PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control Review Unboxing

What were going to do was going to be unboxing a product to see how it works. And yes, you guessed it It is a little bit to do with barking dogs next to door as well. Alright, let’s go. Let’s unbox something Let’s get serious about it as well. So this is the PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control and we’re gonna unbox it professionally PetSafe really like to make sure that it’s really really hard to get into their equipment. So I’ve had a situation before where it’s kind of being a little bit tricky. Let’s take this one off put this one on Because we can’t be taking safety to unseriously Can you hear me? Alright, let’s go Riobi I’ll expect my free battery set in the post Deklan… Done and dusted Oh To right very dusty! Let’s get into this. Oh that Made it’s so much easier That is so much easier. ‘Coz any time you buy a PetSafe product, all you need to do is get your trusty Riobi out and off you go. There we are Alright, so inside this little unit. You’re gonna have our free Guide on how to use it how to set it all up. That’s a little bit of rubbish. Don’t worry about that It’s got a manual in there again with PetSafe thank you very much for that information. I can probably read about That much of it so the rest of it you don’t really need you can just throw most of that away because it’s all in other languages so if you’re in Australia Australia just get the first few pages and have a read of that Alright, but we’ll summarize it, in our bark control. Now to open it Get the gloves off Because this is serious now Open it up. You’ve got a nine volt battery standard nine volt battery. You can order them from us And what happens is that connects to there… It’s really simple Click click and then that nestle’s in there now there’s a little bit of a trick You’ve got to make sure you don’t you put the battery in the right spot So this guy is like that those fit in and then clicks in Now there is a bit of a…there is a bit of a trap for young players like me There we go, that’s that’s all nice and neat. Now outdoor bark deterrent This is kind of like having a megaphone when you hear and you’re pointing it in one area and When the dog barks you get the microphone and you put it in front of the speaker And it lets out that horrible high pitch scream. We’ve all been at a concert Someone walks past a speaker with the microphone and you get this high pitched scream. That’s how this works so the horrible feedback is kind of like a very high pitch that the humans can’t hear kids can about four or five years old if I’m gonna show when this goes off they’ll look around and try and find it if you’re Superman like me you can hear it as Well now What happens then is that’s at a decibel level That’s quite uncomfortable for the dog because remember if you watched our video on the main bark page The dogs comfort levels here and he’s barking quite happily. It’s no good coming in with something that’s going to go there You’ve got to get a little bit above his discomfort level to distract him from barking and then try and redirect his behavior So you can do that with entertainment toys, etc When you set the dial, there is a little test mode in little flash little green light and if I go You should be able to see that working Okay. There we go Now that’s picking up noise background noise and it’s going off accidentally which means two things if you set the dial too Sensitively it will go off too often now the dial on the front has tests and then one two three. Now, that is not the Decibel level that comes out of the unit, which a lot of people think I’ve turned it up really loud It’s still, and then and that’s their idea of how to turn it up or down That’s the sensitivity of the unit. That’s how much noise it will pick up So as a bit of a rule of thumb this this wouldn’t work if you’re three to four houses down It has to be like next door clean line of sight But we’ll talk about that in a tick when you turn it on You’ve got the first test mode and that’s letting you know audibly that it’s working and the red light flashes up here somewhere When you turn it to number one it’s actually going to set 5 meters of Sensitivity and listening. So it will hear noises with in five meters if you go to number two it will be ten meters of listening, if you go to number 3 its 15 meters of sensitivity Now that happens when it goes off it’s still going to be the same ultrasonic that you can control the Sensitivity and how often it actually goes off by adjusting the dial once you understand that if you did put it up in there Not sure if thats gonna cause any interferrance See that that is going off there we go I’m not sure if you can hear that at all But When it does go off, it’s the same sensitivity Now the other thing is positioning if you’re going to position this behind a fence and there’s a barrier there It will not penetrate the barrier the noise will bounce off the barrier and won’t go through there And if this was… we’ve all been on the street where there’s an ambulance coming towards us and then it goes past us Anything behind it really is going to be hearing the noise so much As a deterrent to barking but so that’s kind of like the way you should think about it It’s that megaphone effect, and it’s also the ambulance effect So if you can aim that at the right position you’re going to get better results now if you’ve got a situation where there’s many dogs Like there’s two or three dogs on the property, then you might find that there is so much Barking energy that this sort of thing is not going to to do an effect So people who have used this in pounds or other areas where there’s multiple dogs, you might find this one dog That’ll ignore it and the rest of the dogs suffer So think about that if you do have two dogs even to use it on your own dogs But hanging over the fence, you would want to get it there I had a situation where one guy put it on the fence aiming like this and then we said we’ll put a nail in the tree dude like that and you’ve got extra reduction in the barking so it’s a good Little training tool if the dog then decides. Well, I’m not gonna bark in that area because it’s something really horrible going on I’m gonna sneak around the corner of the house and bark You can also you know Some people have ended up getting two Maybe three and in aiming them in different directions so that they can actually teach the dog not to bark. That’s Extreme cases or they might have one dog barking at the back of the fence and they keep this one’s at the side house Stop them from barking as well. You kind of get an overall effect because dogs You’re looking for say an 80 70 to 80% reduction in the barking. You’re not looking for elimination Give us a call if you need to 1/300 the dog 1 300 8 4 3 3 6 4 choose from : by

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