PetSmart groomer fired for alleged aggressive handling

as she walked inside the Katy Freeway Petsmart yesterday Tara leader passed the grooming area and almost immediately realized something was wrong bang on that nope I was like trembling I was freaking out and I couldn't believe what I had just seen this so she knew she needed proof of what she was seeing so she started to record until she just couldn't watch anymore shut the hell up it was crazy after explaining to management what happened then she waited outside for someone to come pick up the dog she waited an hour if that were my daughter I would want to know that this happened to her Brooke Bowers who had dropped off her dog boo hours before was stunned when leader approached on the way out sounds like confused only later did Bowers watch the video then post it to Facebook where it went viral just a bit of the video so I hate to think what happened in four hours in the fact that Bowers says watching the video of her two-year-old Shih Tzu being mistreated makes her sick this happened to my dog it probably happened to other dogs and I don't want it to happen to future dogs do you feel this is animal cruelty yeah I do she can tell boo seems unusually timid today she is thankful however for the kindness of this stranger who spoke up for her furry friend without that she says no one might ever have known what happened here I would add no idea

10 thoughts on “PetSmart groomer fired for alleged aggressive handling

  1. Most of the comments are from people who don’t even understand what is going on. It appears the dog was aggressive and the groomer was using a shaker technique to clip with sharp scissors and clippers around the face. Maybe she was a little too forceful, but this is absolutely NOT abuse. Without seeing way more than this there is NO way to know if the groomer was abusing this dog. The video is simply too short to make a judgement and jump to conclusions. Watch some aggressive dog videos being groomed

  2. The girls who spoke up are true heroines!!! When the girls initially complained a supervisor/manager should have IMMEDIATELY responded. I've seen rough behavior and terrible grooming from Petsmart far too many times to leave my dogs in their hands EVER.

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