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Hey, this is Derrick with Sporting Dog Pro.
Today we’re gonna take a quick look at two of our best wireless fence containment systems,
the Petsafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence, and Petsafe’s PIF-300.
With proper training, both these systems allow your dog to stay in the yard in a projected
circular boundary without having to bury any wire like you would with a traditional underground
fence. Setup is a cinch, and by following the included training instructions, your dog
will know their limits within the yard within a matter of weeks.
Each system uses a transmitter and a receiver collar to set up that circular boundary to
keep your dog within its limits. These transmitter collars will emit an auditory signal to your
dog as they approach the boundary, and they’ll deliver a light static correction if they
try to step outside the boundary. Both systems are portable. You can take them
anywhere you need to go. The receiver collars are waterproof, and there’s no limit to
the number of dogs that you can add to either system at any time.
The advantage to the newer and smaller Stay and Play wireless fence system is that it
can cover a larger area, a little over a 100 feet, as compared to the 90 foot radius of
the PIF-300 containment system. The Stay and Play collar is rechargeable, whereas the PIF-300
collar takes an easy to replace battery. But despite their differences, both systems work
perfectly at keeping your dog close within your customizable containment area.
You can even purchase multiple transmitters to overlap boundary zones to increase the
area, or to cover those awkwardly shaped properties. As always, read your instruction manual completely
before use. Thank you for watching, and thank you for shopping at Sporting Dog Pro. Tough
gear for tough dogs.

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