PetSmart and Humane Society Team Up

A group of fury friends are looking to *leave* the animal shelter for a more permanet home. Pet Smart and the Coulee Region Humane Society are teaming up today to connect shelter animals with area families. Since the start of the year . the shelter has taken in more than 1 hundered 75 animals. As part of Pet Smart’s National Adoption Day . the Coulee Region Humane Society set up shop at the Pet Smart store in Onalaska to give the animals some more exposure. Volunteers with the Humane Society say the event is a way to help adopt those pets who may be overlooked. People need to know that there’s animals out there that do need some help and giving them exposure is the best way to do that, You can find a full list of animals currently at the shelter by going on the humane society’s website w-w-w dot coulee region humane society dot com. TAKE MAPS

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