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all right so this wild cat pet team is all about two pets who are really good with stunts and the young mutant turtle as like a hunt catcher basically I just wanted someone else besides a Emperor crab to see how would they would do being the haunt absorber since there's a lot of hunts in PvP he does pretty well uh he has a ton of health he hits pretty hard with tornado punch and he can really just not take damage like an aquatic pet should I'm really liking him right now and then squirt key his bubble in clobber if he's faster than the opponent is really good but the bet is dominated by fast pets so it's kind of iffy if you're gonna be able to actually do it in tiny bog beasts he doesn't really care he just uses leap until he's faster than the opponent and then uses clobber and then use a rampage and once you're done with that combo you usually just swap out or you're dead by then but it's a really good because you get a free turn out of that and you get to hit three times with a really hard hitting ability alright so obviously my start off its quirky just in case he starts off with the fel flame I'll damn it it's the eldritch mana fiend oops oh right this is why I usually don't record that battles on my my main character okay lemons gonna go for clobber and then a swap out I don't really have anyone who's super good against him I just have people who aren't super bad likes quirky who just can't hit him as hard so I guess I was going to the young mutant turtle since he hits hard ish I don't need to use shell shield since he's a hard hitter so tornado punch and then just spam jabs until I die I think ooh the soul rush is gonna hurt yeah yeah amplify magic and a soul rush is pretty good and I'm gonna assume he has oh he has arcane blast guess not to say our King blasted is not half bad with amplify magic huh cuz being able to increase the damage of an AoE usually damage increases only ever want to use them on like cooldown based abilities they're also pretty decent done like a ohi's as they generally don't hit very hard so being able to use an amplifier on to a soul Russian and something else is not half bad oh that liftoff might hurt I'm gonna go for a chain a dope punch now just in case he doesn't have liftoff oh it's just tail sweep okay one more one more hit come on if I go first this is gonna be really good for me ah god damn it oh-ho-ho the crit oh man luck is on my side today I guess I'm not sure if he has liftoff if he did I assume he'd to use it already that's what I would do in this situation and I can just go and squirt key to take him out real quick squirt can can probably just clean up the rest of the team because he also is a really good bility on fel flame this is pretty much my match I can't seem coming back from this um scorched earth I'm not sure a scorched jerk to actually works in bubble I'm about to find out I don't have to worry too hard about this scorch there's one attack and it looks like the weather effect doesn't count for the bubble that's neat I'm glad I found that out see I don't know everything about pet battles there's still some stuff I get to learn I I'm gonna win this it's not really much else to talk about Oh win for me there's got a spam like slap fish a little bit even if he does by some miracle take out square key I have like almost a full health bog beast who's gonna be able to just wreck his face as well who also doesn't take any damage from scorched earth since he's elemental type males are really fast Q I guess queuing up uh on the weekends is the way to do it let's see where's that hat on it my last match this is gonna be fun this is Adam right here is called pet battle log keeper logs all of your wins and stuff these are all like games from start of the month when I first downloaded it and this is pretty nice hmm all right well at least I have someone who can deal with the haunt it's gonna go into my Jungian turtle first and just go straight into shell shield cuz I'm gonna assume he has hot if he doesn't I'll just swap out and that's fine for me oh now here comes my shell shield is he gonna bring out the Tarot claw actually next or the Voodoo figurine depend on which one he brings out I might have to swap or I might want to stay in sin swapping out is not always the correct answer alpha strike doesn't hit as hard against me so let's go for a tornado punch right off the bat hope for it's done oh no stuns a nature's Ward first huh does he have claw yep alright looks like I can stay in against him surprised he hasn't gone for a dodge yet I'm going to predict a dodge right now and swap into his quirky since he hits harder against him that might help him out yeah there goes the Dodge and then I'll go for a bubble since I can't hit him this turn and go for a fish slap who's gonna hurt him pretty bad unless he decides to swap out because these two potentially have an ability that can hurt me pretty bad oh he's refreshing nature's warped before I swap out that's not what he wanted to happen he's gonna swap out he'll still be able to heal up about 50% health which is what he needs he wants to do anything against me and I still have like my bubble and stuff off cooldowns and I go for clobber right here to stop him for a turn and get a free turn and I still have bubble up with one tack on it he still has the gas leak kid I can always just swap out right here straight into the young mutant turtle and I can keep my bubble yeah he went straight to hunt the hot wanted to have worked on my thing go over there let's see is he gonna swap into the taro claw hatchling maybe he assumes I'm gonna go into shell shield so I'm gonna take that mind game and go for a tornado punch right here and hope he doesn't go for a dodge oh he went for a refresh oh ho and it's done okay I don't need to throw up his shelter right now taking this tiny a bit of damage is not bad for me voodoo figurine he'll probably try to throw up two dots or something so I'm gonna keep going for damage and I'll save shell shield for the turn of immunity oh is it enough to kill him I might yeah even a low hit is enough to kill him okay this is a kill right here these dots are hurting so I really want to throw up a shell shield right now like really bad and so you just refresh one of his dots it's no longer gonna do damage no more damage okay his Terra clan hatchling was able to heal up for quite a bit well coming in for one turn really paid off um I'm going to predict a dodge right here he has no reason to refresh this early without dodging so I'm gonna go for a jab you know just in case II didn't and then I'll just refresh shell shield since I can't do anything else white waits to turn when I can have refreshed early and they go for a tornado punch oh damn that hurt not enough beginning below 50% but that was really bad and crit on me okay now it's time for squirty to come in and clean house you got this quirky you still have one turn on your bubble so go for a fish slap is he gonna swap out swap that would be pretty nice right now nature's word might be able to heal up enough oh he went for damage now I'm faster I'm gonna go for damage right here uh why is it not showing that I have type advantage on him did it know he was gonna swap out or something okay time to throw up bubble to block his haunt I no longer have a young mutant turtle to deal with it oh man I just have an overwhelming advantage on him right now since he has hoof hoof is the go-to ability to take though it's not bad okay I'm gonna have an extra turn to attack him with my fish slap another turn to let bubble come off cooldown oh oh now he doesn't have nature's ward up he's gonna throw up nature's word first or a Dodge a Dodge all right I'm gonna go for a fish lap just in case he swaps out I haven't seen that happening before you never just want to pass if they're dodging or their turn of immunity because I've seen cases where they've like swapped out and that was a smart switch right there he came in long enough just a dodging throw up nature's board and then he swapped out Oh a clobber I mean an etheral that's nice he's trying to save himself for a turn I slept I'm taking any damage and I have just been destroying his pets and I almost have another bubble up he's just trying to survive long enough for hysterical option to go up about 50% else I don't think he really cares that's just gonna get blocked what are you doing kid hopefully he goes for another eighth row right here that'd be great that'd give me a free turn at bubble oh he went for damage damn it I could have saved the turn of his immunity for bubble if I'd known he was gonna do that well there's no reason for him to go to etheral anymore unless he's trying to survive enough to use a haunt oops forgot to mute my phone I'm professional that way okay square key we've got this should I go into the tiny bog Beast I can out to beat him with leaps leaps are really annoying if you're using a fast pet even if this does less damage there's gonna keep leaping until I'm faster than him cuz then you go for it nature's ward now time for a clobber and rampage should do full damage on him since he's counted as elemental type right now and he doesn't have dodge for another turn go bog Beast below 50% health oh he's below 50% health what he can just dodge this turn nope he's not dodging what the heck are you doing taro claw hatchling go for dodges oh I got lucky right there I went first now I have the speed advantage for the rest of the match especially if I just keep spamming my clobbers and I mean and stuff I gotta stop cussing I don't want YouTube to de monetize these videos plus you know the children who are watching okay it looks like I came out on top good job my team squirty he did work like crazy he scared him and he ended up the fight squirty was involved in like half that battle and he ended the fight at full health that's pretty amazing

6 thoughts on “Pets with Stuns – Wild

  1. That Squirky really cleaned house. I'm always impressed when i see it, but then i kinda instantly forget about it. I should make some teams with it.

  2. I like the music you put in these videos but please turn off the ingame music so they dont overlap eachother, other than that these videos are great

  3. With the pet battle event over, this channel will actually have videos again for a while! There should be 10 more videos after this one coming out every other day until I run out of videos.

    I've also been experimenting with trying to record pet battles on the weekend as I've seen a more diverse que. Since the main problem with making pet battle videos is that the only people who queue up are Teroclaw Haunt teams or Bone serpents which is no fun.

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