Petsense SEK Humane Society Food Drive

the night … I’ve know those two women to answer their phones at two in the morning to go help a kitten out. They do so much for this community and today we’re here to recognize their achievements and award these women and let them know how fully they are appreciated.”CALDWELL AND WENZL WERE AWARDED A COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE THAT WILL BE PERMANENTLY INSTALLED AT THE HUMANE SOCIETY. A LOCAL PET STORE IS AUCTIONING OFF A THANKSGIVING MUST TO HELP AN AREA HUMANE SOCIETY. PETSENSE IN PITTSBURG IS HOLDING A FOOD DRIVE FOR THE SEK HUMANE SOCIETY. PARTICIPANTS CAN DONATE A CAN OR BAG OF TRUE SOURCE DOG OR CAT FOOD, IN EXCHANGE FOR RAFFLE TICKETS.FROM NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER SEVENTEENTH, PETSENSE WILL DRAW A WINNER EVERY SUNDAY MORNING FOR A FREE TURKEY.WITH THE WINTER MONTHS COMING UP, PETSENSE EMPLOYEES one. The last food drive we did we had an awesome turnout. I mean it’s just a really good feeling knowing that we’re helping all those animals out there and helping them you know keep functioning and be

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