Perfect. So for a puppy Guppy’s age.. Mmmhmm He needs food in the morning. Breakfast. And then once at night, right before you eat your dinner Oh I can do that! Well how much should I be feeding him each time? How good are you at math? I am amazing at math. I can count to twenty if I take my shoes off. And if I have guppy with me, thats like another twenty, soooo…. I got my math skills down Alright, it almost that simple. Every puppy is a little bit different, so you’re going to need a measuring scoop. Like this?! That’s perfect. Nice. So what’s the scoop, on the scoop of Guppy’s food? So, make sure to ask a PetSmart associate And, read the instructions on the back of the bag Hmmm. Let’s see what we got here Chicken, brown rice, blueberries, carrots, flax seed Spinach, sweet potato This smells so good So growing puppies like guppy burn a lot of energy so they need extra calories in the form of a nice balance of protein and fat Okay, so how do I know that the food I get has the right balance? There’s a lot of different kinds of food, so you want to make sure that you look for a food that’s been regulated by The Association of American Feed Control Officials What about wet food or dry food? So that’s a good question Dry food is great for his teeth, its less messy where as wet food is a nice, special treat makes the food a little more enticing, and sometimes has a little more calories Okay so now that we know the food What should I be serving it in, like a bowl? Yeah! A bowl is perfect. Like this? Well this is good if you want Guppy to slide it all over the place This is better Nice and heavy Non skip bottom So it won’t move around Is it okay if i feed him, or give him his water in that same bowl? Yeah absolutely! Its really important to keep Guppy hydrated make sure that he’s getting at least one ounce of water per every pound of body weight One scoop Perfect! Pour into bowl Perfect Ohhhhhhhh! Oh he’s not eating Well that’s okay, sometimes that happens. There’s a lot of different things you can do. The first thing that you want to try is… Hi buddy! You can even try a little bit of hand feeding Yeah! Good boy! How many treats is too many treats? Well its easy to do, I mean look at that face You just want to make sure that you’re not giving him more than 10% of his daily diet Okay So? So good idea would be maybe to use his food, as a treat That counts? Yeah absolutely! He clearly loves it Guppy Oh and Tator likes it too Sit! What?! Yay! Yes, very good! You guys share. Enjoy it! Subscribe Can you still see me?

87 thoughts on “PetSmart Puppy Training: Feeding a Puppy

  1. please stop the animal cruelty, you mistreat your animals. And i am not buying anything else from your store anymore. After hearing how you treat your animals, its truly heartbreaking.

  2. never ask a pet smart associate because most of the time they are completely wrong and no nothing about what your asking. it would be a lot better to just look it up on a reliable website

  3. How do I do this, my dog is female chihuahua she's 1 year old but she doesn't want to eat dog food we have tried gave her dry food and wet food we gave her what we eat like chicken nuggets she eats them but she doesn't want to eat dog food

  4. I wish she had talked about free feeding and just letting them eat when they are hungry. In my opinion that's the easiest and nicest for both you and the dog. All of my dogs have been trained like that and they just let me know when they need more food if I dont happen to check it right away. I think it decreases bad behaviors like begging because they are not anxious and crazy to eat at specific times!

  5. look up the truth of what they do to animals they suffocate them "whack" rats. thats where they out them in bags and hit them against things till they die.they freeze animals and they crown them. dont support them untill it stops!

  6. why the animals are healthy but i watch a video the petsmart supplier all animals are sick and about die i don't beleive it his channel is peta i forgot

  7. Hurting them.. ABUSEING.. and you die on that last line.. it's to late s e t t h e m f r e e 9 r t h e y w i l l b e f r e e

  8. And I'm tellin ya it's bad to make animals this way u seen me before and you will pay for this.. it's gunna be just like the way I want this to end set them all free

  9. This place are a monster!view the others videos and you see what are the "petsmart" or "Monstersmart"?

  10. Cant thank you guys enough, Im getting a little pug puppy and I Was so worried on How to take care and Teach her stuff.

    This mad me a Lot calmer as I got really scared, at one point I almost Didnt want to get her anymore Because My Friends scared me so much (not even having dogs their own)

  11. AAFCO has zero regulatory powers. Do not feed your dogs and cats pet food, it's the equivalent of a daily McDonald's diet. Feed them a raw diet.

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