PetSmart Puppy Training: Basic Cues

Today we’re going to learn basic cues. -Hey it’s Aaron and Guppy and today we’re getting some puppy training tips with
-Shannon So Guppy is the youngest puppy I’ve ever had. I’ve had dogs in the past but I’ve never had them this young before -How old is he?
-He’s six months. -Oh he’s the perfect age to start training.
-Oh yeah, absolutely! Yes! You hear that? So what should I teach him first? Good. So the first we want to teach Guppy is a positive reward marker. -What is that?
-So it’s a word or a sound that lets Guppy know the very second he did the right thing. -LIke…?
-Well let’s use the word “yes!”
-Yes! -We could do that, right buddy?
-Perfect, so the first thing we need to do is we need to have some treats so we can load it up with something really positive. *whispers* She has treats for you and me! -So this is a treat pouch which means it’s a treat for Guppy and a treat for you.
-It’s for me? -Yeah, try it on.
-Okay, you take Guppy. Let’s see here. Oh! I like it! Oh yeah! Alright! -What should I teach him first?
-So we’re going to load up that “yes” word. So the first thing I want you to do is get a few of those small treats and I want you to say the word “yes” and give Guppy a treat. -Yes! Guppy? Yes! Ah, good boy!
-Perfect. -Guppy? Yes!
-So Aaron you’ll probably want to do this, I would say at least ten times with Guppy until he really starts to understand. -So ten times each day?
-Sure! -Nailed that! What’s the next thing we should do?
-So the next thing we want to teach him as just a good foundation is the verbal cue, “sit.” -Sit?
-Yeah, sit. So basically what we want to do with Guppy is we want to teach him what it is that we want. We want to teach the action first before we start yelling “SIT SIT SIT SIT!” at Guppy. -Oh look it, he’s got it.
-Look at you! Alright! Alright, so let me have some of those treats. You want to try it?! Come here babies! Come here, Guppy! So again we’re going to get him nice and excited and we’re going to take the treat from his nose straight over his head. Yes! Good sit, Guppy! Are you ready? We’re about to learn this Come here. -Yes! That’s my champ!
-Yay, Guppy! Good boy! Let’s try something a little bit different. Let’s move on. There’s one more thing I want you to learn for Guppy. -And that’s the cue “watch me!”
-Yes! Now that he’s got “sit” pretty good, we want to introduce a way that’s going to help him build confidence through eye contact. So what I mean by that is we’re going to help Guppy learn to make good eye contact with you -Mmhmm.
-So that it helps him feel a little bit more secure. -Okay.
-So again it’s very similar to “sit.” So we’re going to start here. Here, Guppy! Come here. Treat on the nose. Yes, good sit. From his nose, between your eyes. Watch me! Yes! Good boy! -Alright. Let’s see if we can do this, buddy. Come here. Watch me! Yes!
-Good boy, Guppy! -Did I do that right?
-That was perfect! Yes! Very good! I think you can take a little bit of a break, buddy. That was hard work!

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  5. has no one seen petsmarts "care" for the animals… this is just another way to get people to watch their videos..

  6. My pug is 8 years old, half blind, and not treat motivated. Being not treat motivated for a pug is weird. Anyone have any tips?

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