PetSafe: collar antiladridos por electrostática

thank you for choosing pet safe the number one selling brand of electronic training solutions in the world this video will walk you through the fitting care and maintenance of the bark control color as well as all training our mission is to ensure your pet safety by providing you the tools and techniques to successfully track your pet if I have any questions please contact the customer care center at 173 two two six seven seven nine or visit our website at WWF net in a Tuskegee University study of adult shelter dogs wearing the pet safe bark control collar for six thirty minute sessions over two weeks we detected no long-term adverse effects and all dogs dramatically reduced their marking by the second day follow these guidelines when working with the bark control collar do not attach a leash to the bark control collar you may put a separate nonmetallic collar on your dog’s neck and attach a leash note be sure the extra collar does not interfere with the contact points or sensor growth your dog may wear a harness for attaching a leash and/or tags while using the bark control collar before playing with your dog remove the bark control collar the activity may cause your dog to bark which could lead to him associating the play with the static correction to avoid skin irritation your dog should not wear the bark control collar for more than 12 consecutive hours continuous excessive or loud barking can test your friendship with man’s best friend not to mention disturbance laws against loud prolonged noise so consider why your dog barks excessively many times it’s just their way of saying they need more attention cooter dogs are social animals and without regular interaction with their human companions they often become bored anxious or despondent and resort to barking it’s very important that the bark control collar is correctly placed and fitted for effective operation the contact points must have direct contact with your dog’s skin on the underside of his neck to ensure a proper fit please follow these steps make sure that the battery is not installed in the bark control collar start with your dog standing comfortably place the collar high on your dog’s neck close to the ears Center the contact points underneath your dog’s neck touching the skin it is sometimes necessary to trim the hair around the contact points to make sure that contact is consistent check the tightness of the collar by inserting one finger between the end of a contact point and your dog’s neck the fit should be snug but not constricting allow your dog to wear the collar for several minutes then recheck the fit check the fit again as your dog becomes more comfortable with it trim the collar as follows mark the desired length of the bark control collar with a pen allow for growth if your dog is young or grows a thick winter coat remove the collar from your dog and cut off the excess before placing it back on to your dog seal the edge of the cut collar by applying a flame along the frayed edge to ensure optimal comfort safety and effectiveness of the bark control color you must do the following prevent excessive pressure by checking the fit you should be able to insert one finger between the contact point and your pets skin carefully examine your pet daily for any signs of a rash or sore if a rash or sore is observed discontinue the use of the bark control collar for a few days if the condition persists beyond 48 hours see your veterinarian wash your dog’s neck and the contact points weekly with a washcloth and mild hand soap then rinse thoroughly this bark control collar utilizes a replaceable pet safe battery RFA 67 this unique battery is designed to make battery replacement easier and increase water protection do not install the battery while the bark control collar is on your dog to insert the battery align the symbols on the battery arrow and bark control collar triangle use a large coin to turn the battery clockwise until the arrow lines up with the lock symbol on the housing to remove the battery turn the battery counterclockwise using a large coin do not attempt to cut into or pry open the battery be sure to discard the used battery properly a replacement PetSafe battery RFA 67 can be found at many retailers contact the customer care center at one eight hundred seventy three two two six seven seven or visit our website at it is extremely important not to leave your dog alone the first few times he receives a static correction place the bark control collar properly on your dog and wait nearby until he barks most dogs will understand very quickly that the bark control collar is disrupting their urge to bark and will relax and stop barking because the static correction from the bark control collar may be surprising or startling at first some dogs may bark more at the initial correction on rare occasions a dog may get into a bark correction bark correction cycle if this happens reassure your dog with calm soothing tones as your dog relaxes he will understand that if he becomes quiet he will not receive any more static Corrections the small minority of dogs that have this reaction will only have it the first time they wear the bark control collar you should notice a reduction in your dogs barking within the first couple of days that he wears the bark control collar but the learning process is still not complete dogs will test this new learning experience and will increase their attempts to bark this usually occurs during the second week if this does occur remain consistent and do not alter your use of the bark control collar you must place the collar on your dog in every situation when you expect him to be quiet if your dog is not wearing it he may resume barking and his learning would suffer a setback every week you must check the contact points for tightness always remove the battery and discharge the bark control color before touching the contact points keep the contact points clean with alcohol check your dog’s neck for irritation wash your dog’s neck after battery removal the bark control collar retains some stored energy and may activate two or three additional times to avoid receiving an accidental static correction avoid touching the contact points and sensor probe unless the bark control collar is completely discharged after removing the battery turn the mode switch to test and discharge the unit it will discharge within five seconds if you need service or help in troubleshooting please contact the customer care center at one eight hundred seventy three two two six seven seven and if necessary to arrange a repair for your product a service charge may apply also please visit our website WWF net for frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips

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